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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Yes liberals lost the election' (But we want a liberal on the court)

For fighters of "minority rights" like UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer tries to convince us to have President Bush to appoint minorities and women to the Supreme Court. But she doesn't mention that of those minorities and women she only wants liberals, and not Conservatives for the coveted legal posting.

Now for the UH weak minded by "minority rights" I'm not talking about "rights" for blacks and hispanics, etc. I'm talking about the catch-phrase "minority rights" that liberals have been using to try and trick the public into thinking that liberals (who have been losing elections) that they deserve to be at the same level Conservatives, those people who have been winning elections.

Lynn Meyer, just for the record and for future reference, the winners get to nominate judges to the Supreme Court -- losers don't. But that will not stop Meyer until a minority woman gets appointed to the court.

In her tripe today, "Diversity vital to judicial integrity," Meyer gives the impression that President Bush has nothing to do with the advancement of Blacks and Minorities in his administration. Bull crap. And the impression that Bush has down nothing for minorities and women in the courts, again is nothing but crap.

For Christ Sake we've had two Black Secretary of States (one of them a woman), a Hispanic Attorney General, Asians, women, even more than the Clinton Administration. What the hell is left of a barrier that President Bush can break? Oh, the Supreme Court.

Well as the President's nominees to lower courts are concerned, women Judges like Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen have sent the liberals into hissy fits before they allowed their nominations to proceed. Now Janice Rogers Brown is a Black woman who grew up in the deep South who grew up in the age of segregation. And she grew up without the benefit of liberalism, and suceeded without the benefit of affirmative action. Success stories like that cannot be handled by liberals because it starts to make those in the Black community think "why am I here" at the behest of the white liberal and their black liberal conspirators who keep them corraled to keep their power by saving them from the racists "whitey."

Judge Priscilla Owen, whose nomination took four years to go through the Senate, is a hard working judge, who puts the record straight. Of course Meyer and the liberals will not support "a hard working judge," and Conservative women judges like Owen and Rogers, but they will support liberal woman judges (like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) who supported the ACLU and fought for the age of sexual consent for female girls to be the age of 12. Now where are the liberals priorities?

Meyer's opines "Bush's next nominee will most likely be another affront to the civil rights movement on paper." Meyer is so filled with hate. Her writing reminds me of a 6-year-old who has a detestable loathing for spinach.

Meyer's rallies around Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and refers to the Black American Justice Thomas as the "only one minority judge." Meyer invokes the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. trying to rally support for a Black justice. Well you might get a Black Justice, but you might also get a Black woman Justice.

Hell, I'd love for President Bush to appoint a Conservative Hispanic woman Justice just to piss off the liberals. For Lynn Meyer, she looks to the Supreme Court which should be "an accurate reflection of the country's demography," which Bush is working on. But first their ideology must be in line with his -- Conservative.

Meyer keys issues of 'Roe v. Wade' and 'affirmative action' she envisions are "pretty well grounded." We can only hope that Meyer will abort her fetuses, because the world does not need any more Lynn Meyers. As for affirmative action Meyer's sees the Black community as a community that needs a hand from the white liberals, of which she is one. I happen to believe in the 'can do' spirit of the Black community.

Do we see the Vietnamese community asking for affirmative action? They've only been here more or less 30 years. How about the Chinese community? They for sure don't need it. Hispanics are vastly against affirmative action as well.

Roe may or may not be overturned. But as long Justice Blackmun true intentions of Roe vs. Wade are enacted, I might be OK with it. Somehow Roe got misconstrued into thinking that it offered abortion on demand.

If Meyer wants to leave a lasting impression on the UH Daily Cougar, she should set the standard for liberal columnists who continue to drag the rag down -- simply QUIT.

I mean it's obvious that Meyer was only allowed to write for the rag through affirmative action, after all, half of the campus is Conservative, and UH Conservatives should have more equal representation on the Daily Cougar opinion page instead of being bombarded by liberalism day-in and day-out.

Screw the libs!

Asian Americans, 2/3 of whom are immigrants from countries that speak a language very different from English are the wealthiest racial group in America, surpassing even whites, and represent over 20% of the enrollment in Ivy league schools even though they are only 4% of the population.

They represented more than 31% of the prestigious University of California system in the middle 90s after 30 years of affirmative action for blacks and hispanics even though Asian Americans only represented 10% of the population of California.

Emphasis on educational performance ultimately has the greatest bearing on income. This gap will only be narrowed when people wake up and realize that it is up to them to succeed and doing well in school is fundamental to success.

Students from the Bahamas of African descent average well over 1300 on the SAT despite far less funding for the school system in the Bahamas. Oblitterating even Asian American average scores which are the highest for United States Students.

Those who call the SAT culturally biased can not seem to answer how a student from the Bahamas of African descent is less affected by this alleged bias than an American of African descent.

Parents motivating their children to apply themselves in their studies is the overwhelming factor for success cited for both the Asian American and the Bahaman educational phenomenon.

When liberals quit screaming for handouts for minorites in order to garner votes for themselves, or enrich themselves a la Jesse Shakedown Jackson, the chains that have held many Blacks and Hispanics back will finally be broken and our society will be enriched by the millions of our fellow citizens who finally realize they can be just as good or even better at being successful than "whitey" so long as they are willing to apply themselves and take full responsibility for their lives.

The W.E.B. Du Bois, Bill Cosbys, Condi Rices, Colin Powels, and Larry Elders of the black community are the ones who point the way to real freedom and opportunity, not the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and Louis Farakkans.

Screw the Libs
The great Black Americans are the ones that do not believe in the tripe being pushed by the white liberals.
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