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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Staff 'Incompetence at its best' (The libs are incapable of telling even partial truths in regards to Hurricane Katrina)

With only 13% of Americans placing sole blame for the Hurricane Katrina disaster response squarely on the shoulders of President Bush, the incompetent UH Daily Cougar staff are doing their best trying to sell the lie of sole presidential blame to UH weak minded students.
Kalaiah A Vaughn in her tripe "Rescue delay beneath contempt," said of President Bush, "I was angry that our president waited three days before he decided these people needed help," which is complete bullcrap. Vaughn is an ignorant non-Larry X voter. She believes anything that liberal journalists and cable reporters, as well as what the liberal bloggers tell her, and Vaughn willingly regurgitates this crap for the UH weak minded student.

For your information Kalaiah, you blithering jewel of black liberal ignorance, the President is not the first responder in a situation like this. In fact, the President tried to federalize law enforcement even before the storm hit the Gulf Coast, but Governor Blanco of Louisiana stood in his way even to this day, and her performance since has been totally worthless. The Mayor of New Orleans did not even follow his own evacuation plan. Those two incompetent elected officials Vaughn are the two biggest culprits, but your liberal hate is so built up that you refuse to see the facts and solely blame the President.

Why wasn't the Louisiana National Guard activated before the hurricane hit by Blanco? Hell, the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security, would not let the Red Cross in to help in New Orleans. They wanted the people out of New Orleans, so immediate help was not sent in. Why did Mayor Nagin evacuate the poor with over 2,000 now flooded school buses. There are many questions to be answered, and they will be answered, and liberals will be hanging out to dry. BRING IT ON!

No Vaughn, you are a disgrace for trying to place blame solely on the President, which is nowhere near the case, and I welcome any investigation putting all cards on the table -- not just the cards that will make liberals look good.

And James Phillip Davis, the Daily Cougar Opinion Editor (and French major), should be ashamed of himself for pushing this crap, by only pushing bad stuff about Conservatives. Hell as of today, Gov. Blanco still has not ordered everyone out of New Orleans while the Mayor has ordered everyone out. It's crazy.

Guess what, Davis' and Giugi Galli Carminati's beloved France has only given some cots and Tour de France trading cards that had the Lance Armstrong cards taken out of them, to hurricane victims.

Screw the libs!

Do they have tour de france trading cards?
That's the word.

But the 10 cots should be arriving by UPS over the weekend.
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