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Friday, September 23, 2005


Hunkering Down at the UHCU Northern Command on Lake Conroe (Waiting for Hurricane Rita) - 9/23

11:26 PM
The power went out around 9:05pm and went back on around 10:35pm. Winds out of the north. Whitecaps on lake. I told my Mom to stay at my sisters instead of coming to my place. Top winds in the 30s so far.

9:23 PM
Winds picked enough to cause to tape my two North windows that are unprotected. Taped the entire window with clear tape.

7:35 PM
I have been here on Lake Conroe since after the campus closed on Wednesday. The sail boat is tied down, and a couple of cousins came up from Pearland and Deer Park. Girlfriend and her kid are out of town. Mom may come up in an hour from my Sister's place.

The liberal next door invited some other liberals to come and join him. One guest of the liberal asked me as I was clearing the yard of anything that might be thrown into the air and smash something, "how high do you think the storm surge on the lake will get?" when the hurricane approaches.

As I walked around to pick up another big branch that was on the ground, I then saw it when she closed her truck on her old clunker that polutes the environment, 'Clinton-Gore,' 'Kerry-Edwards,' 'Nick Lampson for Congress,' 'Texas Democrat,' and 'Rescue Texas Without Delay.'

I told the liberal, "expect about an eight foot storm surge," knowing full well that their is no possible storm surge on Lake Conroe. When I walked around to pick up a couple of more things on the ground, I then saw it on her rear view mirror: she's a UH employee.

Before I walked away, I asked her how many hours she had been on the road. She said she was "16 hours coming from Clear Lake to Lake Conroe."

I wanted to tell the liberal that my Father and Brother-in-Law had went to Shore Acres on Galveston Bay from my Brother-in-Law's place in Conroe proper and came back in less than five hours. Traveling on the same path as everyone else is crazy.

As of 4:55PM, there is only one restaurant Taste of China Restaurant was the only one I saw open. Everything else is closed.

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