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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal media's influence helped keep ball rolling toward 9/11'

Republicans should not fret over spending involved in response to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. They should fret over the pork from the last few bills that have been placed into law. The amount of pork allowed is atrocious. I could understand an average amount from past bills, but not over 5000 pork projects.

Our nation will get past this disaster -- yes. And we will be prosperous again -- yes. We still are.

The media, a mostly liberal entity besides what liberals will tell you, is learning major lessons that to be successful, and for people to want to read what you write -- you have to be as fair as possible in your reporting.

The media mistakes of Hurricane Katrina are now being exposed. The exaggerated death count, the unconfirmed rapes, the mass carnage reported at The Superdome or at the Convention Center were all exaggerated for effect. Plus all were done in hopes of discrediting President Bush and his Administration.

The Houston Chronicle can run a story "Lynndie England gets 3 years for detainee abuse," which is plastered all over the front of their website, just as the news of the worthless recent anti-war rally in DC made the front of their website. But the pro-America and pro-military rally did not make the front of their website. That fact cements the Chronicle's liberal face, and further supports their falling subscriptions to their liberal rag, which are about 4% per cycle.

You see; the news comes from the viewpoint of the liberal political commissars running the show of whatever liberal paper they belong to, and the Houston Chronicle is no different. I dare anyone to go into that building and pull out a Conservative that is in charge of anything higher that not the men's restroom or elevator.

The liberal media cannot fudge the numbers anymore and expect to get away with it as they have in the past. Many people are actually checking facts nowadays. The liberal media evidently still believes that they can do it, and when they get caught -- they're stunned. Ask Mary Mapes, the former producer for CBS evening news that was fired.

You cannot write a bunch of crap and produce faked evidence and expect it to be believed -- ask Dan Rather what happens (hell Rather is so stuck on stupid that he believes the forged documents to be true.) Evidence presented by liberal outlets can be checked almost instaneously, and the belief that faked evidence is foolproof is a myth. There is always someone out there who knows more than you, who is smarter than you, and stronger than you. You can ask Senator Hillary Clinton in her fight against Jeanine Pirro for the NY Senate. You might think that Clinton is the smartest woman in the world, but that is just another media myth that has been debunked.

The journalist way of thinking that "I can save the world with my writing" has got us into a big jam with al Qaeda. I would argue that the liberal media was a big part in getting the ball rolling down the road to 9/11. The liberal media inclined America into Africa in the late '90s with the famous Time Magazine cover, and we all know what happened in Somalia when the reigns were handed over to a draft dodger. Africa, which is as corrupt as the State of Louisiana, should have been left alone. Africa wants to be left alone by the world, and they should be left alone. When we walked away from Somalia with our tales between our legs, just because a dove White House refused to armor-up our forces against khat crazed kids on the streets Mogadishu -- he started the ball rolling towards 9/11. Clinton loved polls, and he did not poll well if he sent any armor to Somalia, hence no armor was sent.

Who gave tremendous amounts of favor to then Gov. Clinton during his first run for the Presidency? His affairs were in the news and were brushed aside, which caused family values to subside and exposed young girls to the world of oral sex when Monica got on her knees and looked up at Bill.

Who lowered American values to that of a brothel before and during the Clinton Administration to allow President Clinton to be given a pass on family values. When America was attacked outright in the '90s, who never criticized Clinton and the liberals for little or no responses to attacks, thus emboldening our enemies to attack us in the future.

Who never held any criticism for Clinton's lack of leadership overseas or for selling missile technology enough for America's enemies to reverse engineer the objects to fruition? And who stood by when family values were under fire.

Of course, all those questions can be answered with -- the liberal media.

Yes, Bill Clinton greased the wheels of spin, but those wheels have long since stop spinning and now the disgraced former president is still looking for a legacy. America is worse off for his service to our country, and his memory will forever be cursed by unclean thoughts of oral sex, cigars, and DNA on dresses. Clinton had eight years in office to better the country, two of their years with a democratic congress, and still Bill could not get anything done.

The liberal media is a powerful tool and al Qaeda (the modern day VC) has paid attention to the American left and their friends in the liberal media. Over a decade of leftist media gave the impression that all Americans were doves; that we would not do anything if attacked heavily on our own soil -- which is complete crap.

Liberals are doves. The liberal media routinely votes around 90% democrat and they produce tripe constantly geared for sale to their viewpoint and not to the viewpoint of their readers, and when questioned liberals are not prepared to handle constructive and mostly harsh criticism.

When I think of the liberal media -- I think of German Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who exploited the German media to launch propaganda against the Jews and other groups. He had such an easy job since if anyone disagreed with what he pushed to the German people and the people they conquered, they would be handled with prison or execution.

It is like that in the Black Community -- if one brother becomes successful by Conservatism and not liberalism -- he is banished forever from the intellectually slaved Black Community. Now Blacks like Larry X. are more aware that what the Rev. Jackson's, the Rev. Sharpton's, the Jackson-Lee's, and white liberals are telling them is a bunch of hogwash, and are slowing deserting the democratic party for the GOP -- what have they got to lose.

There is room for dissent in this country, but not for the outright calling for the failure of our union or the aiding of our enemies. What the radical left is doing is treasonist -- it brings smiles to the face of al Qaeda, prolongs the war, and reduces any credibility they have in the future should they decide to switch sides and actually support America and its military. Unfortunately, the liberal media loves absolute dissent because they want the highest ratings possible.

Bill Clinton, liberal activists, the democratic party, and the liberal media are responsible for 9/11. They set the stage for September 11th. They gave aid and comfort to the enemy. By not killing OBL when they had their supposed chance, or properly responding to terrorists when the situation presented itself, their inaction lead to action on 9/11 by al Qaeda. The Clinton Administration was primarily a domestic administration and if it dealt with anything foreign poilcy wise it was a failure. From the spy plane incident, secret spy satellite technology was knowingly transfered to the Chinese, and a whole host of other incidents, let it be known that Clinton sucked (and was sucked in the Oval Office) at keeping our nations secrets. Clinton apologized for every and any little thing that the US did to someone, no matter if we were attacked in the first place, and in the end it was all for naught. We were still attacked on 9/11.

President Clinton's 'peace through wimpyness' strategy worked in favor of al Qaeda until 9/11. Unfortunately for the ragheads, they did not factor in the resolve of President George W. Bush and our armed forces.

You know, now that the print media (Los Angeles and New Orleans) are starting to turn on CNN about the outrageously false numbers they presented about rapes and murders during the Katrina aftermath. Perhaps sane Americans will not be so believing of the President's low poll numbers which in many a mind are outrageously false as well. I know, I did polls before myself. Hell, if a poll is worded right -- Adolf Hitler could have a favorable outlook by Americans and even have higher polls numbers than Clinton himself.

Screw the libs!

I noticed the PFC England story was still on the Chronicle website today. You are correct that stories that are connected to conservatives are more readily presented when they can get away with it.
The media is searching for their next Mother Sheehan.

They are trying to make it Tom DeLay, but he is fighting back awesomely.

DeLay was everywhere last night and put all his detractors to shame.

Its incredible how the focus is shifting to Ronnie Earle. The liberal media cannot control this shift, and soon DeLay will be off the frontpage.
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