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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'A negative loser complaining about Republicans' (At least the GOP is doing something)

Oh yeah, he's still drunk, and this time he is slurring his speech only from the left side of his mouth, while dribbling all over his shirt.

When he turned 21 back in June he must have been hypnotized to stand against Republicans while completely overlooking all liberals and all their faults -- in fact he's just completely ignoring liberal faults altogether.

If you haven't guessed, it's time for another dose of
UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who is still giddy from last weeks waste of trees on Tom DeLay. Salinas has to be one of the most negative people on campus, and if he has a girlfriend we should all feel sorry for her.

Again with a
Salinas column readers are left with an empty feeling like they have been suckerpunched after being promised only to shake hands. Salinas' partisan pride oozes from his pores as he hopelessly extends his liberally bent philosophy to the UH weak minded community in a futile hope to lure them to the darkside of liberalism.

In his tripe today "
Republicans have little to brag about,"
Salinas sees the glass empty -- he trashes the Republicans while at the same time trying to elevate the do nothing liberals above the GOP in Salinas' worthless waste of trees.

Salinas again regurgitates liberal crap he has been exposed to in class, liberal blogs, and from Rm. 151 of the communications building. Instead of standing up like a man for his country like Tyler Nelson does, Salinas cowers to the UH liberal community appeasing his way through college in the meantime willingly trashing his country for his gullible beliefs just to be like by people who don't care to give the time of day his Mexican ass.

Salinas opens his tripe today with outright lies -- its as if David slept through 9/11 as well as the subsequent weeks. If al-Qaeda were looking for a propaganda minister David Salinas would be on the short list.

Salinas tries to bait the UH weak minded with a list of GOP "accomplishments [that] seems to be growing," and rubbing his hands in salivation he "made a list so we can enjoy." Of course, coming from his liberal bent Salinas praise will not be flattering.

Salinas proudly records the current national deficit of $7.9 trillion most of which have been spent under liberal administrations and allowed by the democratic congresses up until 1994. Salinas of course never mentions the liberals "war on poverty" which is responsible for at least $6 trillon of the $7.9 trillon on a problem that liberals never really want to solve because they will lose power.

Salinas proudly submits that "in September 2000, former President Bill Clinton announced a record budget surplus of $230 billion," which probably moved Salinas up on the waiting list to get 'on knee' in front of the Der Schlick Meister.

"Old News"
Salinas again showers up with yawning news that "in the war with Iraq the total number of American soldiers killed is more than 1,920," and that "no weapons of mass destruction, the primary reason for entering the war, have been found." I mean get real David, your stuff is so boring that starfish would actually get up and walk away from your column.

Again, gas prices -- big woops -- we know they are high because of high demand and the hurricanes, and by the influence of liberal wacko environmentalist groups who have forced the shutdown of refinery expansion, but with
Salinas "gasoline prices (adjusted for inflation) are at their highest levels since the early 1980s." Now where is the GOP fault in that Salinas.

Salinas goes as far as the blame the deaths due to Hurricane Katrina on Republicans which have top one-thousand "with 932 in New Orleans alone." Hell, Salinas probably believes "Calypso Louie" Louis Farrakhan and his claim that the GOP blew up the levees in New Orleans.

David Salinas is a sick person. He needs his head examined desperately. Does UH student health insurance handle that?

Salinas goes on and on. He tries to wrangle Tom DeLay and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on their alleged offenses but never gets a handle on it. Of course democrats that have equal or even greater proven offenses are completely ignored by young Salinas who continues to play childish games in a mans world. He literally has no shame.

Salinas again tries gutless accusations against Karl Rove and former DeLay associate Jack Abramoff, and Ohio Governor Bob Taft which only liberals will want to believe, but he completely ignores the partisan actions of liberal Travis County DA Ronnie Earle who has done nothing but appease liberals in his quest to make a movie like Michael Moore's worthless piece of crap.

Salinas soundly blames Republicans for all our faults. David has no balls to mention democrats and liberals are in the wrong if not more than Republicans, and freely admits that today's waste of trees "is a very partisan statement."

Salinas outright lies when he writes "for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower was in office, Republicans control every facet of our national government, and they have absolutely nothing positive to show for it." Of course, the worthless Salinas goes nowhere near the first two years of the Clinton Administration in which liberal democrats had total control and became a do nothing party.

"You cannot blame Democrats for this mess,"
Salinas says lying with every bone in his body. He is no way gives any impression that democrats can ever do anything wrong, and when your liberal side mostly controls the media -- I suppose liberals can do no wrong in the eyes of America.

At least
Salinas admits that the Republicans have a strategy. Where's the liberals strategy? Huh Salinas? You know damn well he cannot answer that question because the democrat party has no strategy except to destroy President Bush -- and in the meantime are foregoing their chances of realistically winning any elections, of which I pray daily for the liberals demise.

Salinas can blame the hurricanes, 911, problems with the economy, tax cuts, the Contract with America, George W. Bush, failure to find suitable sources of renewable energy, keeping ties with Saudi Arabia, and our dependence on foreign oil all on the Republicans, but in the end it all for naught. Many of those problems are placed squarely on liberal congresses of the past which have mortgaged your children's future for their own personal greed.

Salinas' claims that "Republicans have been good only at politics," but we know for sure that the only thing that the democrats have been good at is oral sex.

Screw the libs!

david got blasted twice in less than a week
Stupid is as stupid does.

We can only hope that in time he will learn how stupid he sounds.
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