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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Anti-war rally barely garners 20,000 liberal crazies' (Liberal media reporting into the hundreds of thousands)

While many were trying to get though the days events that Hurricane Rita had planned for millions of American citizens from Texas and Louisiana, many liberals were in Washington DC trying to spread their Anti-American worthlessness. Since I did not have cable all day yesterday and half the day today, I was unable to see if they got any national television media coverage.

What started as a lie in a ditch in Crawford has finally ended in disgrace in DC. Liberalism is a big lie and liberals are enablers of the filth they push.

Whatever the number you here from 100,000 to 300,000 people in which Reuters is reporting, you can see for yourself and know that not even 25,000 people showed up for the event.

Let it be known that the wacko liberal environmentalist litter as the day is long, with the cheapest non-recyclable materials they could find.

Let it be known that the wacky liberals who call the Bush Administration murderers, support nations that are actually murderers themselves. I won't even mention the base they've aborted themselves.

Let it be known that those wacky liberals that say they love America use our dead solders for political gain which thankfully has not proved true. They call for the withdrawal of all military personnel from helping hurricane victims. They support America's enemies with all their hearts.

Let it be known that those wacky liberals who label the GOP as rich supports a liberal Senate that is much richer than Republicans. They support liberal trust fund kids who never worked a day in their life.

The Houston Commicle did not report till 1:02 PM pm the anti-American rally. I wonder if they will even bother with the pro-American and troop rally that happened today.

Thanks to Patriots for Bush for the photo help.

Screw the libs!

liberals are suppose to be peace loving but you would have thought them them savages at the anti-war rally
Yes liberals are peace loving people until they call for castrating people.

The hypocrisy was rampant at that scripted rally in Washington.
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