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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Chris Williams 'I disagree on Katrina coverage' (Katrina takes steam out of many liberal arguments)

In reviewing all the news coverage coming from the heavily damaged Gulf Coast, UH Daily Cougar columnist Chris Williams stance against the massive influx of Hurricane Katrina coverage but he should not be ashamed.

We did not ask for the hurricane, but it wiped many towns and things off the map. Including Bay St. Louis, MS, the gambling industry, the shrimp industry, Cindy Sheehan and the many liberal smear campaigns that have not been able to get any traction due to the constant coverage of the devastation in LA, MS, and AL.

We did not ask for the hurricane, but important issues that need to be in the news are being presented in the media. We saw the coverage of Justice Rehnquist's death and burial during the aftermath of the hurricane. I agree with
Chris' assessment that "the head of our nation's judicial branch dying is a big deal," and its unfortunate that he passed in such a trying time in our nations history.

We are seeing the embarrassment of liberal Senators who are being intellectually beheaded by Chief Justice nominee John Robert's at his confirmation hearings.

The problem for liberals is that their "hate America" issues are not being covered in the wake of the hurricane, and if the liberal networks do cover the libs then those networks stand to loss vast amounts of credibility.

In his piece today "
Storm eclipses important news,"
Chris takes a risk in "being called unsympathetic and heartless is a risk I am taking by writing this article," but I believe he should be attacking the first responder city and state officials who allowed the mess to happen in the first place.

Louisiana officials really dropped the ball. Red Cross officials were not let in to help those at the Superdome due to Gov. Blanco. AMTRAK officials offered to run special trains out of New Orleans but they were turned down by Mayor Nagin. The public, private and school buses were not used, again at the leadership of Mayor Nagin.

Racist liberal Senator Mary Landrieu issued a statement as seen in the montage. Wacko environmentalists (Save Our Wetlands) contributed decades ago by stopping a floodgate project that could have stopped devistating flooding during Katrina.

Internationally, Williams has a point, we could stand to see some good news in that arena. He notes "Iraqi leaders finally called an end to negotiations and declared their draft constitution complete," which sets the stage for October elections, which is great news.

We know Williams is compassionate and he he means well, but as a columnist, and especially a Conservative columnist, he has a duty to watch the coverage and relay his thoughts on what he sees, and how officials and the displaced are reacting. He has a duty to UH Conservatives to point out the crazy actions and inactions of officials, that are trying to place blame were it does not belong.

Chris, the news coverage of Katrina will taper in time, just give it a chance. But your help is needed in putting the record straight for Conservatives involved in this tragedy. In fact, I ask all UH Conservatives to gather as much knowledge about the Katrina disaster to refute the coming barrage of tripe that liberals will be throwing in the future.

David Salinas' tripe today "Leaders' deficiency outshone by citizens," was full of holes and mostly defended the liberals whose leadership failed in the disaster. And like most liberals Salinas pulls a Howard Dean and blames President Bush for everything.

Salinas' assertion that "the president wasn't aware of how bad the damage was in New Orleans until the Thursday after the storm," is completely idiotic. If anything the President's request have been rebuffed by the Louisiana governor, and even to imply the opposite is crazy.

Salinas' idiocy continues when he writes of the President ignoring the disaster for the WWII rememberance event in California, and of the limp defense he proclaims for Gov. Blanco.

Liberals like David Salinas are out to make Conservatives look as bad as possible as compared to any situation, and they will sacrifice their political futures to make sure that happens. In fact, TimesWatch.org is reporting that the public is blaming Mayor Nagin and Gov. Blanco more than President Bush, and history will record the tripe that the liberals are pushing as hurting their cause more than helping.

Screw the libs!

Too bad he did not mention how once again the punks, looters, rape gangs, and other scumbags now have a much better opportunity to terrorize fellow New Orleaners now that the local government has been so kind to "protect" it's citizens by infringing on their 2nd Amendment rights, and leaving them defenseless so long as a soldier, police officer, or private armed security guard is not standing right next to them.
Another great point.

Williams is a Conservative guy, and race, even though he is a Black American, was not the first thing on his mind.

Hell, it wasn't on my mind.

Other things such as corrupt law enforcement, ineffective local leadership are factors as well.

Whatever the federal government did would have been criticized by the left. The ACLU would have been involved if the people were forced to get on the trains or buses.
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