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Friday, September 16, 2005


Wanted: Have You Seen This Liberal?

In reading Garbo's matrix report on UH liberalism, all I read for code name 'Kielbasa Lover' (aka Giugi Galli Carminati) was quote "class as usual."

Carminati was recently spotted near the Med Center with a dog in the back of her car, supposedly on her way to pick up her future abortion doctor. But she has not be seen in the Daily Cougar since September 6th.

I doubt Carminati is slain as a Daily Cougar columnist. She is feeling the sting of law school - who isn't, and time is at a premium. But Carminati is a tough liberal and she'll be back.

But she has so much else on her plate, you have the ACLU, the City of Houston, and the DC. So the DC gives.

There are potential military recruits to convince not to join up to serve their country. There are young female children to expose to sex and fetuses to abort. There is big money in abortion, and she wants her share of it.

jest when we were trying to forget about her, liberal hater had to remind us. thanks alot dude.
As long as liberalism rears its ugly head, I will be there to remind you of it.

The Conservative world can no longer fall asleep at the liberal wheel. No longer can we be nice to liberals.

Its time to be mean.
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