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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Hunkering Down at the UHCU Northern Command on Lake Conroe (Hurricane Rita Here) - 9/24

6:27 PM
Retiring for the evening to watch "Friday Night Lights" on DVD. Hopefully cable will be restored shortly. The only thing lacking is cable so I can get my internet access and phone back.

6:15 PM
Real sunny now. Placed old glory on flag pole. No more high winds.

5:35 PM
Power restored just as I was about to start cooking some T-Bones. AC on high. Closed and locked windows all over the house. Hooked up appliances that were on generator power. Turned off the generator in the motorhome. Great T-Bones -- seared them on both sides on high heat, then placed in the broiler for 10 minutes. Garlic egg noodles, green beans, tea. T-Bones tasted great especially with some Lea and Perrins.

3:07 PM
Removed tape from North windows.

2:27 PM
Took another shower. More sunshine. Relaxing. T-Bones have been saved from spoilage since I have the MH generator.

2:16 PM
Flag pole up for good -- without the American flag at this point.

1:47 PM
Picking up limbs and downed leaves mostly in the backyard. Sunshine starting to peak through the cloudy but it is sprinkling.

1:31 PM
Went to check on two places that have propane. Tanks on MH are quickly draining. I anticipate that power will be restored by 5 or 6 to-nite. Have seen Entergy trucks in the area. Went by my sister's house and picked up one of my nephews to help me with some clean-up tasks. Cousins already departed.

1:07 PM
Some surprising gusts. Rita is still out there.

1:02 PM
Getting a little gusty and I took down the flag temporarily. Periodically glance out to see if the power is on to the neighbors homes.

9:25 AM - 12:38 PM
Found that my Deer Park cousin had went out in his SUV. I called him and he turned around and took to me to my Motorhome. Got to my motorhome and started. Some parts of Conroe had power. Got my motorhome and started. Some parts of Conroe had power. Got my motorhome to the house, and started feeding power via the units generator to the freezer, refrigerator, and one portable television. Flag pole is back up and flying the flag that liberals hate -- the American flag. Winds out of the west with some gusts at times.

8:45 AM
Winds appear to be calming. Julia tired of playing chess. Preparing to take that bath. Taking a short nap.

8:30 AM
Playing a game of so-called chess with a four year old second cousin. Playing more like checkers if you can call it that.

8:25 AM
Rain more prevalent than the wind now. Still some gust. Winds out of NNE.

8:13 AM
Random Thought - With the anti-war liberals holding their railly in D.C. today -- how much coverage can they possibly hope to get? Wrath of God events are hogging the headlines. No wonder liberal hate GOD!

8:06 AM
Storm now parallel or past Conroe. Moving North -- winds may be at their peak now and may generally drop off between now and lunch time. Still no power, but hope to get it by 1pm.

7:55 AM
New round of heavy gust -- 60 - 65 mph. Coming from NNE. Drained water from the second tub -- ready to take a shower.

7:45 AM
Mostly only branches in the front yard. Backyard needs to be picked up pretty good, but its easily manageable. Need to clean up quick, then get my cousins kicked out, and sent back down south, and headed over to my Sister's place to help with any clean -up efforts.

7:25 AM
I can see cows across the way grazing as usual -- obilivious to the high winds.

7:17 AM
Jasper County getting racked pretty good. Liberals are probably happy about that for those in Jasper to pay for the sins of the Whites who dragged James Byrd Jr to death seven years ago.
7:11 AM
Really bright outside now (compared to dark). Called my Brother-in-Law -- he's OK and back from his shift at HCSD. He saw a lot of winds; not a lot of damage. Cannot wait to get my flag pole up -- these colors don't run.
7:00 AM
Opened blinds to the East letting in some light. Mayor White's blaming the federal government for gas is a crock. How can the feds supply gas to 3 million who evacuate a major metropolitan area. Coastal hurricane warnings being dropped from High Island and to the East. Toprical storm winds are still being felt on Lake Conroe.

6:49 AM
Studying the cloud movement -- I don't believe we will see any east winds on Lake Conroe. just from the North and West later.
6:41 AM
Can see outisde better from my Command Post position. High winds and rain now pelting Northern window. Near highest winds we have experienced were gusts of near hurricane force.

6:34 AM
Rita now 45 miles NW of Orange (eastern most TX town on I-10). 100 mph winds. Maintaining speed, should be 100 miles inland by noon. Still not out of woods.

6:23 AM
Sustained winds have to be 40 mph. Still in good shape at the UHCU Northern Command.

6:17 AM
Its trying to get light outside. Just had a heavy wind of at least 60-65 mph.

6:13 AM
That darn branch that I wanted to get rid of is still there. Damn.

6:05 AM
Communications tower near Lake Conroe -- their generators must have run out of fuel. Unclear about the bright flashes to the South -- don't know if electrical related or lightning. Must be another tree giving its life for society.
5:48 AM
Just took a tinkle outside -- winds definitley from the North. More branches on the lawn. Non-liberal neighbors 2nd floor windows OK.

5:45 AM
Did routine checks -- all well. Hope to have power after the winds die down. Gusts still low tropical storm force.

5:29 AM
Cousins asleep. Taking my shift for listening to the radio for the latest news. Daybreak within the next 90 minutes. Lots of wind, Not as much rain. Glad I mowed the lawn on Thursday anyway since it may be a soggy weak.

5:10 AM
Power went out at approx 3:39 AM. Had taken a nap in the meantime. Woke up at 4:45 AM. Winds still from the North. White cap crazy on the lake. From my vantage, we have a protected patio from the North wind so we are able to peer out and keep the back door open in order to equalize pressure around the house. So far from a Conroe perspective , this is not as bad as Alicia in '83, but me and my family were much closer inland for that one. Talked with my Fahter at my Brother-in-Laws place. He and my Mother are doing fine. Listening to 740AM on the radio.

12:11 AM
Winds are still present, but not as hard as before. Not a lot of rain. When I was out back earlier during the power outage, I notice that another section on a different grid did have power. Just a few minutes ago, some heavy gusts -- had to be in the 40s. Conroe-Willis have power -- can see the lights from the clouds.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I was blessed enough and cheap enough to reside in an old building that was as solid as a rock, (I got a good chuckle at those who have lampooned my cheapness and tightwadness in living quarters in the past when they had to flee their $350K houses that would fall like a house of cards if this thing had come for them.)

I taped the windows, got the supplies to be without power, water, sanitation, and outside sources of food for at least two weeks, put the car up in a secure garage downtown in case of flooding, took the last Metro bus home on Thursday before they shut down service, and rode out the storm at home inside the loop.

I really enjoyed my Shiner beer during all of this by the way. I had some NRA friendly looter repellent too but fortunately it was not needed. I was asleep through most of it once I saw we were not going to get the worst of it.

While others were choking on the roads today, I was barbequing in my backyard. Steak was nice and rare and more than an inch thick. Didn't need all of that charcoal and wood anymore that I had stockpiled since I never lost power. Some people coming back I guess were pretty pissed at seeing me enjoying myself after they had been on the road for 3 days with no water, gas, or AC.

I'm not recommending my course of action if you lived in Galveston, somewhere else along the coast, or in a tar paper house, but so long as you are prepared and live in a solid structure where it does not flood or if you are on a higher floor, you might want to really think about fleeing after all the chaos we saw with this evacuation.

The roads can't take 2 million people, like liberal hater says, at least don't use the routes that they are all on if you do leave. Weather was great here today.

Sucks about East Texas though. Well, if Metro runs tomorrow I might make it to church and see what we are going to do for them.

Here is the straight poop on UH if you have not gotten the message.

President Gogue and the Emergency Management team are continuing to monitor the aftermath of Hurricane Rita and its effects on the University of Houston and our faculty, students, and staff.

At this point, the University has sustained little damage. There have been no flooding or power outages and the streets in and around the University are clear. However, based on a concern for the safety and well-being of our faculty, students, and staff, many of whom evacuated the area, and at the request and recommendation of the Governor, Mayor, and County Judge that businesses and schools delay reopening, the University is instituting the following plans:

Classes will resume no earlier than Thursday, September 29.
Essential faculty and staff will have access to the campus and their building prior to the reopening of the University; however, there will be no food services or other non-emergency support services available. Be sure to bring your faculty/staff ID with you if you return to campus early.
Students in residential housing may not return to their dorms prior to Wednesday, September 28, at 5 p.m.
All staff members who can, particularly residential life staff, should plan to report back to their jobs on Wednesday, September 28, at 12 noon to prepare for the re-start of classes on Thursday.
All of this is subject to change based on any residual weather impact from Hurricane Rita and from the information updates from the Governor, Mayor, and County Judge. Please continue to check your e-mail, the UH emergency page (http://www.uh.edu/emergency) and our recorded messages on the switchboard, 713-743-1000, and UH OnCALL, 713-743-2255. If you evacuated the area and will be traveling back to Houston, President Gogue urges you to drive safely.

By the way, given the news on the refinery damage that took place and worse yet the damage that could have taken place, people need to wake up and realize that we need more refineries, especially ones not located in the potential path of hurricanes. The only active proposal for one is in Yuma, Arizona.

Hopefully it happens, but we need more than just one additional 150,000 bpd refinery if we are going to be able to correct our gasoline shortage problems that are caused by a shortage of refineries, and are exacerbated by events such as Katrina and Rita. Like it or not gas is gold and we need to have a better capacity to make it and some redundancy in case of hurricanes, terrorism, or other disasters.

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