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Monday, September 26, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Houston Chronicle proudly reports anti-American Sheehan rally dwarfs Pro-American military rally in DC'

The Houston Commicle left must have been licking their chops early this morning when they pulled the story "400 rally in support of military," off the AP wire this morning at 12:43 AM. The sub-title "Venting anger at opponents such as Sheehan, the D.C. event is dwarfed by anti-war protest," was inserted as salt to a bleeding wound caused by the American left. Of course the liberals will give so-called exact numbers "400" (a number that was actually off by 70% - 1500) at the Pro-American rally as compared to numbers that have been inflated by 5 times at the anti-American rally and gave the impression that 100,000 anti-American supporters were at the rally on Saturday.

A day before the Commicle story, "Crowds rally against Iraq war," again taken off the AP wire (because the Commicle is hemmoraging money because of reduced subscribers to their liberal rag and can't even afford to send their reporters across town) with the strong sub-title "D.C. protesters sound off on Iraq and a simmering domestic issue - storm response." And who does the Commicle lay-off when they lose 4% of their subscribers each cycle -- the people who can least afford being layed-off -- the poor Commicle hourly worker who sweeps the floors, or moves stacks of papers, while the liberal reporters and columnists get a pass on the top floors remain bewildered at why the Commicle subscribers are leaving in droves.

There are many reasons why I don't subscribe to the Houston Chronicle, but they main reason I don't subscribe is because of their "holier than though" attitude. They only care about the negative stuff they want you to read and not about what you want to read.

Screw the libs!

i have seen both stories and with your analysis. the houston chronicle definitely has a bias.
Whenever the Chronicle calls asking me to subscribe, all I say is "I do not believe in your liberal philosophy."

Plus, I don't need any more paper for my neighbors birdcages.
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