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Sunday, September 18, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XXI

- How liberals pledge allegiance to the flag.

- If President Bush named Barney as a Supreme Court nominee, the liberals would consider him extreme.

- The ACLU says "We are Winning in the Courts." Of course when the 9th Circuit Courts takes the Pledge of Allegiance (and UNDER GOD) out of schools -- you are winning. Thankfully that tripe will be overturned.

- Liberals borrowed beliefs have no powers.

- The liberals quest to destroy President Bush will doom them in future elections. They're not focusing on winning -- just destroying.

- Lynn Meyer is quickly becoming the new queen of ineffective UH liberal writing.

- Black liberals believe Hurricane Ophelia did not hit North Carolina because only white people would have been affected.

Those darn liberals and their hate for Under God.
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