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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Another example of exposing liberal greed in a time of need' (LA Rep removes evidence from home during Katrina aftermath)

Here is a little something that the liberal networks will not be running especially in primetime, but it did make the ABCNews website for a short while. Five days after the levy flooding began following Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Democratic Representative William Jefferson, who lives in an affluent upscale neighborhood in New Orleans that did not flood all the way like those of his poor constituents demanded a tour of his district and the National Guard obliged.

Anyway, Jefferson was accompanied by the National Guard to ensure his safety, and the group when in a 5-ton truck to make its way through the high waters.

While into the tour, Jefferson ordered the truck to go by his house, of which it did, and they accordingly let him go up to the house. The National Guard pulled up the truck to the house so Jefferson wouldn't even have to get his feet wet.

Jefferson was in his affluent home more than an hour, and upon coming out had a laptop computer, several suitcases, and a box that could have held a good-sized refrigerator or freezer.

While on the grounds of the affluent home of Congressman Jefferson, D-LA, the 5-ton became stuck. The crew then flagged down an Army helicopter which spent 45-minutes trying to get the 5-ton unstuck. Following that, only 3 people were rescued from the helicopter before it had to retire for refueling, and who knows how many people died in the floodwaters due to this liberals greed in hogging the Army helicopters attention.

On top of that Jefferson was recently investigated by the FBI. A report from The Political Teen early last month noted that Congressman Jefferson's offices and homes in New Orleans and Washington were raided following his involvement in a telecommunications scheme. The FBI reports that a substantial amount of money has been found in a freezer, and according to the National Guard, Jefferson removed a large box the size of a freezer, which more than likely contained evidence related to the case that will not be used because it no longer exists thanks to Louisiana Democratic Representative William Jefferson.

Of course if Louisiana Democratic Representative William Jefferson were white, then we would be hearing this all over the place, but since the dude is a black liberal then he naturally gets a pass.

Screw the libs!

Looks like Clintonian Filegate Louisiana style. Nice to know that Slick Willie was such a good tutor for his party members.

Blanco: 'We will prevail'
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco vowed Wednesday evening to rebuild New Orleans and other devastated areas of her state so more than 1 million displaced residents can come home. (Full story)

In an address to the state Legislature in Baton Rouge, Blanco also had a firm message for anyone suggesting New Orleans should not be rebuilt because of its vulnerability to flooding.

"To anyone who suggests this great city should not be rebuilt, we will rebuild," Blanco said.

She said she wanted "the world to know what we know -- we are brave, we are resilient and we will prevail."

Blanco paid tribute to all those far and wide who had helped in the relief effort. "So long as the Mississippi River flows to the sea, we will never forget your generosity," she said.

While Blanco, a Democrat, has at times been critical of federal relief efforts, she thanked President Bush and called him a "friend and partner" to her state. She also thanked Congress for appropriating billions in relief.

"We cannot rebuild without you," she said, noting she has asked the federal government to cover "100 percent" of what the state spends on the disaster, as was done in New York after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Blanco conceded "there were failures at every level of government, state, federal and local," in the response to the disaster.

"At the state level, we must take a careful look at what went wrong and make sure it never happens again," Blanco said. "The buck stops here, and as your governor, I take full responsibility."

Saved by the Bell Says:

When the buck stops at you, and you take full responsibility, you do not ask the federal government to pick up 100% of the tab.

New York was the result of a terrorist attack and was an act of war. The federal government does have a responsibility to defend this nation from such things.

Katrina was an act of nature, not of war, and it is a local government, or at best a state government responsibility to address and fund the recovery and rebuilding.

The mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana can ask for charity from others, and being compassionate towards our fellow Americans we should give what charitable contributions we can to our fellow citizens. Blanco has no right to demand that the federal government pays for any of the costs of rebuilding on the federal taxpayer's nickel, let alone 100% of it. She should be planning how to reimburse the federal government instead.

Blanco Says:

"Americans rebuilt Washington after the British burned it to the ground. We rebuilt Chicago after the fire, we rebuilt San Francisco after the earthquake, and we are rebuilding New York City after 9/11.

Saved by the Bell Says:

Washington and New York are the result of military action, and it is ludicrous for her to use San Francisco and Chicago as examples, since Uncle Sugar did not bail these cities out after they were largely destroyed, it was the local citizens and government that rebuilt these great cities bigger and better. When I have a little more time, I'll give you more details.

The more our federal government spends on this state and local emergency, the scarcer the funds will be for our armed forces that need to be expanded, better paid, and better equipped, and our veterans that need their healthcare system improved. Unlike Katrina, this IS the federal government's job.

Bush tapping dad and Slick Willie to raise private money for this is the right thing for the federal government to do. It is too bad so many people have been inculcated with the toe-tag, hanky-stomping, liberal belief system that says that the federal government has a responsibility to take care of us cradle to grave.

How is it my fault that many of the “poor” in Louisiana were willing to spend $60 a month on cable TV with HBO and Cinemax but “could not afford” renters’ insurance at $13-15 a month? Well at least the evacuees that are going to stay in Houston and further erode our conservative political base got to watch their titty-channels for a while. I can’t wait for FEMA to get that up and running again on my nickel.

For the liberals who think me cruel for saying this, I have probably donated more than you have to help them, even if I did not have a lot to spare. If you think conservatives don’t care about people because we want them to be adults who are responsible for their own lives, then you need to go down to Wallgreen’s, get the largest Fleet enema you can find, stick the nozzle in your ear, squeeze that sucker hard, and try to change your minds. …well better get a dozen enemas and repeat the process, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Screw the libs!
The local authorities inability to lead at the level of Rudy Giuliani in a time of mass crisis is incredible. Just because Rudy's crisis was smaller doesn't mean crap.

Quite frankly leaders lead. And with a killer hurricane bearing down on you, leaders are not suppose to mull over suggestions and take 24 hrs to make a decision. Decisions should be made and sent out as fast as possible in the interest of saving lives -- whether they are right or wrong.

Now many LA citizens have opted not to return to New Orleans, and the cities political influence of liberalism perhaps may be lost for many years.

Those who have left New Orleans may have broke the chains of obiedience to the white liberal. And don't forget the black top officials at the local level are beholding to the white liberal.

But those that have left New Orleans for the last time will be forever thankful for Hurricane Katrina, and the blessing of a new life.

As for the people that return to New Orleans, slums will not be rebuilt. If you go back, you will have to really work to get what you want -- it will no longer just be provided for you.

The city of New Orleans is broke. All surrounding local entities are broke. Individuals must now step up if they want New Orleans to work because there are no more local government handouts.
Oh, I forgot to add that of course the federal government rebuilt Washington after the British burned it to the ground. Duh it's federal property to begin with.

Excellent point about Rudy. You do not inspire your citizens by crawling into the fetal position and asking Uncle Sugar to wave a magic wand of cash and make your problems go away. He would also get business involved and let them know that this could be turned around by new development. That is exactly what happened after the 1871 Great Fire of Chicago.

Blanco seems to want to compare Katrina and how New Orleans will arise in its aftermath to this disaster that was solved so beautifuly by Chicago's own citizens and local government as she outstreches both hands towards Washington. By doing this she hopes to erase not just Katrina's damage, but many years of Democratic welfare and corruption induced poverty.

Rudy would tell it like it is and then get people working on the problem, not trying to fix the blame on somebody else, especially when the problem was a natural disaster that was excacerbated by the lemmings that run Louisiana state and local politics.

Screw the libs!
Also good point about the white liberal manipulation of minorities that is supposed to bring us together as a society in the libs twisted rhetoric.

Ted Kennedys, John Kerrys, Bil Clintons, Louis Farrakhans, and Jesse Jacksons don't care about minorities. They use them to get either elected like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or John Kerry, or rich in the cases of Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.

Keeping people dependent is never in their self-interest whether they are the poor who are often told that conservatives don’t care about them because they won’t give them a free ride and thereby enslave them, or spoiled children of the wealthy who never want to cut the apron strings and often become hyper-liberal as a result of never living in the real world where an adult has to face the results of their choices.

The kindest thing you can do for a person is to let them face the consequences of their own actions or inactions so that they can learn to take care of themselves and be proud of who they are and what they have.

The misguided social saftey net has for too long become a hammock for too many people.

Screw the libs!
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