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Friday, September 09, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XX

- Never acknowledge the premise of liberalism. Just laugh at liberals.

- The French aide for Hurricane Katrina -- 10 cots and two sets of French Tour de France trading cards which do not include Lance Armstrong.

- ... Rathergate, Cindy Sheehan, the Hurricane Katrina blame game. The liberal mainstream media is losing to a increasingly more aware American public to stupid liberal tricks. Viva Bush.

- The Jane Fonda anti-war bus tour is no more. Cindy Sheehan is next.

- I'm "Pro-Choice" on Bush Social Security.

- The Congressional Black Caucuses may be on to something in comparing Superdome conditions to that of slave ships. This time the intellectually slaved put on the chains and shat and pissed on themselves.

- It took 250 kids 3 days to destroy SouthPark, while it took 25,000 New Orleanites 4 days to destroy the Superdome.

- The "aborted" base of the liberals has manifested itself into the "born again" base of the Conservatives.

- Mary Landrieu's actions as of late have made her growing more ugly, and it shows in her no longer cute face. She's starting to get lines on her face like the canyons of Hillary Clinton.

- An incredible 34% of Blacks think Kayne West's comments about Bush were crap. Wow, it looks like their is a big levy break in Black liberal unity, and that's a break you don't want to be repaired.

- Why is President Bush being criticized as hating Blacks, when white liberals have been in charge for generations over the Blacks in Louisiana, and haven't done a damn thing to help them lift the Black population out of poverty. Kayne, who should you really be pissed at?

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