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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Hunkering Down at the UHCU Northern Command on Lake Conroe (Hurricane Rita Aftermath) - 9/25

UHCU Northern Command has returned to pre-Hurricane Rita state. My liberal neighbors visiting liberals have left. My yard is in great shape, while the liberals yard looks like a hurricane went through it. The lib hasn't picked up crap -- I guess he is waiting for government to pick up the limbs and such around his place for him.

Overall, we have went through this event with flying colors. I pray that those whose property beared the brunt of the storm recover to fuller lives. We have long-time family friends in Sulphur, LA, just outside of Lake Charles. Thanksfully loss of life was at a minimum. I don't think not one life was lost directly to the storm surge or its winds.

I am beginning to start preparing to return to UHCU Southern Command near Midtown probably in a day or two for the resumption of UH liberalism next Thursday.

12:15 PM
Cable restored -- phone, internet are back on-line. Posting all that was placed previously on paper. Just got back from the store. New York strips are on sale at HEB for $3.99/lb.

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