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Saturday, October 01, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XXIII

- Anyone who appears in front of a Congressional Committee needs to watch the Howard Hughes congressional hearings -- watch and learn -- if you know you're right -- react.

- Cindy Sheehan has joined a speakers tour, but does not hang around for the question and answer portion of the session. She admits that she is using Casey's insurance money ($250K) that is running out soon -- you can see the video for yourself.

- Conservatives who are interviewed by liberals should be softballs to the interview and throw it in their face saying "this is the only softball that's going to be thrown to-nite since I'm a Conservative."

- Liberals get away with anything presumbed racists, but if a Conservatives does it then all hell breaks loose.

- Political correctness is nothing more than an obstacle to the truth.

- Liberalism is a mental illness that rejects God and immorality.

- White liberals love to keep Blacks intellectually slaved on the democratic plantation.

- President Bush has elevated Blacks like no other president before, yet he is labeled by "Bull Connor" by the liberals who try to keep Blacks deceived.

- The 'Climate of Corruption' surrounds liberals and the democratic party.

- Liberals, World Toilet Day is November 19th. Why did I mention you ask -- because that's where liberals live.

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