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Monday, October 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Joshua Delano 'Tacit approval of Tom DeLay' (And he calls himself a democrat)

Joshua W. Delano may call himself a moderate democrat but his name and face have been showing up on Conservative websites and with Conservative politicians. Delano's liberal issue is obviously the Louisiana coastal environment which is lightyears away from other UH Daily Cougar socialist columnists who pound on the weak minded UH student to convert them to evils of liberal democraticism.

Joshua Delano, who got blasted by the blogger Master Developer in his post "Um, you did take Geology 101, right? No?" for Delano's recent Cougar piece "Rebuild New Orleans? Of course," in which Delano lobbied for raising New Orleans from the ashes following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Delano loves Louisiana and who can blame him. The democratic corruption in Louisiana is dying, and Hurricane Katrina was a calling card that blew away the seeds of corruption and cleared the slate for a new Louisiana to be born.

Joshua Delano in his piece today in the UH Daily Cougar "Both parties can learn from DeLay," Delano quotes scripture, and he recognizes that if Tom DeLay were a democrat that democrats would be in charge today. Josh plays both sides of the political isle.

Delano has been seen with Louisiana Republican Congressman Piyush "Bobby" Jindal and his name has been seen on Conservative websites, and Josh has been recognized as a Louisiana political figure. So why is he in Houston? And it wasn't because of Hurricane Katrina.

I'm not calling Delano's piece today tripe. He too has recognized that Tom DeLay is an effective politician and is responsible for much of the post-Reagan success of the Republican party along with Rush Limbaugh, the GOP grassroots, and several others.

Joshua Delano has a common sense about him even though he calls James Carville his mentor, who occassionally has a rational thought that are worth repeating such as "if Tom DeLay was a Democrat, we [the democrats] would control the House."

Delano reported that "DeLay himself has readily made it known that he will be majority leader again," if not for the simple reason that Delano sees "the current indictment against DeLay [as] laughable."

Joshua Delano, who sees himself as a "moderate Democrat, or a populist, plays "both sides of the fence -- and have grown to despise both as well." He sees Republicans as "self-righteous" the democrats -- "impractical," but doesn't want to choose sides.

Obvisously he trends slightly left of center, but he's not hardcore. He fights for Louisiana Coastal Presvation but is seen with Republicans and is photographed with them.

Can Joshua Delano take a stand on an issue?

If Josh is anti-gun (which he may or may not be) will he protect wife and kid with arms against bad guys trying to kill them? I've talked with anti-gun liberals who would refuse to act to protect their own, and just let their family members die -- then support the live of the guy who killed his family by not allowing his execution.

Delano clumps DeLay in with "master politicians" such as Bill Clinton and out of left field John Edwards? I guess John F. Kerry didn't make Delano's list, but I don't buy it. Tom DeLay has never had problems staying in office. I've never not voted against DeLay, but now that he is not my representative, I still plan to support his campaign.

I'm a firm believer that Tom DeLay will emerge stronger from the sham liberal enterprise of Ronnie Earle, and like Delano believes, DeLay will return to his office and his power will be greater.

Delano implores DeLay "don't get mad and get even. Get mad, get elected and then get even." He calls Nick Lampson (DeLay's next opponent in TX-22) the next "sacrificial Democrat who has the unfortunate task of being on the ticket opposite DeLay."

I'm sure that Delano would agree that DeLay's base will be energized following Ronnie Earle's political indictments and Tom could win with 90% of the vote in 2006.

Delano gives the liberals a secret hint into winning elections in 2006, but since they can never tell the truth in winning any election it might be a problem -- "it's the values, stupid!"

On by the way, Happy belated birthday Josh (October 8th).

Screw the libs!

delano has sold out
Well my friends...I haven't sold out...I'm an old Democrat...which means I still have values. Likewise I don't vote straight ticket either way. No Kerry doesn't make my list, since he is such a poor, uninspired, and boring candidate. As far as guns, of course I'll protect my family and I own a few myself. Any other questions? I welcome any debate from all comers from both sides of the aisle, why, cause I can take it...and I can dish it out,and most of all I'm always ready, for all comers.
so joshua,

you still driving your girl friends to abortion clinics?

a lot of people know what you did...
Yo Joshua,

Does driving your gf to an abortion clinic count towards having values?
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