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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Cindy Sheehan's liberal bus tour is a failure already' (Virtually no news coverage at all)

The Austin American-Statesman is finally reporting an AP story "Protesters on bus tour call for end to Iraq war," that occurred yesterday evening in Austin. Cindy Sheehan was mentioned only once in an "anti-American" light.

The AP did mention the number of protesters in Austin -- 5, which means probably two or three more stupid Austinites were people there in support of al-Qaeda and America haters. The Houston Chronicle reported 1,500 America hating people at the Austin rally, but UHCU contacts there said there was half that amount, if that.

The Chronicle is not giving Cindy top billing anymore, in fact you have to look with a microscope to find the story. No word yet if UH's Giugi Carminati will provide shelter to the liberals to-nite.

I'm concerned, because if all the coverage Sheehan can get is just a few lousy news articles out of liberal Austin and confused Houston, with virtually no television coverage at all, what does that hold for the rest of the liberal bus tour.

What the hell kinda coverage does the "anti-war" liberal bus tour expect to get when they get to New Orleans or Mobile, Al. The libs will only be taking (which is all liberals do) news coverage from the disaster, if the libs get any coverage at all without saying that Bush caused the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

By the way, ditzy Cindy's only television coverage that I saw on Fox News was that she blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush. RFK, Jr. blamed it on Mississippi Gov. Hailey Barbour.

Screw the libs!

Aug 31, 2005 1:15 AM

CNN is reporting on their website anyway, that Cindy Sheehan now looks to take on Congress this time with a bus tour starting from Crawford and heading to Washington.

Guess what! The Iraq war protester says she'll start with Texas Republican Tom DeLay in a protest at one of his Houston area offices. The ditzy broad that has sold out her son's memory for money is only going to be on the sure to be a failure bus tour for only two days, is coming to Houston on the first day.

DeLay has two offices in the Houston area. One in Stafford (past the Beltway and Hwy 59) and one in Webster/Clear Lake (across from Baybrook Mall), and Sheehan will be at one of those offices, when they can find the place.

Sheehan will leave Crawford, then to Austin (if they can organize), and then to DeLay's office on Thursday, September 1st. I'm sure that Cindy is pissed at the suffering going on in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast since it is taking attention away from her. CNN and Fox News are going to be focusing on the human suffering and property damage along the Gulf Coast for a long time, and the focusing of even more negative liberal coverage will just be to overwhelming for America to take.

I could not believe it tonight watching NewsNight on CNN, and they actually tried to report some good news and even tried to stay away from liberalism as much as they could.

The Bring Them Home Now Tour schedule has been posted, and the Red line of the tour goes through the south. It was suppose to start in Austin on Wednesday but the Austin American-Statesman is reporting no Sheehan coverage nor have then posted a gathering point at this time.

I hope the liberals have enough sense not to stop in hurricane affected areas.

Whatever happens at DeLay's office or at the rally location, Sheehan's speech should only last at the most two minutes since her handlers don't trust her intellectual ability past that time since she doesn't make any sense. I guess she did to much LSD during her protest days during the Vietnam era.

Sheehan's rally location is Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church, 2025 W. 11th St. from 6:30 - 8:30 pm on Thursday, and they need to get a good Houston Conservative welcome.

Screw the libs!

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