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Monday, October 31, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals want a fight over Judge Samuel Alito' (Bring it on!)

Judge Alito, now that's a pick. Way to go Mr. President.

The CU is joining Blogs for Bush and other Conservative Bloggers in unbridled support for Judge Alito.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Eddys supports ban on torture of America's enemies 'Continues supporting the torture of fetuses in the womb'

"We need safer guns! We need safer bullets!" Those worthless liberal words were uttered by Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General from the Clinton Administration and illustrated the absurdity of liberalism.


Today, we get from the UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff, led by worthless Editor in Chief Matt Dulin, their opinion or rather regurigated DNC faxed opinion on what they want the UH weak minded students to think on torture.

When it comes to torture, in my mind the United States is way down on the list of groups that torture enemies to get information out of the scum. What do you want us to do liberals -- tickle al-Qaeda prisoners at Club G'itmo until they give up the info?

In their tripe today, "Target of torture ban ought to be abuse," the UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff has to learn that the United States is not the enemy. al-Qaeda is the enemy, and they are playground bullies that will not place nice or play by the rules when it comes to their holy war.

The Eddys backing of Rep. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who supports prohibiting torture, or the "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." Well hell, what do you liberals think torture is?

Why should the US continue to play 'mister nice guy' while our soldiers are being killed by roadside bombs, or are being beheaded when captured by al-Qaeda. Then when we get to a nice round number like 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 deaths in the defense of freedom, the liberals go out and celebrate by lighting candles and calling for us to surrender to the enemy.

I'm tired of liberals trying to bind the hands of the US and protecting the interest of America's enemies by protesting and crying over 2,000 deaths, while we abort 4,000 fetuses on a daily basis.

We need counterterrorism operations against the enemy. We need the CIA, the DOD, and black operators to do their jobs in protecting us from another 9/11. If not, we invite more 9/11s, in the form of London terror bombings, and our national security will be shot.

By doing what the liberals want just puts us more in danger. Liberals envision a utopia, that if al-Qaeda and the United States would just talk to each other we can extend the hand of friendship and be friends. Oh my God, now I'm starting to think like a liberal.

All agencies that engage America's enemies should be able to torture, not just the CIA, as Sen. McCain proposes. I don't care if McCain was a POW in 'nam, we need an across the board policy that actually plays hardball with America's enemies. The liberals propose a hardball cover with soft inner contents that will not do any damage when it hits someone. Well libs that's for kids, and al-Qaeda, well from what we have seen are not kids, but killers.

The liberals admit that the torture bans will "erode some groups" abilities to obtain important information," which again is a move to support America's enemies.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Making up facts on Afghan elections' (Now she wants US to stay in Afghanistan)

When I opened my paper today in MD Anderson, I come to find out that the Afghan parlimentary elections should have been covered by the liberal media this past weekend, but when I double checked the facts presented by UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer I come to find out that IT WAS ALL A LIE!

Now Afghan parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, September 18th with the inital results posted on October 9th, but even if this column were on the back burner for a couple of weeks it should have been a duty of worthless Opinion Editor James Davis to at least read Lynn Meyer's crap and make sure that at least basic background facts were correct. But of course with the ethical leadership of Davis and Editor in Chief Matt Dulin presenting anything of truth to UH weak minded students is the least of their concerns.

In her tripe today, "Remember Afghanistan? Anyone?," Meyer is pissed because the Afghan people evidently elected former "ex-warlords and taliban leaders [who] were made legitimate legislators by the Afghanistan public." I say "so what," they were legitimately elected. Hell, the US was stupid enough to elect the liar Bill Clinton twice, so what is the difference? At least that mistake has been corrected.

Meyer then goes off on a tangent of worry about taliban rule returning to Afghanistan and of all things she's worried that womens rights might be further suppressed if the United States does not let it go to far. Hence, the US must stay in Afghanistan.

Now I'm really confused. We have liberals who want us to pull out of the Iraq, Afghanistan, and New Orleans and leave it to al-Qaeda who do nothing but treat women like crap, and yet the liberals support al-Qaeda with their protest (against Bush and the military) and give energy to the enemy which enables them to kill more Americans overseas. The cycle continues.

Now we have liberals celebrating today the 2,000 death of an American soldier in Iraq and hoping for more, as well as the downfall of American society to the point that a liberal president could be elected to office. Meyer's wants to blame the US for the subjugation of Arab women by al-Qaeda, and by that the US can never win in the eyes of the liberals.

Meyer's insistance that the "United States cannot forget Afghanistan" is ludicrous coming from a liberal. Liberals don't care about Afghanistan, Iraq, or New Orleans. Liberals only care about getting back in power, and when they get in power, how to stay in power.

Lynn Meyer's concern about Afghanistan that if "we allow [an Afghan] legislature of warlords to thrive, the progress made in democratizing the country will be undone." What Meyer doesn't understand is -- that's democracy.

If Afghan's want to elect ex-warlords and taliban leaders well that's their own prerogative. The Afghan's can elect their Clintons too. Those mistakes will be corrected in time.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Would go off against any Bush judicial nominee' (Miers is just target of the moment)

I guess Salinas must be taking remedial courses or something that's aimed at the weak minded, because I've never been given an opportunity to "retake an exam" if I "don't do so well the first time around." Those are some really liberal professors that Salinas has, and well UH has some, maybe alot?

Salinas has a fear that "the United States Senate Judiciary Committee has the standards of a kindergarten teacher" and will end up confirming Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, thus allowing her to become a Bush legacy. I'm thinking that Miers will not reach the hearings set for the early November, and she will step aside by choice or by plan. I'm thinking that President Bush, like Tom DeLay, plays a little chess. I'm know that Karl Rove certainly does, or else the President may have not gotten has far as he has.

In his tripe today "
Bush bungles again with Miers," Salinas proudly reports on the Senate's questionnaire that Miers completed, stating it was "the Senate's version of a take-home test on the Constitution, a questionnaire given to nominees in preparation for their confirmation hearings. Apparently, Miers failed." Has anyone ever see a questionnaire before Miers' was released.

As usual with a
David Salinas column don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page. Look, the President can nominate anyone he wants to the Court, and in half of the cases of the last 50 years no nominee had judicial experience. Chief Justice William Rehnquist was not a judge, but he was skilled in constitutional law.

Salinas attacks Conservatives from the angle of bipartisanship, but of course bipartisanship only works when Conservatives agree with liberals, because liberals will never agree with Conservatives. He's worried about the country's judicial future because any nominee that Bush appoints will uphold laws that are good for America.

David does his best to discredit Miers to the point of noting so-called quotes that makes Miers look stupid. Salinas then turns to Conservatives 'who probably have received their faxes from the RNC' to degrade Miers, and lauds their comments. I'll bet that Salinas was dribbling on himself when he wrote that.

Miers hasn't said one word in her defense yet and Salinas and others have crucified her, and goes on to call 'on the carpet' W's conservatism. Hell, I would have thought that liberals would be ecstatic with all the increased spending.

Salinas statement that GWB has a "delusional belief that he really is the most brilliant man ever" is pure tripe. If anyone thought that they were the most brilliant ever it was definitely Bill and Hillary.

I don't think that
Miers will be confirmed. In the end, she will sacrifice herself for the good of the country. And unfortunately, David Salinas and other liberals will look at her stepping down as a victory.

Janice Rogers Brown. Now that's a real Bush legacy.

Screw the libs!

Monday, October 24, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jennifer Jackson 'Her hateful tirades aim to convert UH weak minded' (Projecting that there is somebody worse than her)

Can you believe it? Liberals are starting to eat there own. Or was it just a charade to make her look good.

Who from east of California reads the liberal rag San Francisco Chronicle anyway? Is there anybody farther left?


In her tripe today "Hateful tirade insults journalism," Jennifer Jackson tries in a vane attempt to take the heat off of her following her Tom DeLay piece last week in which she made an ass of herself. Today, Jackson looks to the left coast for lefty looniness to take her feet out of the fire.

I won't go into the specifics of the October 19th chronicle article that
Jackson took offense to, but it was in itself tripe of the umpteenth magnitude, but it was Jackson's attempt to school the UH weak minded on "what is the purpose of an opinion column?"

In opinion writing 101 Professor
Jackson reports that "first, an opinion column, while obviously not unbiased, should always have a basis in fact, or no columnist can expect readers to care or take his opinion seriously." But in reading Jackson's pieces as of late readers would be hard pressed to find any facts yet she practically convicts DeLay in the trial of public opinion.

Jennifer Jackson maintains that "opinion columnists should also be able to rise above the ignorant, cruel stereotyping and racism," but yet we have evacuees being portrayed with stereotyping in mind, we have Conservatives being crucified in the Daily Cougar while gays get away with everything on campus.

Jackson's claim that "racism is wrong in any form," only applies to Conservatives since UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis and Editor in Chief Matt Dulin as well as racist cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez' all still have their positions at the Cougar.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal radio doing well in Washington D.C.' (Yeah riqht!)

Arbitron Radios Ratings and Media Research Center, the official group that monitors radio ratings recently noted that they could not find a detectable listenership this rating period for Air America, the liberal talk radio network which is carried on WWRC-AM in Washington and whose ratings "went from bad to nonexistent."

Liberal talkers Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo, who are just about as exciting as liberal politicians, according to Arbitron were just talking to themselves.

Franken and Garofalo kinda remind me of the UH Daily Cougar liberal columnists, who are probably their only readers for the tripe they write.

Screw the libs!


Lies always surround the Truth

Friday, October 21, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XXIV

- The only allies that democrats have in attempts to winning elections are allegations of corruption and racism.

- Proposition 2 (HJR 6) - "The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of man and one woman prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage" will pass by an enormous margin.

- Mother Sheehan is back home -- the liberals have morphed on to the liberal cause of the hour.

- Former FBI Director Louie Freeh's new book is just another example of the 'Clinton Lie Machine' back in the '90s and how it falling apart now because they are out of power.

- Islamic radicalism is the new communism.

- Tom DeLay has won round one with Ronnie Earle and Judge Bob Perkins -- and will win them all.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals attempt to get a quality mugshot of DeLay fails' (Tom shows the face of a confident man who frustrates libs)

This is the face of a chess player.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Tom DeLay moves two steps ahead of liberals. He is so clean that he and his staff don't go to the restroom without consulting a lawyer.

Ronnie Earle is a worthless liberal that will finally prove enough of an embarrassement to the people of Travis County and be replaced by another worthless liberal.

Good Luck Tom and fight the good fight against the liberals!

Screw the libs!


GO ASTROS!!!!!!! Good Luck in World Series

I took a break from studying to-nite (all my writing assignments for the semester are almost complete) and celebrated the Astros victory over the Cardinals to get into the 2005 World Series.

In fact, I just got back from my local Academy from getting my t-shirt which I will wear on campus Thursday. I am so happy for Biggio and Bagwell who waited so long for this night to happen, and also for Pettite and Clemens who wanted to come home and go to the World Series.

Well, I got to get some rest so I can get to class in the morning. Once again, good luck Astros against the White Sox.

Go Astros!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Extremely pissed at Prop 2' (So lost in lies she doesn't even know election day is Nov. 8th - not 4th)

"The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage."

A simple sentence that will prevent UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer from finding true lesbian love and happiness ever after since she has a resounding hatred for the male penis.

Lynn Meyer says "Proposition 2 is an insult," and that just gets us started. She also finds Proposition 2 "callous, cruel and just plain mean." Wow, for a simple sentence that finally defines true marriage in the state, Meyer sees a whole lot more into the proposition than the sane people in the state do.

In her tripe today, "Prop. 2 undermines family values," Meyer informs us that "gay marriage is already illegal in the state of Texas," and that only national law "to stop banning gay marriage" would be there only hope, but she admits that that is not "likely to happen anytime soon."

Meyer asks "why is Proposition 2 necessary?" She argues that society has nothing to gain. Wrong. This closes the door on gay marriage in Texas. And with other states joining in the possibility of it being overturned national slowly disminishes.

For those deviants out there Meyer says "many people have a whole lot at stake." She argues that gays will not be able to provide for their families. What families? The gay version of the family unit is not normal -- their children are cheated out of a normal childhood all because the selfishness of gays.

Liberals, with their instance of privacy are mighty sharing of their homosexuality and their child rearing capabilities. Meyer's inclusion of supporting statistics that "more than a quarter of the country's 500,000 [gay] couples -- 28 percent -- are raising children," and tries to make us feel guilty for supporting Proposition 2, because gay family kids might be affected. To that I say "its not my problem." Being gay is a choice, and to bring children into that choice is wrong to begin with.

Meyer, who resides in the middle of Gayville, sees gay families all the time. She says gay family children are loved and "well adjusted," while in the meantime Meyer berates heterosexual households for their lack of adjusted kids. Sure.

Meyer pulls out all the stops this time noting studies, probably commissioned by gay organizations to legitimize gay families without foreseeing any future consequences on proper society which is equivalent to unprotected gay sex or the sharing of needles.

Meyer's goes off on everyone not supportive of gay marriage. Of the Texas Legislature Meyer's says they may have been even spurred on by an "even hatred" for homosexuals, and again reasserted her argument that gay families will lose their security when the amendment is approved by voters.

Meyer's ploy to miseducate the UH weak minded student does not work. The needs of the few do not outweigh the needs of the many, and they never will. By Meyer taking the old liberal argument of its "for their children," we can never forget what liberals do to the children -- i.e. aborting them, exposing them to homosexuality, promoting sex to children, and allowing child abortions without parental involvement.

Lynn Meyer's confidence that liberals "will vote a resounding no (against) to Proposition 2 on Nov. 4" may be her opinion. But speaking for the sane Texans that go to the polls on NOV. 8th, they will vote a resounding yes (for) to Proposition 2.

Screw the libs!


Exposing UH Waste - Academic Achievers Program Not So Achieving - or Cost Effective

I was sent an e-mail recently from UH Liberal Hater with insider information about UH Center for Mexican American Studies Academic Achievers Program. The e-mail sent was a personal account from someone who had been associated with the program in the past and wanted to expose the fraud that is being perpetrated by Dr. Elwyn C. Lee and the Division of Student Affairs and UH's CMAS. It is not fair that this program is being funded by University of Houston students with their increased fees, and in many cases the money is simply going to waste because of lack of accountability on the students part.
The e-mail sounded a little far fetched to me at first. I checked the attached link to an October 10th Cougar news story,
Program boosts graduation rates, which was on the AAP and it appeared innocent enough, but the e-mail said the story wasn't telling anywhere near the reality that needs to be made public, nor how much money was being wasted on non-merit based scholarships.
The next thing I did was to go high up in E. Cullen (actually it could have been the second floor) and check a "UH knowitalls" office that I know. Of course it was a lazy Friday late in the afternoon, and low and behold what do I find in a filing cabinet filled with confidential files but a file labeled "Academic Achievers Program" and a handwritten note in nearly erased pencil that said "complete waste of time and money" at the bottom. I knew at that moment there was a lot more to the e-mail than I had initially figured.
I quickly gained access to a local copy machine, copied the materials which were mainly notes and scribble, placed the file back in the cabinet and got out of there.
The copied documents that I obtained did verify the e-mail. One page of notes on a document stamped "Confidential" multiple times noted the published and actual numbers of the AAP program. And of course, the published numbers were much higher than the actual numbers, which were slightly higher than the number of UH Hispanic students that graduate UH without the program.
AAP students receive over $2,000 in scholarships with one of the requirements to show for study hall for six hours a week where they are suppose to receive free tutors, but my e-mail source noted routinely seeing only three female students that regularly showed for study halls.

The e-mail source also noted the numbers of students that would enter the program and received $2,500, then would drop out of the program not being accountable to anyone. The scholarships are non-merit based, meaning the only thing you have to be to get into the program is Hispanic and from Stephen F. Austin High School.
On top of all that, the AAP Program Manager Rebeca Trevino makes at least $40,000 in salary, which is about the mid-point for the UH pay scale.
The Shadow knows.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Misleading UH Weak Minded Students' (His take on Iraqi Constitution is pure tripe)

What the hell does Salinas want?

By even trying to compare the US constitution to the Iraqi constitution he is displaying complete lunacy, but hey, that's Salinas for you.

Liberals like David Salinas are trying to BS the UH weak minded students into thinking that countries start off all nice and pretty as if nothing ever happened.

Well liberals I'm sorry, but David has gone off the deep end in thinking that our own country didn't get off to its own rocky start, and he expects Iraq to right itself in record time. That's complete liberal bull crap.

I've been getting that feeling I had with Carminati that each time you read a David Salinas column, don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page.

In his tripe today "Iraqi vote shows dubious progress," Salinas sees no hope for Iraq or its people in determining their own destiny. It reminded me of Dante Eglin's January 2005 column "Still time to reconsider Iraqi election" in which Eglin argued "OK Guys, there is still time [to give Iraq] back to Saddam Hussein."

Salinas talks babble of limitless amendments, and in no way offers assurances of safeguards but instead just the normal liberal doom and gloom and of course being President Bush being wrong in every way.

I could imagine if a liberal were in the White House what happened in Iraq over the weekend with their successful constutional election Salinas and the liberals would be heralding this as an American achievement of spreading democracy across the Middle East. Instead, we get David Salinas and his worthless crap stating that the spread of democracy across the world is bad for America as long as George Bush is in the White House.

Leave it up to a liberal like Salinas, who is suppose to stick up for the little guy (the Iraqi people) from being pounded by the big guy (Saddam Hussein). Unfortunately, Salinas sees the so-called bigger dumb guy (the Bush Administration) and the little guy's friend who takes the big guy out of the picture so the little guys can start afresh.

Salinas happily reports on the so-called "staging" of Bush events, but he convienently neglects to mention that liberals invented the practice. The Clinton Administration scripted their events to the point of providing the questions that participants were to ask. The only good thing about Salinas' tripe is his focus on Bush. You see, the President cannot run for office again, and instead of doing their homework for 2008, the liberals are staying up late and playing video games.

Salinas attempts to appease Conservatives by praising Sec. of State Condi Rice who said on a wimpy liberal Sunday show "after 9/11, the United States had a choice whether to just fight al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan or to take on the root of terrorism by changing the Middle East," which Salinas calls a "noble plan." But even if it would have happened the way Salinas stated it, the liberals would still have been against it anyway.

David leaves no "out" for Rice and slams the Black Conservative, but of course you won't be hearing cries of "racism" from the liberal groups on campus.

Salinas is a wimpy dove -- a limp wristed liberal happily counting down with al-Qaeda to the reporting of 2,000 dead U.S. soldiers hoping against hope that America will again run home from Iraq with its tale between its legs, just as Clinton lead us home after our loss in Somalia -- thus empowering Osama bin Laden to his hateful deeds.

David Salinas' call that "we cannot leave until we have rebuilt Iraq" was written with two fingers behinds his back. Salinas wants a failed Iraq while under Bush, but if a liberal ever regains the White House, the only news that will come out of Iraq will be good news -- a complete 180 of coverage will be seen by the media. All of a sudden, Iraq would be good for America.

Screw the libs!

Monday, October 17, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jennifer Jackson 'Assumption of DeLay's guilt' (Makes her look like an Ass)

Jennifer Jackson's opening statement today seals her bitchery as being a mean and evil lesbian on campus, and holding an unending hate for Conservatives and Republicans.

Jackson states "there he stands: a disgraced leader implicated, indicted and involved in a mess that is beginning to spell death for his political career," which practically convicts Tom DeLay without a trial, and in no regard respects the fact that the first indictment had to be thrown out because it was baseless, and the second indictment was on found upon 'jury shopping' by Travis County DA Ronnie Earle, a practice that is very rarely used except for politically motivated indictments, and frowned upon by the vast majority of DAs across the country.

In Jennifer Jackson's tripe today "Human error crosses party lines," Jackson fails to recognize or refuses to believe that each reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. Tom DeLay actions in no way equal the overreaction of Ronnie Earle and it shows.

I'm glad that Tom DeLay is fighting back against Ronnie Earle, and I believe DeLay is winning and will win re-election. I believe in the back of her mind that Jackson believes DeLay is innocent as well, and she doesn't want to admit it.

Jennifer sees Republicans as beginning to doubt "their party." I say "no way." If anything, it's quietly energizing the GOP. You see, Conservatives don't overlook values as the liberal democrats do.

Do liberals not crucify Conservatives if just one Black person is offended. Yet they support Senator Robert "Sheets" Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan member, or Al Gore, Sr, who voted against the Civil Rights Act along with Byrd.

Jackson tries her best to make it look bad for democrats but doesn't quite get there. When you have the liberals on your side, you can make Hitler look good, and Tom DeLay is just another so-called "evil" character in their on-going play to lie and decisive the American public to make liberals look good and get liberals back in the White House and in control of Congress.

Thankfully the American public is slowly but surely seeing the true liberal media. Fox is the most popular cable news outlet, Conservative bloggers are getting play, and it shows. Unfortunately Jackson doesn't recognize this since she is a liberal journalist.

Jackson holds Republicans accountable moreso than democrats, although she mandates "don't choose a party; choose an individual." What Jackson should have said was, "don't choose a party; choose a political philosophy." If a candidate adheres to your poliitcal philosophy the most, then that's the candidate you should support. Withholding your vote is no longer an opinion, and is just as good as giving your vote to a liberal.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Bad News For Liberal Democrats'

Iraqi's have had another successful election and the liberal media are trying to make it as doomy and gloomy as possible.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Eddys Pissed Over Gays Being Treated Rudely

The UH Daily Cougar Editors can ridule Black evacuees from New Orleans in their editorial cartoons and expect you to understand them from their point of view, but they'll be goddamned if UH students express negative views of gays and lesbians and their on-high attitudes at the rally they held earlier this week on Butler Plaza.

In their tripe today "Verbal assault not welcome at GLOBAL rally," the UH Daily Cougar Eddys were appalled at the straight UH students negative reaction to 'National Coming Out Day' at UH, which "was a bit like a microcosm of the experiences of many gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals."

The appalled UH Daily Cougar Editors, who are all gay or lesbian, "remembered the relief they felt when they finally unburdened themselves and came out." Unfortunately, their relief was attacked (like at Pearl Harbor or September 11th) by mean and evil UH students and their "hateful actions." You would have thought they would have been at an anti-war rally calling for the castration of Vice President Cheney it was such a dirty sight.

The Eddys feel college "should be about a free exchange of ideas and knowledge," and according to them also for the free exchange of male-to-male bodily fluids. They support the presence of the LGBT community on campus, but they don't have to push it in our faces.

Thankfully the UH Daily Cougar Editors say "if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it's your personal prerogative to express those beliefs."

The UH Daily Cougar Editors were pissed, and said "anyone who approached UH's Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Alliance rally Wednesday and shouted derogatory names, or in one case, spit at the group, is a disgrace to him or herself and an embarrassment to the University."

Wow, such as powerful statement from the UH Daily Cougar Editors. Those people who spoke out against the gays should be appauled, and the spitter should be hailed as a hero. Just a generation ago, those gays parents were spitting on our soldiers coming back from Vietnam, so its about time the spit goes back in the other direction.

The UH Daily Cougar Editors welcome dissenting opinions but only when they are on the dissenting side. When the liberal side is attacked the Eddys circle the wagons, or make excuses such as "chances are the hateful students in question either weren't religious or had perverted views of their faiths." Oh, so now Christianity is not good enough for the liberals.

The UH Daily Cougar Editors submit that "how could a truly spiritual person feel it's acceptable to spit on and hurl insults at a group of people demonstrating peacefully?" Well, I don't know. But there are a lot of truly spiritual people out there who feel it's acceptable for spiritual people to fly airplanes into buildings and behead Americans at will -- people who liberals respect.

The Eddys say they took comfort in the small minority that spoke up, but they could not account for the vast majority of those watching that held the same views of the small minority but just did not vocalize their thoughts. Where were pictures of that or of the lugy that was lobbed in anger?

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


UH Daily Cougar pushing "Coming Out Day" (9 gays gather in Butler Plaza to celebrate being deviants)

The closer we get to Texas' November vote which will undoubtedly say no to gay marriage forever, the more we can expect more episodes of what we saw today in the UH Daily Cougar -- pure unadulterated efforts of the liberals on campus to quickly expose the UH weak minded students that gay and lesbian deviants are better than heterosexual people on campus.

Gays are all over the place at UH. In UH offices where three-quarters or more of the personnel are gays and lesbians, the straight personnel are often harrassed and forced to deal with gay talk. Gay majority offices at UH often sneak by stealth raises by their straight office comrades even when those heterosexual personnel work harder than their gay counterparts. In addition, UH gay majority offices often take advantage of their straight counterparts seeing as they feel they have a greater sense of job security.

UH reporter Stephanie Elise Martens in her report "Tape doesn't stop hate:
National Coming Out Day spurs a mixture of encouragement and scorn from UH students
," informed us on the horrors that gays have to go through as they walk and talk around campus.

Martens reported on the horrors of white people yelling at deviant white people "fag" and "queer." Martens horrors continued when she reported that "a Daily Cougar reporter saw one student spit at the group." Unfortunately Martens neglected to report the size and shape of the lugy nor its tragectory. How close did the lugy come to the gay deviants?

Martens also reported the touching story of sports management senior (and UH diver) Mario Antonio Rinche and his younger boyfriend Peter Michael Kruppa, "a music education freshman, faced discrimination four times in one day last week while on campus both at the UC and the cafeteria in Moody Towers."

Rinche must be bisexual, because Moogie, his girlfriend is quite a looker. Is it coincidence that Rinche almost looks like the gay diver Greg Lougaynis.

By the way, what were Rinche and Kruppa doing to each other to be considered discriminated against by UH liberals.

Robert John Allen, the head gay at Gay Lesbian Or Bisexual ALliance, or GLOBAL, says his gay and lesbian deviants haven't had any problems. Perhaps they are not swapping spit in public like Rinche and Kruppa were doing.

Martens lastly reported that the central campus was "the only campus in the UH System that has added sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination policies." Next thing you know the University will be more respectful to child molesters and those who engage in bestiality and want their deviant rights respected by society as well.

UH Daily Cougar columnist Zachary James Lee in his tripe today "Coming out requires some help," tries his best to lure UH weak minded students to the darkside of democratic homosexuality, but I don't think he suckseeded.

Lee writes as if 'Coming Out Week' and 'Coming Out Day' are national holidays. He maintains "this is about recognizing someone on the most basic level as who they are," but hell they don't have to shove their gayness in our faces on a daily basis.

I'm looking forward to November when I can vote for the defense of Texas marriage, and against selfish gays and lesbians, who are mostly white to begin with, and are looking for constant opportunities to corrupt our youth and further bring down our society to that of worthless Europe.

Gays and lesbians, most to a blue state, or Europe, or to the moon for all I care. On November 8th, gay marriage forever be in the past in this state.

Also, a good "screw you" goes out to UH Daily Cougar lesbian columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer, who in her tripe today manages to combine Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, and gay rights all in 510 words. Man, the stench of gay sex sweat is oozing from Rm. 151 of the communications building.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Attending to old news' (If Bennett were liberal Salinas wouldn't have even written about his remarks)

It took him a while to overcome his hangover from when William Bennett made his so-called remarkable comments awhile back, or could it be that UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas is just now getting the news.

Salinas is a dunce. He is so predictable.
I've been waiting to respond on this subject for almost two weeks now, and all Opinion Editor James Davis has in his bullpen is David Salinas. Wow, Rm. 151 of the Communications is really blooming with confidence in attempting to lure the UH weak minded student to the darkside of democratic liberalism.

In his tripe today "
Stereotypes not the root of racism," Salinas is on a cliff and grabs on to the one branch that is weak, and of course he falls flat on his face.

Media Matters, a liberal blog that liberal media outlets look to for so-called and unproven facts started the Bennett mess, and it took several days for the libs to get it going, which meant that the libs who initially listened to didn't think it was such a big deal.
The only thing is, if a liberal talkshow personality would have said the same words that Bennett said, nothing would have come from the exchange.

Salinas reports that Bennett, "in an attempt to dispute a theory hypothesized by the book Freakonomics, by Stephen D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, Bennett said that if every 'black baby' in the United States were aborted, the crime rate would go down."
. .
Bill Bennett actually said was "but I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime would rate would go down." Bennett continues "that would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do. But your crime rate would go down." And Bennett
concludes "so these far-out, these far-reaching, you know, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky."
Salinas of course being a liberal doesn't recognize what Bennett is saying and will label it racist since it contains 'Blacks' and 'abortion' in the same sentence, but Bill Bennett should be applauded for what he said, and for having the guts to say it.
Its now common knowledge that book being discussed that brought about the Bennett comment was "Freakonomics" and gave the impression that the reason for the 1990s fall in the crime rate was the legalization of abortions when Roe vs Wade was instituted by the Supreme Court some twenty years earlier. Since abortion clinics are strategically placed to attract members of the Black community, it is only obvious that most of their customers would be Black.
Salinas proudly regurgitates crap about Bennett but he really does not know what he is saying and he is outraged about Black babies being aborted in only 'theory.' Bill Bennett has never advocated what was offered in only 'theory.'
On the other hand, a recent story about a Little Rock abortion doctor who urged evacuess from New Orleans to come his abortion clinic and receive free abortions. Now what's up with that?
I would hope that we all agree that most evacuees are Black. Now where is the liberal outrage about that doctor -- where we have a liberal abortion doctor who advocates abortion and nothing is being done about it by liberals, but Bennett only has to say something in 'theory,' something he knows is wrong and wishes never to happen and he gets blasted for it by liberals.

Liberals are bent. Salinas is bent. Opinion Editor James Davis is bent for allowing Salinas' crap to be printed in the Daily Cougar.

William Bennett's comment was not racist. He did speak the truth. Hell, if all gay fetuses babies were aborted -- would our aids rate eventually fall? If all Asian fetuses were aborted -- would not our nations math scores fall? If all Hispanic fetuses outside the United States were aborted -- would not our labor situation intensify?

David wouldn't see genius if it landed on his face. To Salinas glasses are half empty and his hate for Republicans is gushing. I'm sorry about racial stereotypes when it comes to minorities. They are developed over generations and it takes generations to correct.

Who does not lock there doors when driving through a questionable neighborhood? Who is afraid to look around that questionable neighborhood because they might get shot if they do? Anyone with a gun has the power of life and death.

To correct those stereotypes will take many years of good behavior. Many years of neighborhood pride -- cutting the grass, and neighborhors talking to each other. Yes, there may be pockets of hope in those questionable neighborhoods, but until a majority of those populations comply with a sustained societal common sense the current stereotypes of Hispanics and Blacks will continue to maintain itself.

Of course, my comments will be misinterpreted by liberals just as Bill Bennett's comments were, so I am writing this to piss liberals into common sense. I wrote them to make liberals and the UH weak minded student really think about what is going on here.
Salinas maintains that liberals are in a desperate "fight to end racism," but it is Salinas and the liberals who are the purveyors of racism. As long as the liberal media is in charge, racism will always be charged to the Conservatives. The liberal media is constantly refreshing itself with its schools. We would have less hate for America portrayed by Americans if we can change some mindsets that we are not out to take over the world. But would that stop liberals like UH broadcast journalism freshman Michael Roger Ormand who in Tuesday's "Letters to the Editor" he admitted to "being a journalism major and an extremely liberal Democrat," and I would venture to guess that we will be seeing his tripe on the Daily Cougar opinion page in due course. Michael Ormand will be another worthless liberal journalist who wants to save the world with his writing instead of just reporting the news.
The White and Black liberals aim to keep unknowing Hispanics and Blacks incompetent in the matters of self care, that they can't do anything unless the NAACP, LULAC, the Jackson's, Sharpton's, Jackson-Lee's gives the OK is a crock. Those are the same organizations that are holding them down and keeping them from really shinging. Ask Larry X.
Screw the libs!

Monday, October 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Joshua Delano 'Tacit approval of Tom DeLay' (And he calls himself a democrat)

Joshua W. Delano may call himself a moderate democrat but his name and face have been showing up on Conservative websites and with Conservative politicians. Delano's liberal issue is obviously the Louisiana coastal environment which is lightyears away from other UH Daily Cougar socialist columnists who pound on the weak minded UH student to convert them to evils of liberal democraticism.

Joshua Delano, who got blasted by the blogger Master Developer in his post "Um, you did take Geology 101, right? No?" for Delano's recent Cougar piece "Rebuild New Orleans? Of course," in which Delano lobbied for raising New Orleans from the ashes following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Delano loves Louisiana and who can blame him. The democratic corruption in Louisiana is dying, and Hurricane Katrina was a calling card that blew away the seeds of corruption and cleared the slate for a new Louisiana to be born.

Joshua Delano in his piece today in the UH Daily Cougar "Both parties can learn from DeLay," Delano quotes scripture, and he recognizes that if Tom DeLay were a democrat that democrats would be in charge today. Josh plays both sides of the political isle.

Delano has been seen with Louisiana Republican Congressman Piyush "Bobby" Jindal and his name has been seen on Conservative websites, and Josh has been recognized as a Louisiana political figure. So why is he in Houston? And it wasn't because of Hurricane Katrina.

I'm not calling Delano's piece today tripe. He too has recognized that Tom DeLay is an effective politician and is responsible for much of the post-Reagan success of the Republican party along with Rush Limbaugh, the GOP grassroots, and several others.

Joshua Delano has a common sense about him even though he calls James Carville his mentor, who occassionally has a rational thought that are worth repeating such as "if Tom DeLay was a Democrat, we [the democrats] would control the House."

Delano reported that "DeLay himself has readily made it known that he will be majority leader again," if not for the simple reason that Delano sees "the current indictment against DeLay [as] laughable."

Joshua Delano, who sees himself as a "moderate Democrat, or a populist, plays "both sides of the fence -- and have grown to despise both as well." He sees Republicans as "self-righteous" the democrats -- "impractical," but doesn't want to choose sides.

Obvisously he trends slightly left of center, but he's not hardcore. He fights for Louisiana Coastal Presvation but is seen with Republicans and is photographed with them.

Can Joshua Delano take a stand on an issue?

If Josh is anti-gun (which he may or may not be) will he protect wife and kid with arms against bad guys trying to kill them? I've talked with anti-gun liberals who would refuse to act to protect their own, and just let their family members die -- then support the live of the guy who killed his family by not allowing his execution.

Delano clumps DeLay in with "master politicians" such as Bill Clinton and out of left field John Edwards? I guess John F. Kerry didn't make Delano's list, but I don't buy it. Tom DeLay has never had problems staying in office. I've never not voted against DeLay, but now that he is not my representative, I still plan to support his campaign.

I'm a firm believer that Tom DeLay will emerge stronger from the sham liberal enterprise of Ronnie Earle, and like Delano believes, DeLay will return to his office and his power will be greater.

Delano implores DeLay "don't get mad and get even. Get mad, get elected and then get even." He calls Nick Lampson (DeLay's next opponent in TX-22) the next "sacrificial Democrat who has the unfortunate task of being on the ticket opposite DeLay."

I'm sure that Delano would agree that DeLay's base will be energized following Ronnie Earle's political indictments and Tom could win with 90% of the vote in 2006.

Delano gives the liberals a secret hint into winning elections in 2006, but since they can never tell the truth in winning any election it might be a problem -- "it's the values, stupid!"

On by the way, Happy belated birthday Josh (October 8th).

Screw the libs!


MD Anderson Library's Special Collections office doing some expensive framing to the tune of over $5000 bucks

I got a little note from one of my female admirers over at the MD Anderson library.
It appears the head honchos at the MD Anderson Special Collections office are endulging themselves in some pricey framing for some not so pricey UH collectables.
The admirer noted that the price of the frames run from as low as $400.00 on the low end to as much as $1600.00 per frame on the high end, adding up to well over $5000.00.
If you get a chance, drop by the Special Collections office on the 2nd floor of the MD Anderson Library, and ask to see the expensive frames.
It appears that no one on campus that is in control of a budget at UH has any concern for saving money for the students. I know my supervisor doesn't, and it appears that the supervisors in MD Anderson's Special Collections office don't care either.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Film Review - Pump Up The Volume (1990)

The 1990 Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis classic "Pump Up the Volume" is fractionally responsible for this blog. I was at Wal-Mart this week and happened across it as I was entering the place for a quick item.

Mark Hunter, played by Slater, is a high school student in Arizona, who starts a pirate radio station which broadcasts from the basement of his parent's house. Hunter is a newly transplanted Arizona loner from back East whose only outlet for his angst and aggression is his radio station after his parents get him a ham radio set to communicate with, but it can transmit due to his area being in a valley.

When Mark speaks his mind on what is going on at his school and about life in general, more of his fellow teens tune in to hear his show. Nobody knows the true identity of "Hard Harry", as Hunter refers to himself, until Nora Diniro, played by Mathis slueths him down. Eventually, the radio show causes so much trouble in the area that the federal communications communication is called in to the area to investigate.

Mark encounters a suicide caller, a gay bashing victim, the poetry lady (who turns out to be Nora), and is pissed off at his parents for them moving him to Arizona and Paradise Hills.
Mark with the help of Nora overcomes his fear of speaking to Arizona girls (after Nora shows him her boobs) and to the people in public as well. Until he is busted by the FCC at the end of the movie.
Hard Harry's "Talk Hard" is my "Screw the libs!

Friday, October 07, 2005


UH budget taking hits via utility hikes 'Thank God tuition and fees will not be raised'

UH Daily Cougar Senior Staff Writer Jessica Robertson in her report Friday, "Utilities take chunk out of budget: Rising costs in energy markets lead University officials to seek alternative funding; tuition and fee hikes not an option," said that "utility expenses for the UH System are projected to increase nearly 44 percent in the next fiscal year. Rising fuel and energy costs are contributing factors to the increase," which means that the system is in a bit of a pinch.

Nowhere in her story did you see the word "cut," "cutback," or even "conservation." No one in government wants to see one less dollar in their budgets but now is the time that those words need to be said. Like most learning institutions I assume UH buys their energy in bulk thus lowering their costs, but in this climate, with the prices rising exponentially its affecting everyones budgets.

Robertson noted that the "University spent 50 cents for each kilowatt hour last year, but now each costs $1.20" for the same amount of energy, and it adds up quick.

The whole UH System has been hit with increased energy cost but I ask again.

Where is the call for conservation? Are we laying off non-essential staff and faculty liberals whose jobs can be handled by one person instead of three or just a computer?

Tons of money can be saved if the Daily Cougar is scaled back to publishing two or three times a week or they can just goes totally electronic with a few printed copies sprinkled around campus.

I'm surprised in this liberal institution hasn't mentioned conservation yet, I mean it's a liberal word.

It's simple, if you leave a room, turn out the lights. Turn off the air conditioner to areas that are not readily used and especially on the weekends. Make efforts to .pdf something rather than making paper copies of everything. Everyone does has an e-mail address you know.

My guess is that its going to get worse before it gets better, and Vice President for Plant Operations Dave Irvin needs to take note. I'm sure that he already has.

The question is -- how do you convince high and mighty liberals to conserve since it is usually their message to the gullible masses that liberals don't adhere too.

Screw the libs!

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