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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Exposing UH Waste - Academic Achievers Program Not So Achieving - or Cost Effective

I was sent an e-mail recently from UH Liberal Hater with insider information about UH Center for Mexican American Studies Academic Achievers Program. The e-mail sent was a personal account from someone who had been associated with the program in the past and wanted to expose the fraud that is being perpetrated by Dr. Elwyn C. Lee and the Division of Student Affairs and UH's CMAS. It is not fair that this program is being funded by University of Houston students with their increased fees, and in many cases the money is simply going to waste because of lack of accountability on the students part.
The e-mail sounded a little far fetched to me at first. I checked the attached link to an October 10th Cougar news story,
Program boosts graduation rates, which was on the AAP and it appeared innocent enough, but the e-mail said the story wasn't telling anywhere near the reality that needs to be made public, nor how much money was being wasted on non-merit based scholarships.
The next thing I did was to go high up in E. Cullen (actually it could have been the second floor) and check a "UH knowitalls" office that I know. Of course it was a lazy Friday late in the afternoon, and low and behold what do I find in a filing cabinet filled with confidential files but a file labeled "Academic Achievers Program" and a handwritten note in nearly erased pencil that said "complete waste of time and money" at the bottom. I knew at that moment there was a lot more to the e-mail than I had initially figured.
I quickly gained access to a local copy machine, copied the materials which were mainly notes and scribble, placed the file back in the cabinet and got out of there.
The copied documents that I obtained did verify the e-mail. One page of notes on a document stamped "Confidential" multiple times noted the published and actual numbers of the AAP program. And of course, the published numbers were much higher than the actual numbers, which were slightly higher than the number of UH Hispanic students that graduate UH without the program.
AAP students receive over $2,000 in scholarships with one of the requirements to show for study hall for six hours a week where they are suppose to receive free tutors, but my e-mail source noted routinely seeing only three female students that regularly showed for study halls.

The e-mail source also noted the numbers of students that would enter the program and received $2,500, then would drop out of the program not being accountable to anyone. The scholarships are non-merit based, meaning the only thing you have to be to get into the program is Hispanic and from Stephen F. Austin High School.
On top of all that, the AAP Program Manager Rebeca Trevino makes at least $40,000 in salary, which is about the mid-point for the UH pay scale.
The Shadow knows.

That brings back memories
WOW! That IS total Bulls#%t! Thanks 4 the info!
Liberal government, coupled with a liberal newspaper will always try to fool the masses.

It takes wise sleuths like bloggers to expose the truth and show waste in government.

And we have.
God bless those who care about the truth!!
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