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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez 'He could have been perceived as Hispanic ...' (Lame excuse -- fire 'em all)

In another lame attempt to keep their jobs at the UH Daily Cougar, racist Opinion Editor James Davis and racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin today throw at us a hastily put together unheartfelt apology by racist cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez. In addition the editorial cartoon of September 19th has still been shredded like documents in the Clinton White House, and still looks the same as the cartoon of September 16th. Intellectually strong individuals would have left the cartoon up and modified the page to properly apologize for the racially offensive cartoon. But as usual, UH Daily Cougar racist Opinion Editor James Davis and racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin are intellectual cowards.

In his tripe today to the UH Community "Apology from the cartoonist -- regarding the Sept. 19 editorial cartoon" Gonzalez found "it was surprising to find such a strong reaction to my editorial cartoon Monday." Translation -- I got caught!

Arturo's maintains he was not out to "offend any African-Americans," but what really got me was Gonzalez's interpretation that the male "could be have just as easily been perceived as Hispanic, white or any other ethnicity that embraces hip-hop culture." Bull crap.

Gonzalez said the "cartoon was intended to portray an event I personally observed," and I doubt that the person he observed was a white guy portraying a black guy. He says nothing of the nurse who is obviously looks black. My question -- Where is NOW? Is Kathy M. Goodwin still on campus?

I'm not buying it. With all the sensitivity that is suppose to be displayed on a racially sensitive campus like UH, the racist Opinion Editor James Davis and racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin should have known better. There is no excuse for their conduct, and a simple slap on the wrist will not do.

Again I call for the slate to be cleared in Rm. 151 (fire the editor in chief and opinion editor) and I call for Tyler Nelson to be the next Editor in Chief of the Cougar.

Screw the libs!

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