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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal news is a product just like milk and butter' (It comes from the viewpoint of the people producing the tripe)

Remember back in the ditch in Crawford when Mother Sheehan and Al Sharpton were having a privately scripted moment in what I called "The Last Sheehan." Of course America only got the cropped version showing only Sharpton and Mother Sheehan.

Well it has happened again with the liberal media. This time in DC when a protester dressed as a prisoner at the Abu Ghraib prison is only shown with the impression that hundreds of worthless fellow protesters are gathered around -- and it turns out its just another trumped up and worthless product of the liberal media. If the media was Conservative liberals, pictures like the two on the left would not be making headlines, while the Getty Image on the right truly represents the shame of liberalism and the anti-war movement.

Screw the libs!

The Getty Image represents a growing portion of America that is starting to demand a Non-Liberal approach to the news they receive.
I wouldn't be surprised this Halloween if there is a run on Grim Reaper costumes that liberals will want to wear.

The libs should be wearing al Qaeda garb this Halloween and carrying axes for chopping off heads.
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