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Thursday, September 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Giddy over DeLay Indictment' (Didn't research for his tripe in anyway; totally avoids Ronnie Earle's motives)

Is Salinas still drunk?

I know his 21st birthday was back in June when he announced he believed the
Downing Street Memo and the stench of RatherGate with those fake documents.

Now we get hit with another dose of
UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who jumps on the liberal bandwagon attacking Tom DeLay over his indictment that's about to fall over the edge of the cliff. The liberals are giddy and it doesn't matter that the DeLay indictment lacks specificity.

But hey,
Salinas is drunk -- Salinas won't feel a thing. Which is what the three reader's of the Salinas' column will be feeling today after they scan it -- nothing.
In his tripe today "
DeLay lashes out when cornered," Salinas plays the role of the a liberally biased reporter who only checks one side of the story, while letting the other side off because he agrees with their grossly bent philosophy. Salinas offers no new information, just another stinky regurgitation of liberal crap that he prays will attract UH weak minded students to the dark side of liberalism.

In an open request to the
UH Daily Cougar yesterday afternoon I warned Opinion Editor James Davis that the columnist who tries to go after this issue "do your research on both sides, and before you start writing -- do me a favor and actually read the worthless indictment on DeLay." I saw no evidence in his tripe that Salinas read the indictment but saw evidence that Salinas consulted liberal blogs for his .22 of evidence compared to my howister of evidence that shoots back.

At least
Salinas gets the PAC right -- Texans for a Republican Majority which is a poltical action committee that DeLay helped found but in no way had any dealings with its day to day operations. And when it was created he insisted that lawyers oversee all the legal operations to make sure they were not violating the law. For anyone to think different is crazy.

Remember the recent travel scandal in Washington. Liberal Democrats were scrambling to amend travel records on Capital Hill and
Tom DeLay's office was nice and quiet.

Why? Because in their blaming of Republicans for the travel scandal the liberals obviously forgot to check their own records, and of course the liberal media did not report that fact when the liberals shuffled to the travel office in silence.

Tom DeLay indictment is just another example of liberalism attacking without looking around the corner to make sure they are all in the right. David in no way offers up any true evidence that DeLay is guilty, and I doubt his associates, the ones that were in charge of the Texans for a Republican Majority, will be brought to trial either.

Salinas tries to offer so-called "damning evidence" that Tom DeLay "had accepted money from Westar Energy" and that to meet with the DeLay they "were told they needed to write a check for $25,000," which is a damn site cheaper compared to what it costs to meet with Hillary Clinton. Do I need to mention how much money exchanged hands when the Clinton's held coffees at White House or how much they charge to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House Inn.

Liberal Travis County Prosecutor
Ronnie Earle has a history of political indictments, and this is definitely a political indictment -- no doubt. Earle indicts major companies only to drop the charges when they sizeable sums of cash are donated to Earle runned charities. And don't think that Ronnie Earle doesn't have contact with democratic insiders since pre-word was sent out that Tom DeLay was going to be indicted. They already have phone banks working -- which is something that is not normally done overnight.

Ronnie Earle's indictment mentions Tom DeLay in only ONE sentence, and he's not tied to any crime at any time. No facts are provided but to liberal democrats that doesn't matter.

When it come to motivations,
Ronnie Earle did his job. He got a jury of gullible people in Austin, TX to indict Tom DeLay on baseless charges that have already forced him from his position of power. But he will be back just as Kay Bailey Hutchison has recovered splendidly from her Earle indictments in the early '90s.

This modern day 'Battle of the Bulge' comes from a desperate liberal democratic party that fears telling the truth and has to lie to get elected. They rely on their liberal friends in the judiciary to do their dirtywork, and fear the George Soroses of the liberal world are growing to powerful and will soon take over the democratic party altogether.

Salinas is a gullible young man, and it shows in his tripe. He's never met DeLay -- I have. Tom DeLay is a chess player. DeLay thinks two moves ahead, and transactions that occurred in the Texans for a Republican Majority PAC are well within the law. DeLay's insistence that lawyers and accountants be consulted to make sure that every transaction is legal is standard operating procedure in his offices. I doubt that the liberal PACs are as clean as DeLay's PAC.

Salinas and the liberals do not realize that marked men who know they are marked think twice before they do stuff -- and especially with a liberal media in charge. Granted, the media landscape is changing today, and Conservative radio and televison hosts, coupled with Conservative bloggers will be attacking Ronnie Earle and uncovering his motivations and previous wrongdoings.

Ronnie Earle has never been a marked man. Earle has always been the marker, and now that Conservatives have him in their sights we look for his undoing. Earle will soon have some stripes on his ass too.

David Salinas is dumbfounded "DeLay chose to attack Ronnie Earle." Salinas' reporting that "DeLay called Earle a 'rogue' attorney and a 'partisan fanatic,'" are nothing more than shamed attempts to corner public opinion. Fortunately, it's not working and they know it.

Salinas statement in regards to DeLay that "facts and attacks don't mix." Salinas' stupidty is rampant if he believes that. It was late in his commentary before Salinas even mentioned that Ronnie Earle was a democrat. In hopes to save face with UH weak minded students Salinas adamantly writes about the partisan Earle, "he has not at any point in his career been partisan concerning his job," which is complete bull crap.

Salinas, you worthless piece of crap, Ronnie Earle's tenure in office has been nothing but partisan, and he's probably extorted as much money as Jesse Jackson -- and Earle has used his office to do it.

Salinas tries to fool the UH weak minded students by stating tilted evidence that the Houston Chronicle reported, "during his long tenure, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle has prosecuted many more Democratic officials than Republicans."

Salinas reads off a laundry list of democrats that Ronnie Earle indictment since the 70's -- all of them CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS -- in a time when there were NO REPUBLICANS in the state. Salinas of course does not mention that does he.

Salinas lastly tries to push off the indictment on the grand jury, "Ronnie Earle didn't indict Tom DeLay. He can't." Salinas doubts "they were all Democrats," but coming from Travis County -- the mostly liberal county in the state, you can be damned sure that most of the gullible citizens in the jury box were easily swayed by Ronnie Earle's slick words.

Salinas salivates "should DeLay be found guilty," he could put in "jail for up to 2 years and fines of $10,000," which is the penalty Salinas should get for writing his hogwash today.

David sees DeLay as a man that "has made his mark by personally attacking the character and integrity of his political opponents," but through Salinas' blind eyes he cannot see that Tom DeLay is nothing more than an effective Conservative politician.

Salinas has no confidence in Nick Lampson's campaign to defeat Tom DeLay, "more than likely a Republican would fill DeLay's seat," which he considers "fine." Salinas is concerned about "partisanship" and "justice," both of which liberals are be readily abused in this endeavor, and it is definitely something David Salinas "knows absolutely nothing" about.

Salinas premise that DeLay lashes out when cornered is completely wrong. When liberal vermin are cornered, when they can't win elections, when they are losing in the judiciary, liberal vermin are forced to decide that the only way out is to destroy their enemy -- hence the Tom DeLay indictment.

P.S. Giugi Carminati's piece "UH should nourish body and mind," was informative and a nice change of pace. I loathed Chartwell's as well.

Screw the libs!

again your correct; salinas did not do his research and he got pounded in your response
Salinas didn't know what he was talking about.
David is still young. He's not a chess player. More like checkers with no rules.

DeLay's response through this whole bit has been confident; he know's he right and the liberals are wrong and always have been.

Earle's days are numbered -- this is his first political indictment in the blogger era, and Conservative bloggers have made a difference.
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