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Friday, October 07, 2005


UH budget taking hits via utility hikes 'Thank God tuition and fees will not be raised'

UH Daily Cougar Senior Staff Writer Jessica Robertson in her report Friday, "Utilities take chunk out of budget: Rising costs in energy markets lead University officials to seek alternative funding; tuition and fee hikes not an option," said that "utility expenses for the UH System are projected to increase nearly 44 percent in the next fiscal year. Rising fuel and energy costs are contributing factors to the increase," which means that the system is in a bit of a pinch.

Nowhere in her story did you see the word "cut," "cutback," or even "conservation." No one in government wants to see one less dollar in their budgets but now is the time that those words need to be said. Like most learning institutions I assume UH buys their energy in bulk thus lowering their costs, but in this climate, with the prices rising exponentially its affecting everyones budgets.

Robertson noted that the "University spent 50 cents for each kilowatt hour last year, but now each costs $1.20" for the same amount of energy, and it adds up quick.

The whole UH System has been hit with increased energy cost but I ask again.

Where is the call for conservation? Are we laying off non-essential staff and faculty liberals whose jobs can be handled by one person instead of three or just a computer?

Tons of money can be saved if the Daily Cougar is scaled back to publishing two or three times a week or they can just goes totally electronic with a few printed copies sprinkled around campus.

I'm surprised in this liberal institution hasn't mentioned conservation yet, I mean it's a liberal word.

It's simple, if you leave a room, turn out the lights. Turn off the air conditioner to areas that are not readily used and especially on the weekends. Make efforts to .pdf something rather than making paper copies of everything. Everyone does has an e-mail address you know.

My guess is that its going to get worse before it gets better, and Vice President for Plant Operations Dave Irvin needs to take note. I'm sure that he already has.

The question is -- how do you convince high and mighty liberals to conserve since it is usually their message to the gullible masses that liberals don't adhere too.

Screw the libs!

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