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Thursday, September 01, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'America is in a crisis' (And the only thing Meyer and the liberals can do is still 'hate' America)

You have to sometimes wonder about liberals. What is it going to take for liberals to wake up and see what's happening in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast is not just a two week turnaround. It's going to take years for those areas to recover, and now is not the time for liberals to continue with their petty arguments.

For liberals to continue to preach hatred for the President in a time that we as a people need to pull together to tackle this tragedy as one team that is already affecting us all. And UH Daily Cougar columnist
Lynn Elizabeth Meyer is not helping one bit. Meyer's inability to put America first in this time of tragedy cements herself and the liberals intent in actually taking schadenfreude in what's going on in New Orleans and along the central Gulf Coast, just as the terrorists world sees us.

Instead of
Meyer pulling up her attack, she continues dropping her bombs on US efforts in Iraq. She joins Florida Senator Bill Nelson, who is fighting for prices freezes on gasoline, which will make the gas situation even worse. She joins America hater Cindy Sheehan who is now on her liberal bus tour, and soon will be rich by making paid 2-minute speeches on why its right to support al-Qaeda. Ditzy Cindy by the way will be protesting the Blue Angels in an upcoming air show up north somewhere.

In her tripe today, "
Sinking support for war overdue," Meyer happily reports that "there is no longer a majority of Americans supporting our actions in Iraq." That an incredible "56 percent" of Americans, over half of the country are starting to abandon our troops in Iraq, just as they abandoned our troops in Vietnam -- another unpopular war.

Of course
Meyer does not tell UH weak minded students that way over "56 percent" of Americans are against a complete pullout of our troops because just as President Bush says "it will weaken us as a country" and make al-Qaeda want to attack us even more.

Lynn Meyer and other liberals, it was your beloved President Clinton and his wimpish policies againsts the terrorists that gave them the resolve to attack New York twice, as well as attacks on our embassies and against our Naval vessels.

Meyer's forgiveness of Osama bin Laden for his involvement in 9/11 is laughable. Simply put, Meyer hates America, and it shows in her willingness to accept OBL for his word. Hell, Meyer ought to just give up America and become one of Osama's hareem. By comparing American actions to that of a nation of 6-year-olds in no way helps Meyer's argument, and just again shows her desperation as a liberal in today's world. Now I can take schadenfreude in that.

Lynn Meyer is a dove. If al-Qaeda exploded a nuclear bomb over New Orleans instead of a hurricane hitting the city, she would still be badmouthing Bush and supporting al-Qaeda.

I don't care if
Meyer "was extremely frustrated with the invasion of Iraq." I don't care if Meyer was pissed over the President's actions. If President Bush took no action against al-Qaeda, Meyer and the liberals would be criticizing Bush for being a dove.

President Bush and America's armed forces can do nothing right in any liberal light. This has been proven time and time again with actions done by liberal Presidents, with no media backlash, but when a Conservative President does the same action, they continually hounded by the liberal media.
Meyer is with the crazy crowd, where in a critical situation along the central Gulf Coast, in which thousands (most certainly more than the number killed in Iraq) have perished, they continue to spew their liberal filth and thinking they are actually doing good for their cause.

Quite frankly Lynn Meyer for your liberal actions in America's time of need -- you can go f*#k yourself.

Now I don't if
Meyer's waste of trees was written prior to Hurricane Katrina's arrival along the central Gulf Coast, but Opinion Editor James Davis should take into account what tripe he is allowing to be printed, and that it's definitely not helping his career nor the can-do attitude of the Houston spirit.

Meyer's denounciation of President Bush and all the accusations against him are criminal, and I hope Meyer is spending most of her worthless budget on getting her worthless Honda around town with the price of gas the way it is.

Meyer only looks for the bad news coming out of Iraq -- never the good news. She won't tell you of the schools (over 3,000) that have been put back in order in Iraq. She won't tell you of our soldiers helping Iraqi women and children, a lot of times giving of their own supplies just to put a smile on someones face. Meyer won't tell you of the soldier that Matt Lauer interviewed who said, "I'd believe we were losing to if the American media was our only news source."

For a liberal that doesn't care about Chrisitianity,
Meyer sure gives a damn about the Islamic religion which treats women like crap, and her comparison of America as a breeder of terrorism is equally ridiculous.

Meyer is so childish. Meyer warns Americans "don't believe your leaders blindly" and well are liberal leaders to be included as well Lynn Meyer? We can see in New Orleans what liberal corruption has brought to that city for decades, and now that city will never be the same ever again.

Meyer's writing this crap downing America in her time of need, she only cheapens the legitimacy of her liberal argument for the future. Meyer's talk of American deaths in the war on terror is nothing compared to other battles and wars that America has endured, and when compared to the expected deaths to come from New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, there will be a lot of wind taken out of the liberals anti-war sails and it has already started with the lack of coverage of Cindy Sheehan.

Meyer thinks we are a nation of 6-year-olds, nor does she think our war against terror is a noble cause. She asks "are you willing to send your children to die" for a lie?

Meyer, our children volunteer for service, and know the risks when they enter a combat zone. We don't send our children to die. Hell, with liberalism, children are even lucky to be born.

No Lynn Elizabeth Meyer, you're the 6-year-old for not even wanting to open your liberal eyes in a real time of emergency.

Screw the libs!

for once i agree with you and i am a liberal. arguments need to be dropped for the time being, and we can argue later.
See even in a time crisis, Liberals and Conservatives can work together.
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