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Friday, September 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougars Eddys give President Bush an "A" on taking blame for Hurricane Katrina Response (Liberals get an "F" for blaming Bush)

Happy Gays at PGH on Thursday trying to lure UH parents son's and daughter's to the darkside of liberalism


Liberals, before you get your dander up the UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff only gave President Bush an "A" for "stopping the buck."

I could not believe when they said "what President George W. Bush lacks in Bill Clinton-like sliminess, he makes up for with an ability to own up to his mistakes."

President Clinton never stopped the buck. Instead he put the buck in the liberals pocket. President Clinton always apologized, but never took the blame. In Waco, Clinton shoved the blame towards Reno.

The Eddys saw it as a "breath of fresh air when Bush took the blame Tuesday for the federal government's slow response to Hurricane Katrina." Which in fact was really fast compared to other big hurricanes.

They write of his "approval numbers [] dropping," of which I question the numbers of the polls as well as how the questions are arranged to come up with those poll numbers.

Something smells when the do-nothing and "impeached" Clinton Administration routinely got 60% numbers late into his second term, but you can expect high numbers when President Clinton did nothing.

President Bush does things, takes risks, and doesn't believe in worthless liberal polls. I believe the polls to be vastly skewed against Bush anyway, and the negative liberal media is to blame. TimesWatch.org in their report "Times Uses Skewed Poll to Claim Falling Bush Support," with was buried on Page 18 on the New York Times recently is a crock. Shouldn't this be front page news in the hearts of the liberals? Unless the whole poll was a totally bent to the left to begin with.

The liberal hate mongers (the Jacksons, Sharptons, the white liberals, etc) are embraced by the liberal media instead of an emerging Black Conservative movement that is an adrenaline like shot of pride for the Black Community.

Screw the libs!

It is sad that so many people are brainwashed into thinking that the Federal government is responsible for our lives.

Bush is willing to take some blame for something that was clearly the responsibility of the local government first and the state government second and was not a federal issue at all or at least should not be if we were following the Constitution.

So many people are inculcated by leftist tax and spend attitudes that most never even question whether or not the Federal government should be involved at all when it is really the job of the citizens of New Orleans to rebuild their city and their lives just like Chicagoans and San Franciscans did when they too faced the destruction of their cities.

Bush I'm sure is trying to be charitable by taking blame for something that is not the Federal government's problem. He cares about people and that is why. He knows they are hurting and he wants to stop the finger pointing so that people can concentrate on rebuilding.

I just wish more people would wake up and really see what the Federal government's job is to begin with, National Defense, Court System, Foreign Policy, lawmaking, coining money, not printing it, (That means gold and silver people) and not a whole lot else. That is how our country was set up by the Constitution, and that is why it grew so much and so fast until the Socialists/Liberals started Federalizing everything starting with Wilson and accelerating to neocommunist levels under FDR and Johnson.
By taking blame, the President is elevating himself above the critical fold.

The public infastructure has to be repaired, and that's a government function.

Bush said it was going to be repaired. And it is.
It is the public’s problem but it is a local government or perhaps in some cases a state problem. If it was the interstate highway then the federal government would have a legitimate role to play.

The gas, sewer, water, and electricity of New Orleans infrastructure is not a federal problem. If it is like in Houston much of that is owned by private companies anyway.

Yes I see why Bush wants to be above the fray, but the problem is that too many people believe the federal government is the answer to their problems.

Many private donations and volunteer rescue workers could not get into New Orleans because once FEMA wanted to take over they sent the volunteer firefighters and truck drivers to Atlanta to take sexual harassment courses in order to avoid legal liability. Many got tasked to hand out flyers and doctors were asked to mop floors instead of treating patients who were dying.

When people in New Orleans were without food and water and were getting raped by brutal armed gangs, and needed rescuing the federal government was more concerned about getting sued for a volunteer firefighter telling dirty jokes.


the editorial staff are a rogues gallery arent they?
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