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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


UH not saying it -- expecting increased office theft during storm confusion

With everyone busily backing up records and preparing their university offices in anticipation of the worst that Hurricane Rita can throw at the Houston area, university officials are quietly getting an account of all high value equipment that can be lost (or stolen) in all the confusion.
The campus will be closing soon and things will be getting a little hectic. I talked with several members of UHs Emergency Response Group and one said he was expecting the campus to be closed as early as Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Another said Thursday afternoon. So there is still some confusion.

I'm betting that they close the campus by noon on Wednesday.

Since some faculty and staff live in the mandatory evacuation areas, some faculty may need to cancel classes to care for their homes and loved ones. But the lessons of Tropical Storm Allison have been learned and we will get through this in pretty good shape.

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