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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Misleading UH Weak Minded Students' (His take on Iraqi Constitution is pure tripe)

What the hell does Salinas want?

By even trying to compare the US constitution to the Iraqi constitution he is displaying complete lunacy, but hey, that's Salinas for you.

Liberals like David Salinas are trying to BS the UH weak minded students into thinking that countries start off all nice and pretty as if nothing ever happened.

Well liberals I'm sorry, but David has gone off the deep end in thinking that our own country didn't get off to its own rocky start, and he expects Iraq to right itself in record time. That's complete liberal bull crap.

I've been getting that feeling I had with Carminati that each time you read a David Salinas column, don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page.

In his tripe today "Iraqi vote shows dubious progress," Salinas sees no hope for Iraq or its people in determining their own destiny. It reminded me of Dante Eglin's January 2005 column "Still time to reconsider Iraqi election" in which Eglin argued "OK Guys, there is still time [to give Iraq] back to Saddam Hussein."

Salinas talks babble of limitless amendments, and in no way offers assurances of safeguards but instead just the normal liberal doom and gloom and of course being President Bush being wrong in every way.

I could imagine if a liberal were in the White House what happened in Iraq over the weekend with their successful constutional election Salinas and the liberals would be heralding this as an American achievement of spreading democracy across the Middle East. Instead, we get David Salinas and his worthless crap stating that the spread of democracy across the world is bad for America as long as George Bush is in the White House.

Leave it up to a liberal like Salinas, who is suppose to stick up for the little guy (the Iraqi people) from being pounded by the big guy (Saddam Hussein). Unfortunately, Salinas sees the so-called bigger dumb guy (the Bush Administration) and the little guy's friend who takes the big guy out of the picture so the little guys can start afresh.

Salinas happily reports on the so-called "staging" of Bush events, but he convienently neglects to mention that liberals invented the practice. The Clinton Administration scripted their events to the point of providing the questions that participants were to ask. The only good thing about Salinas' tripe is his focus on Bush. You see, the President cannot run for office again, and instead of doing their homework for 2008, the liberals are staying up late and playing video games.

Salinas attempts to appease Conservatives by praising Sec. of State Condi Rice who said on a wimpy liberal Sunday show "after 9/11, the United States had a choice whether to just fight al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan or to take on the root of terrorism by changing the Middle East," which Salinas calls a "noble plan." But even if it would have happened the way Salinas stated it, the liberals would still have been against it anyway.

David leaves no "out" for Rice and slams the Black Conservative, but of course you won't be hearing cries of "racism" from the liberal groups on campus.

Salinas is a wimpy dove -- a limp wristed liberal happily counting down with al-Qaeda to the reporting of 2,000 dead U.S. soldiers hoping against hope that America will again run home from Iraq with its tale between its legs, just as Clinton lead us home after our loss in Somalia -- thus empowering Osama bin Laden to his hateful deeds.

David Salinas' call that "we cannot leave until we have rebuilt Iraq" was written with two fingers behinds his back. Salinas wants a failed Iraq while under Bush, but if a liberal ever regains the White House, the only news that will come out of Iraq will be good news -- a complete 180 of coverage will be seen by the media. All of a sudden, Iraq would be good for America.

Screw the libs!

mr negative salinas is back again

when will he learn he is making an ass of himself
Liberalism has a firm grip on David, and it will take 20 years before how wrong he is.

Liberal at 20, and Conservative at 40.
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