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Friday, September 02, 2005


Gay and Lesbian staff at UH get higher raises, while some straight staff get no merit raises at all

Well, well, well. I've been checking some records at the University of Houston, and guess what. Offices where most of the staff are gay or lesbian with only one or two heterosexual personnel have been sneaking by merit raises by the straight staffers. The gays and lesbians have been getting merit raises of upwards to 15% in some cases.
I checked offices in the MD Anderson library, School of Art, Moores School of Music, as well as others where I found multiple cases where straight staffers in offices full of gays and lesbians, the heterosexuals did not get merit raises no matter their level of good to excellent performance.
Now I know a lot of people on campus, and I know who is gay, lesbian, and straight. The straight people in the offices effected are hard workers, most of the time harder working than the gays and lesbians, and deserve raises but somehow were ignored. I wonder why?
The gay and lesbian department heads ought to be ashamed of themselves. This is just another slap at straight staffers who have to put up with the "gayness" that already perpetuates itself on a daily basis in those offices, and cannot speak up for fear of not having a job.

This will be checked into.
Thank you President Gogue.
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