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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Rampant insincerity in hurricane response' (Concerned about everything else; except victims)

Like governments response to Hurricane Katrina, Giugi Galli Carminati's unhumble words come one week to late, and are as big a boondoggle as her failed publication Feminist Today. In her waist of trees today to the tune of 561 words, all Daily Cougar opinion columnist, UH's infamous Giugi Carminati had to say today was "please help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in any way you can" period. We did not read that, yet we read about another sideswipe attack on Republicans in which President Bush is blamed, and this can only be the opening volley from UH liberals in trying to bash Conservatives for starting Hurricane Katrina and steering it towards New Orleans.

The problem for the liberals is that the federal government is not the first responder in a situation like this -- simply put, they weren't asked, but even when not asked, the federal government took precautions anyway.

The hurricane victims needed to read strong words of encouragement from
Carminati, but like Hillary Clinton or Sheila Jackson-Lee, everything she says or writes is calculated for the fullest effect of her evil liberal ways.

The partisanship that the democrats are displaying while the rescues are still occurring is abominable, and America is smart enough to smell out the rats that the liberals are releasing to the media. Right away, those starting the blame game are in effect the worst offenders, a growing number -- almost 60% of Americans are not blaming President Bush for the disaster along the Gulf Coast (and are well aware of the liberals tricks).

As usual, before you begin reading a
Giugi Carminati piece, don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page.

Garbo, the CU's spy in the UH liberal community, reported that Carminati has been on some binge about the goods and bads of 'penial' related medical products. It makes one wonder about her hubby's ability to perform since he now has a busy schedule in medical school.

In her third volley into educating UH weak minded students this semester to the darkside of liberalism, the malodorous alumnus of the
Honors College and now UH law student, the Archbitchup of the Church of UH liberalism, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist, UH College Democrat officer, and Harris County Young Democrats VP for Membership, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with a reach around of words that supposedly comforts hurricane victims, but then goes off about blaming Bush and wondering 'how are we going to pay for this disaster?' Carminati did not want to write about the hurricane and its victims. Hell, Judge Roberts just got a nominee promotion to Chief Justice and liberal women are going crazy.

Giugi's tripe yesterday "Stay strong in face of uncertainty," Carminati tries to associate with the rescuers of hurricane victims by writing "I have volunteered at a local hospital and plan on volunteering much more in the coming months." I would not be surprised if that hospital was actually an abortion clinic, since her religion puts so much emphasis on the death of fetuses and of the putting down of the sick and infirmed.

One of my liberal friends e-mailed me with some striking notations about New Orleans. "What happened in New Orleans reminded of
Mogadishu or the South Park episode The Wacky Molestation Adventure in which all the parents left town because they were imprisoned, and the children took over and completely destroyed the town." Carminati is a parent of the victims. The victims are looking to government for where to go and what to eat. I remember one child (a woman in her mid 30s) in the Superdome yelling "get me out of here" as if she were a five year old demanding ice cream.

The entitlement mentality of New Orleans has breed a group of children that did not have enough sense to get out of the way of a Category 5 hurricane headed straight a city that is below sea level. "Don't worry, government is going to protect me."

Carminati by even mentioning that "this column could have been about President Bush's poor response or our country's sheer lack of preparation in the face of a completely predictable tragedy," which was her original intent, but she would completely lost face to the UH weak minded student. Even if the federal government was in New Orleans right after the hurricane, the liberals would have said "they showed just to stop the blacks from looting." As usual, liberals can never support a Republican Admininstration.

I don't believe her when she says "my heart goes out to the people whose lives Hurricane Katrina wrecked." She's probably pissed at those people for taking
Cindy Sheehan and Judge Roberts protests out of the headlines. You remember Cindy Sheehan don't you?

Carminati won't tell you that the Bush Administration had declared the area a disaster area before the hurricane hit, or that Bush wanted to federalize law enforcement, but the Louisiana governor wouldn't let him, and still won't. You didn't see massive looting and lawlessness in Mississippi or Alabama did you. Carminati knows that beaurcracy is slow and she damn well won't admit that liberalism failed in this disaster, but the American spirit of helping fellow man without the use of government is more effective.

Carminati tries to soften the skin of UH weak minded but having us empathize with the victims, which is something we can never do. Many Houstonians don't know what they experienced, even though some went through Hurricanes Carla and Alicia.

Carminati incredibly recognizes that "businesses have been destroyed and jobs have disappeared along with them." She of course had to devote a whole wasted paragraph on lawyers and how they "lost confidential files." I'm pretty sure that government records are pretty well safeguarded, but I wonder about those lawyers records who sue big business for extreme profits like the drug trial in Angleton.

I was especially disappointed in
Carminati's accepting of Houston's role of helper in this crisis. "And from Houston's perspective, can we absorb such an influx of poverty?" Hell, I would think that Carminati would be ecstatic that more poverty is coming to Houston, thus improving her lot in life. Hell, her future constituents just arrive although most may go back.

Leave it to
Carminati to call into question American compassion.

Screw the libs!

Giugi showed very little concern for the victims from my thoughts. I might be a freshman and still young, but her closing with concern over the lawyers made me really think about where her heart was/
Well, to get to the top you have to step on a lot of poor little people.

And Carminati has big feet ...

and big legs, and an ever enlarging butt.
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