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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Making up facts on Afghan elections' (Now she wants US to stay in Afghanistan)

When I opened my paper today in MD Anderson, I come to find out that the Afghan parlimentary elections should have been covered by the liberal media this past weekend, but when I double checked the facts presented by UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer I come to find out that IT WAS ALL A LIE!

Now Afghan parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, September 18th with the inital results posted on October 9th, but even if this column were on the back burner for a couple of weeks it should have been a duty of worthless Opinion Editor James Davis to at least read Lynn Meyer's crap and make sure that at least basic background facts were correct. But of course with the ethical leadership of Davis and Editor in Chief Matt Dulin presenting anything of truth to UH weak minded students is the least of their concerns.

In her tripe today, "Remember Afghanistan? Anyone?," Meyer is pissed because the Afghan people evidently elected former "ex-warlords and taliban leaders [who] were made legitimate legislators by the Afghanistan public." I say "so what," they were legitimately elected. Hell, the US was stupid enough to elect the liar Bill Clinton twice, so what is the difference? At least that mistake has been corrected.

Meyer then goes off on a tangent of worry about taliban rule returning to Afghanistan and of all things she's worried that womens rights might be further suppressed if the United States does not let it go to far. Hence, the US must stay in Afghanistan.

Now I'm really confused. We have liberals who want us to pull out of the Iraq, Afghanistan, and New Orleans and leave it to al-Qaeda who do nothing but treat women like crap, and yet the liberals support al-Qaeda with their protest (against Bush and the military) and give energy to the enemy which enables them to kill more Americans overseas. The cycle continues.

Now we have liberals celebrating today the 2,000 death of an American soldier in Iraq and hoping for more, as well as the downfall of American society to the point that a liberal president could be elected to office. Meyer's wants to blame the US for the subjugation of Arab women by al-Qaeda, and by that the US can never win in the eyes of the liberals.

Meyer's insistance that the "United States cannot forget Afghanistan" is ludicrous coming from a liberal. Liberals don't care about Afghanistan, Iraq, or New Orleans. Liberals only care about getting back in power, and when they get in power, how to stay in power.

Lynn Meyer's concern about Afghanistan that if "we allow [an Afghan] legislature of warlords to thrive, the progress made in democratizing the country will be undone." What Meyer doesn't understand is -- that's democracy.

If Afghan's want to elect ex-warlords and taliban leaders well that's their own prerogative. The Afghan's can elect their Clintons too. Those mistakes will be corrected in time.

Screw the libs!

does meyer ever get anything right
Meyer even mistimes her monthly bloodletting.
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