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Friday, September 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Online lightyears behind the times as compared to other college newspapers in our area

I got an e-mail recently that had a link to a college newspaper in a portable document format, or PDF. Now by a university also publishing PDF versions of it newspaper they are taking steps to reduce cost by publishing exact digital reproductions of the same print versions of the paper that are placed around campus in various gathering places. It also gives students who through one thing or another are unable to make it to campus on a given day, but still have access to a document (allbeit electronic) that still has the same look of a real campus newspaper.

UH Daily Cougar is not doing this. Yes, we have a newpaper online, but it is dull -- very dull -- and it shows since by the end of many days, the newspaper bins in a good number of cases are near full of newspapers (and are in effect money down the drain). PDF versions of the Daily Cougar would actually save money for the university, and start to bring a little prominence to a newspaper that has been going downhill for a long time. The paperboy that drops the papers off in the morning to the bins can gauge the number of papers used on a daily basis. So print a number of papers for that newspaper bin and save us students some cash.

The Egalitarian from the Houston Community College has a PDF newspaper, and they have reduced their publishing costs dramatically. The HCC system has many campuses and print versions have been reduced to those campuses with signs pointing to the electronic version of the Egalitarian when the print versions run out. Why can't we do the same.

The Daily Texan from the University of Texas has a PDF paper, and it has reduced their numbers of print papers on their campus as well. They have had a great response since most students on that campus are computer savvy. And it is a lot better to use a mouse to flip through a paper than to flip through each and every page. Every time I'm in Austin, I drop by the LBJ Library and over by the school of government, there are always newspapers in the bins on weekends, so they can do a little better job in Austin.

The Battalion from Texas A&M has a PDF paper only on the first page so far, but they are coming up quick. One person I talked to from A&M recently said she loved it and can't wait till the whole thing is PDF.

Both the
Daily Texan and the Battalion are members of the College Publisher Network, and although they look the same on-line, their content is much more attractive than anything that the Daily Cougar has to offer.

So where is the
Daily Cougar as compared to the Daily Texan, Batt, and Egalitarian you ask?
Why dead last of course.

Daily Cougar only beats Rice's newspaper presence on-line, The Rice Thresher, which is even worse than the Daily Cougar's dismal showing.

Someone at the
Daily Cougar needs to get over to the College of Technology (which is a short walk from Rm. 151), or call the College Publisher Network or call NewsStand or do something.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Ed Crowley over at Technology along with some of his colleagues and students for that matter can offer some input to help improve the flailing Daily Cougar. Professor Crowley's netEssentials is a great website that Daily Cougar webmasters can review to get started to bring some prestige to the Daily Cougar on-line.

No matter if we are UH liberals or Conservatives, we all deserve a first class newspaper -- especially a first class on-line (w/PDF option) newspaper, that we can all be proud, and that is fair and balanced.

Could someone at the
Daily Cougar please let us know what is going on?

Thursday, September 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Giddy over DeLay Indictment' (Didn't research for his tripe in anyway; totally avoids Ronnie Earle's motives)

Is Salinas still drunk?

I know his 21st birthday was back in June when he announced he believed the
Downing Street Memo and the stench of RatherGate with those fake documents.

Now we get hit with another dose of
UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who jumps on the liberal bandwagon attacking Tom DeLay over his indictment that's about to fall over the edge of the cliff. The liberals are giddy and it doesn't matter that the DeLay indictment lacks specificity.

But hey,
Salinas is drunk -- Salinas won't feel a thing. Which is what the three reader's of the Salinas' column will be feeling today after they scan it -- nothing.
In his tripe today "
DeLay lashes out when cornered," Salinas plays the role of the a liberally biased reporter who only checks one side of the story, while letting the other side off because he agrees with their grossly bent philosophy. Salinas offers no new information, just another stinky regurgitation of liberal crap that he prays will attract UH weak minded students to the dark side of liberalism.

In an open request to the
UH Daily Cougar yesterday afternoon I warned Opinion Editor James Davis that the columnist who tries to go after this issue "do your research on both sides, and before you start writing -- do me a favor and actually read the worthless indictment on DeLay." I saw no evidence in his tripe that Salinas read the indictment but saw evidence that Salinas consulted liberal blogs for his .22 of evidence compared to my howister of evidence that shoots back.

At least
Salinas gets the PAC right -- Texans for a Republican Majority which is a poltical action committee that DeLay helped found but in no way had any dealings with its day to day operations. And when it was created he insisted that lawyers oversee all the legal operations to make sure they were not violating the law. For anyone to think different is crazy.

Remember the recent travel scandal in Washington. Liberal Democrats were scrambling to amend travel records on Capital Hill and
Tom DeLay's office was nice and quiet.

Why? Because in their blaming of Republicans for the travel scandal the liberals obviously forgot to check their own records, and of course the liberal media did not report that fact when the liberals shuffled to the travel office in silence.

Tom DeLay indictment is just another example of liberalism attacking without looking around the corner to make sure they are all in the right. David in no way offers up any true evidence that DeLay is guilty, and I doubt his associates, the ones that were in charge of the Texans for a Republican Majority, will be brought to trial either.

Salinas tries to offer so-called "damning evidence" that Tom DeLay "had accepted money from Westar Energy" and that to meet with the DeLay they "were told they needed to write a check for $25,000," which is a damn site cheaper compared to what it costs to meet with Hillary Clinton. Do I need to mention how much money exchanged hands when the Clinton's held coffees at White House or how much they charge to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House Inn.

Liberal Travis County Prosecutor
Ronnie Earle has a history of political indictments, and this is definitely a political indictment -- no doubt. Earle indicts major companies only to drop the charges when they sizeable sums of cash are donated to Earle runned charities. And don't think that Ronnie Earle doesn't have contact with democratic insiders since pre-word was sent out that Tom DeLay was going to be indicted. They already have phone banks working -- which is something that is not normally done overnight.

Ronnie Earle's indictment mentions Tom DeLay in only ONE sentence, and he's not tied to any crime at any time. No facts are provided but to liberal democrats that doesn't matter.

When it come to motivations,
Ronnie Earle did his job. He got a jury of gullible people in Austin, TX to indict Tom DeLay on baseless charges that have already forced him from his position of power. But he will be back just as Kay Bailey Hutchison has recovered splendidly from her Earle indictments in the early '90s.

This modern day 'Battle of the Bulge' comes from a desperate liberal democratic party that fears telling the truth and has to lie to get elected. They rely on their liberal friends in the judiciary to do their dirtywork, and fear the George Soroses of the liberal world are growing to powerful and will soon take over the democratic party altogether.

Salinas is a gullible young man, and it shows in his tripe. He's never met DeLay -- I have. Tom DeLay is a chess player. DeLay thinks two moves ahead, and transactions that occurred in the Texans for a Republican Majority PAC are well within the law. DeLay's insistence that lawyers and accountants be consulted to make sure that every transaction is legal is standard operating procedure in his offices. I doubt that the liberal PACs are as clean as DeLay's PAC.

Salinas and the liberals do not realize that marked men who know they are marked think twice before they do stuff -- and especially with a liberal media in charge. Granted, the media landscape is changing today, and Conservative radio and televison hosts, coupled with Conservative bloggers will be attacking Ronnie Earle and uncovering his motivations and previous wrongdoings.

Ronnie Earle has never been a marked man. Earle has always been the marker, and now that Conservatives have him in their sights we look for his undoing. Earle will soon have some stripes on his ass too.

David Salinas is dumbfounded "DeLay chose to attack Ronnie Earle." Salinas' reporting that "DeLay called Earle a 'rogue' attorney and a 'partisan fanatic,'" are nothing more than shamed attempts to corner public opinion. Fortunately, it's not working and they know it.

Salinas statement in regards to DeLay that "facts and attacks don't mix." Salinas' stupidty is rampant if he believes that. It was late in his commentary before Salinas even mentioned that Ronnie Earle was a democrat. In hopes to save face with UH weak minded students Salinas adamantly writes about the partisan Earle, "he has not at any point in his career been partisan concerning his job," which is complete bull crap.

Salinas, you worthless piece of crap, Ronnie Earle's tenure in office has been nothing but partisan, and he's probably extorted as much money as Jesse Jackson -- and Earle has used his office to do it.

Salinas tries to fool the UH weak minded students by stating tilted evidence that the Houston Chronicle reported, "during his long tenure, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle has prosecuted many more Democratic officials than Republicans."

Salinas reads off a laundry list of democrats that Ronnie Earle indictment since the 70's -- all of them CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS -- in a time when there were NO REPUBLICANS in the state. Salinas of course does not mention that does he.

Salinas lastly tries to push off the indictment on the grand jury, "Ronnie Earle didn't indict Tom DeLay. He can't." Salinas doubts "they were all Democrats," but coming from Travis County -- the mostly liberal county in the state, you can be damned sure that most of the gullible citizens in the jury box were easily swayed by Ronnie Earle's slick words.

Salinas salivates "should DeLay be found guilty," he could put in "jail for up to 2 years and fines of $10,000," which is the penalty Salinas should get for writing his hogwash today.

David sees DeLay as a man that "has made his mark by personally attacking the character and integrity of his political opponents," but through Salinas' blind eyes he cannot see that Tom DeLay is nothing more than an effective Conservative politician.

Salinas has no confidence in Nick Lampson's campaign to defeat Tom DeLay, "more than likely a Republican would fill DeLay's seat," which he considers "fine." Salinas is concerned about "partisanship" and "justice," both of which liberals are be readily abused in this endeavor, and it is definitely something David Salinas "knows absolutely nothing" about.

Salinas premise that DeLay lashes out when cornered is completely wrong. When liberal vermin are cornered, when they can't win elections, when they are losing in the judiciary, liberal vermin are forced to decide that the only way out is to destroy their enemy -- hence the Tom DeLay indictment.

P.S. Giugi Carminati's piece "UH should nourish body and mind," was informative and a nice change of pace. I loathed Chartwell's as well.

Screw the libs!


Attention: UH Daily Cougar Op Editor James Davis, Editor in Chief Matt Dulin, Cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez 'Your sins are not forgotten'

When Hurricane Rita approached I could imagine the relief of UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis, Editor in Chief Matt Dulin, and racist cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez.

"Oh yeah, schools going to be out for awhile," and "those lugheads will forget."

Yeah, well liberal racists -- WE ARE NOT FORGETTING.

Liberal racists, your sins are not forgotten nor are they forgiven. Your arrogance, your attitude of "I'm better than you just because I'm a Democrat" is not working anymore, and will not be accepted.

Your attitude of African Americans beholding to you because they were beholding to your White fathers will no longer be accepted either. Your taking advantage of the Black Community by holding the carrot (entitlements) in front of their face is slowly ending -- ask Larry X.

No, Davis and Dulin, and you to Gonzalez. You've made your bed. Now you have to sleep in it.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal media's influence helped keep ball rolling toward 9/11'

Republicans should not fret over spending involved in response to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. They should fret over the pork from the last few bills that have been placed into law. The amount of pork allowed is atrocious. I could understand an average amount from past bills, but not over 5000 pork projects.

Our nation will get past this disaster -- yes. And we will be prosperous again -- yes. We still are.

The media, a mostly liberal entity besides what liberals will tell you, is learning major lessons that to be successful, and for people to want to read what you write -- you have to be as fair as possible in your reporting.

The media mistakes of Hurricane Katrina are now being exposed. The exaggerated death count, the unconfirmed rapes, the mass carnage reported at The Superdome or at the Convention Center were all exaggerated for effect. Plus all were done in hopes of discrediting President Bush and his Administration.

The Houston Chronicle can run a story "Lynndie England gets 3 years for detainee abuse," which is plastered all over the front of their website, just as the news of the worthless recent anti-war rally in DC made the front of their website. But the pro-America and pro-military rally did not make the front of their website. That fact cements the Chronicle's liberal face, and further supports their falling subscriptions to their liberal rag, which are about 4% per cycle.

You see; the news comes from the viewpoint of the liberal political commissars running the show of whatever liberal paper they belong to, and the Houston Chronicle is no different. I dare anyone to go into that building and pull out a Conservative that is in charge of anything higher that not the men's restroom or elevator.

The liberal media cannot fudge the numbers anymore and expect to get away with it as they have in the past. Many people are actually checking facts nowadays. The liberal media evidently still believes that they can do it, and when they get caught -- they're stunned. Ask Mary Mapes, the former producer for CBS evening news that was fired.

You cannot write a bunch of crap and produce faked evidence and expect it to be believed -- ask Dan Rather what happens (hell Rather is so stuck on stupid that he believes the forged documents to be true.) Evidence presented by liberal outlets can be checked almost instaneously, and the belief that faked evidence is foolproof is a myth. There is always someone out there who knows more than you, who is smarter than you, and stronger than you. You can ask Senator Hillary Clinton in her fight against Jeanine Pirro for the NY Senate. You might think that Clinton is the smartest woman in the world, but that is just another media myth that has been debunked.

The journalist way of thinking that "I can save the world with my writing" has got us into a big jam with al Qaeda. I would argue that the liberal media was a big part in getting the ball rolling down the road to 9/11. The liberal media inclined America into Africa in the late '90s with the famous Time Magazine cover, and we all know what happened in Somalia when the reigns were handed over to a draft dodger. Africa, which is as corrupt as the State of Louisiana, should have been left alone. Africa wants to be left alone by the world, and they should be left alone. When we walked away from Somalia with our tales between our legs, just because a dove White House refused to armor-up our forces against khat crazed kids on the streets Mogadishu -- he started the ball rolling towards 9/11. Clinton loved polls, and he did not poll well if he sent any armor to Somalia, hence no armor was sent.

Who gave tremendous amounts of favor to then Gov. Clinton during his first run for the Presidency? His affairs were in the news and were brushed aside, which caused family values to subside and exposed young girls to the world of oral sex when Monica got on her knees and looked up at Bill.

Who lowered American values to that of a brothel before and during the Clinton Administration to allow President Clinton to be given a pass on family values. When America was attacked outright in the '90s, who never criticized Clinton and the liberals for little or no responses to attacks, thus emboldening our enemies to attack us in the future.

Who never held any criticism for Clinton's lack of leadership overseas or for selling missile technology enough for America's enemies to reverse engineer the objects to fruition? And who stood by when family values were under fire.

Of course, all those questions can be answered with -- the liberal media.

Yes, Bill Clinton greased the wheels of spin, but those wheels have long since stop spinning and now the disgraced former president is still looking for a legacy. America is worse off for his service to our country, and his memory will forever be cursed by unclean thoughts of oral sex, cigars, and DNA on dresses. Clinton had eight years in office to better the country, two of their years with a democratic congress, and still Bill could not get anything done.

The liberal media is a powerful tool and al Qaeda (the modern day VC) has paid attention to the American left and their friends in the liberal media. Over a decade of leftist media gave the impression that all Americans were doves; that we would not do anything if attacked heavily on our own soil -- which is complete crap.

Liberals are doves. The liberal media routinely votes around 90% democrat and they produce tripe constantly geared for sale to their viewpoint and not to the viewpoint of their readers, and when questioned liberals are not prepared to handle constructive and mostly harsh criticism.

When I think of the liberal media -- I think of German Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who exploited the German media to launch propaganda against the Jews and other groups. He had such an easy job since if anyone disagreed with what he pushed to the German people and the people they conquered, they would be handled with prison or execution.

It is like that in the Black Community -- if one brother becomes successful by Conservatism and not liberalism -- he is banished forever from the intellectually slaved Black Community. Now Blacks like Larry X. are more aware that what the Rev. Jackson's, the Rev. Sharpton's, the Jackson-Lee's, and white liberals are telling them is a bunch of hogwash, and are slowing deserting the democratic party for the GOP -- what have they got to lose.

There is room for dissent in this country, but not for the outright calling for the failure of our union or the aiding of our enemies. What the radical left is doing is treasonist -- it brings smiles to the face of al Qaeda, prolongs the war, and reduces any credibility they have in the future should they decide to switch sides and actually support America and its military. Unfortunately, the liberal media loves absolute dissent because they want the highest ratings possible.

Bill Clinton, liberal activists, the democratic party, and the liberal media are responsible for 9/11. They set the stage for September 11th. They gave aid and comfort to the enemy. By not killing OBL when they had their supposed chance, or properly responding to terrorists when the situation presented itself, their inaction lead to action on 9/11 by al Qaeda. The Clinton Administration was primarily a domestic administration and if it dealt with anything foreign poilcy wise it was a failure. From the spy plane incident, secret spy satellite technology was knowingly transfered to the Chinese, and a whole host of other incidents, let it be known that Clinton sucked (and was sucked in the Oval Office) at keeping our nations secrets. Clinton apologized for every and any little thing that the US did to someone, no matter if we were attacked in the first place, and in the end it was all for naught. We were still attacked on 9/11.

President Clinton's 'peace through wimpyness' strategy worked in favor of al Qaeda until 9/11. Unfortunately for the ragheads, they did not factor in the resolve of President George W. Bush and our armed forces.

You know, now that the print media (Los Angeles and New Orleans) are starting to turn on CNN about the outrageously false numbers they presented about rapes and murders during the Katrina aftermath. Perhaps sane Americans will not be so believing of the President's low poll numbers which in many a mind are outrageously false as well. I know, I did polls before myself. Hell, if a poll is worded right -- Adolf Hitler could have a favorable outlook by Americans and even have higher polls numbers than Clinton himself.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal news is a product just like milk and butter' (It comes from the viewpoint of the people producing the tripe)

Remember back in the ditch in Crawford when Mother Sheehan and Al Sharpton were having a privately scripted moment in what I called "The Last Sheehan." Of course America only got the cropped version showing only Sharpton and Mother Sheehan.

Well it has happened again with the liberal media. This time in DC when a protester dressed as a prisoner at the Abu Ghraib prison is only shown with the impression that hundreds of worthless fellow protesters are gathered around -- and it turns out its just another trumped up and worthless product of the liberal media. If the media was Conservative liberals, pictures like the two on the left would not be making headlines, while the Getty Image on the right truly represents the shame of liberalism and the anti-war movement.

Screw the libs!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Houston Chronicle proudly reports anti-American Sheehan rally dwarfs Pro-American military rally in DC'

The Houston Commicle left must have been licking their chops early this morning when they pulled the story "400 rally in support of military," off the AP wire this morning at 12:43 AM. The sub-title "Venting anger at opponents such as Sheehan, the D.C. event is dwarfed by anti-war protest," was inserted as salt to a bleeding wound caused by the American left. Of course the liberals will give so-called exact numbers "400" (a number that was actually off by 70% - 1500) at the Pro-American rally as compared to numbers that have been inflated by 5 times at the anti-American rally and gave the impression that 100,000 anti-American supporters were at the rally on Saturday.

A day before the Commicle story, "Crowds rally against Iraq war," again taken off the AP wire (because the Commicle is hemmoraging money because of reduced subscribers to their liberal rag and can't even afford to send their reporters across town) with the strong sub-title "D.C. protesters sound off on Iraq and a simmering domestic issue - storm response." And who does the Commicle lay-off when they lose 4% of their subscribers each cycle -- the people who can least afford being layed-off -- the poor Commicle hourly worker who sweeps the floors, or moves stacks of papers, while the liberal reporters and columnists get a pass on the top floors remain bewildered at why the Commicle subscribers are leaving in droves.

There are many reasons why I don't subscribe to the Houston Chronicle, but they main reason I don't subscribe is because of their "holier than though" attitude. They only care about the negative stuff they want you to read and not about what you want to read.

Screw the libs!


A Few Random Thoughts - XXII

- This is what happens when the 'Iron Stick' of Conservatism takes on the 'little twig' economy car mentality of liberalism.

- If liberals are ever for America -- I don't know what I'll do.

- When Cindy Sheehan even calls for our troops to be even withdrawn from "Occupied New Orleans" at the height of recovery efforts, you know there is definitely something wrong with the ditzy broad.

- Liberals (like Hillary Clinton) opposes photo ID presentation for voting. Why? Because it dramatically eliminates Democratic voter fraud. Clinton's argument calling state or federal photo ID cards a "poll tax" is complete crap. All citizens are required to have photo ID anyway. Hillary Clinton of course in the early 90s called for a national ID card for her failed health care plan.

- The liberals never acknowledge their own failures. How many years have liberals been fighting poverty?

- The liberal bases "Plan A" to destroy President Bush is exactly the same "Plan A" of Boobie Miles (of Friday Night Lights) football who had no "Plan B" of educating himself as a back-up. The liberals have NO "Plan B."

- Rep. Charlie Rangel's trying to compare President Bush to Birmingham, Alabama's police commissioner (Theophilus "Bull" Connor) who resisted the civil rights movement is crap. Of course Rangel gives complete passes to Al Gore, Sr., (VP Algore's father); and Democratic Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd, a former KKK member, who both voted against Civil Rights and Voting Rights. Bull was the guy who in 1963 turned fire hoses and attack dogs on blacks, including MLK himself. Of course racists Congressional Black Caucus ate it up at their recent legislative conference.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Anti-war rally barely garners 20,000 liberal crazies' (Liberal media reporting into the hundreds of thousands)

While many were trying to get though the days events that Hurricane Rita had planned for millions of American citizens from Texas and Louisiana, many liberals were in Washington DC trying to spread their Anti-American worthlessness. Since I did not have cable all day yesterday and half the day today, I was unable to see if they got any national television media coverage.

What started as a lie in a ditch in Crawford has finally ended in disgrace in DC. Liberalism is a big lie and liberals are enablers of the filth they push.

Whatever the number you here from 100,000 to 300,000 people in which Reuters is reporting, you can see for yourself and know that not even 25,000 people showed up for the event.

Let it be known that the wacko liberal environmentalist litter as the day is long, with the cheapest non-recyclable materials they could find.

Let it be known that the wacky liberals who call the Bush Administration murderers, support nations that are actually murderers themselves. I won't even mention the base they've aborted themselves.

Let it be known that those wacky liberals that say they love America use our dead solders for political gain which thankfully has not proved true. They call for the withdrawal of all military personnel from helping hurricane victims. They support America's enemies with all their hearts.

Let it be known that those wacky liberals who label the GOP as rich supports a liberal Senate that is much richer than Republicans. They support liberal trust fund kids who never worked a day in their life.

The Houston Commicle did not report till 1:02 PM pm the anti-American rally. I wonder if they will even bother with the pro-American and troop rally that happened today.

Thanks to Patriots for Bush for the photo help.

Screw the libs!


Hunkering Down at the UHCU Northern Command on Lake Conroe (Hurricane Rita Aftermath) - 9/25

UHCU Northern Command has returned to pre-Hurricane Rita state. My liberal neighbors visiting liberals have left. My yard is in great shape, while the liberals yard looks like a hurricane went through it. The lib hasn't picked up crap -- I guess he is waiting for government to pick up the limbs and such around his place for him.

Overall, we have went through this event with flying colors. I pray that those whose property beared the brunt of the storm recover to fuller lives. We have long-time family friends in Sulphur, LA, just outside of Lake Charles. Thanksfully loss of life was at a minimum. I don't think not one life was lost directly to the storm surge or its winds.

I am beginning to start preparing to return to UHCU Southern Command near Midtown probably in a day or two for the resumption of UH liberalism next Thursday.

12:15 PM
Cable restored -- phone, internet are back on-line. Posting all that was placed previously on paper. Just got back from the store. New York strips are on sale at HEB for $3.99/lb.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Hunkering Down at the UHCU Northern Command on Lake Conroe (Hurricane Rita Here) - 9/24

6:27 PM
Retiring for the evening to watch "Friday Night Lights" on DVD. Hopefully cable will be restored shortly. The only thing lacking is cable so I can get my internet access and phone back.

6:15 PM
Real sunny now. Placed old glory on flag pole. No more high winds.

5:35 PM
Power restored just as I was about to start cooking some T-Bones. AC on high. Closed and locked windows all over the house. Hooked up appliances that were on generator power. Turned off the generator in the motorhome. Great T-Bones -- seared them on both sides on high heat, then placed in the broiler for 10 minutes. Garlic egg noodles, green beans, tea. T-Bones tasted great especially with some Lea and Perrins.

3:07 PM
Removed tape from North windows.

2:27 PM
Took another shower. More sunshine. Relaxing. T-Bones have been saved from spoilage since I have the MH generator.

2:16 PM
Flag pole up for good -- without the American flag at this point.

1:47 PM
Picking up limbs and downed leaves mostly in the backyard. Sunshine starting to peak through the cloudy but it is sprinkling.

1:31 PM
Went to check on two places that have propane. Tanks on MH are quickly draining. I anticipate that power will be restored by 5 or 6 to-nite. Have seen Entergy trucks in the area. Went by my sister's house and picked up one of my nephews to help me with some clean-up tasks. Cousins already departed.

1:07 PM
Some surprising gusts. Rita is still out there.

1:02 PM
Getting a little gusty and I took down the flag temporarily. Periodically glance out to see if the power is on to the neighbors homes.

9:25 AM - 12:38 PM
Found that my Deer Park cousin had went out in his SUV. I called him and he turned around and took to me to my Motorhome. Got to my motorhome and started. Some parts of Conroe had power. Got my motorhome and started. Some parts of Conroe had power. Got my motorhome to the house, and started feeding power via the units generator to the freezer, refrigerator, and one portable television. Flag pole is back up and flying the flag that liberals hate -- the American flag. Winds out of the west with some gusts at times.

8:45 AM
Winds appear to be calming. Julia tired of playing chess. Preparing to take that bath. Taking a short nap.

8:30 AM
Playing a game of so-called chess with a four year old second cousin. Playing more like checkers if you can call it that.

8:25 AM
Rain more prevalent than the wind now. Still some gust. Winds out of NNE.

8:13 AM
Random Thought - With the anti-war liberals holding their railly in D.C. today -- how much coverage can they possibly hope to get? Wrath of God events are hogging the headlines. No wonder liberal hate GOD!

8:06 AM
Storm now parallel or past Conroe. Moving North -- winds may be at their peak now and may generally drop off between now and lunch time. Still no power, but hope to get it by 1pm.

7:55 AM
New round of heavy gust -- 60 - 65 mph. Coming from NNE. Drained water from the second tub -- ready to take a shower.

7:45 AM
Mostly only branches in the front yard. Backyard needs to be picked up pretty good, but its easily manageable. Need to clean up quick, then get my cousins kicked out, and sent back down south, and headed over to my Sister's place to help with any clean -up efforts.

7:25 AM
I can see cows across the way grazing as usual -- obilivious to the high winds.

7:17 AM
Jasper County getting racked pretty good. Liberals are probably happy about that for those in Jasper to pay for the sins of the Whites who dragged James Byrd Jr to death seven years ago.
7:11 AM
Really bright outside now (compared to dark). Called my Brother-in-Law -- he's OK and back from his shift at HCSD. He saw a lot of winds; not a lot of damage. Cannot wait to get my flag pole up -- these colors don't run.
7:00 AM
Opened blinds to the East letting in some light. Mayor White's blaming the federal government for gas is a crock. How can the feds supply gas to 3 million who evacuate a major metropolitan area. Coastal hurricane warnings being dropped from High Island and to the East. Toprical storm winds are still being felt on Lake Conroe.

6:49 AM
Studying the cloud movement -- I don't believe we will see any east winds on Lake Conroe. just from the North and West later.
6:41 AM
Can see outisde better from my Command Post position. High winds and rain now pelting Northern window. Near highest winds we have experienced were gusts of near hurricane force.

6:34 AM
Rita now 45 miles NW of Orange (eastern most TX town on I-10). 100 mph winds. Maintaining speed, should be 100 miles inland by noon. Still not out of woods.

6:23 AM
Sustained winds have to be 40 mph. Still in good shape at the UHCU Northern Command.

6:17 AM
Its trying to get light outside. Just had a heavy wind of at least 60-65 mph.

6:13 AM
That darn branch that I wanted to get rid of is still there. Damn.

6:05 AM
Communications tower near Lake Conroe -- their generators must have run out of fuel. Unclear about the bright flashes to the South -- don't know if electrical related or lightning. Must be another tree giving its life for society.
5:48 AM
Just took a tinkle outside -- winds definitley from the North. More branches on the lawn. Non-liberal neighbors 2nd floor windows OK.

5:45 AM
Did routine checks -- all well. Hope to have power after the winds die down. Gusts still low tropical storm force.

5:29 AM
Cousins asleep. Taking my shift for listening to the radio for the latest news. Daybreak within the next 90 minutes. Lots of wind, Not as much rain. Glad I mowed the lawn on Thursday anyway since it may be a soggy weak.

5:10 AM
Power went out at approx 3:39 AM. Had taken a nap in the meantime. Woke up at 4:45 AM. Winds still from the North. White cap crazy on the lake. From my vantage, we have a protected patio from the North wind so we are able to peer out and keep the back door open in order to equalize pressure around the house. So far from a Conroe perspective , this is not as bad as Alicia in '83, but me and my family were much closer inland for that one. Talked with my Fahter at my Brother-in-Laws place. He and my Mother are doing fine. Listening to 740AM on the radio.

12:11 AM
Winds are still present, but not as hard as before. Not a lot of rain. When I was out back earlier during the power outage, I notice that another section on a different grid did have power. Just a few minutes ago, some heavy gusts -- had to be in the 40s. Conroe-Willis have power -- can see the lights from the clouds.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Hunkering Down at the UHCU Northern Command on Lake Conroe (Waiting for Hurricane Rita) - 9/23

11:26 PM
The power went out around 9:05pm and went back on around 10:35pm. Winds out of the north. Whitecaps on lake. I told my Mom to stay at my sisters instead of coming to my place. Top winds in the 30s so far.

9:23 PM
Winds picked enough to cause to tape my two North windows that are unprotected. Taped the entire window with clear tape.

7:35 PM
I have been here on Lake Conroe since after the campus closed on Wednesday. The sail boat is tied down, and a couple of cousins came up from Pearland and Deer Park. Girlfriend and her kid are out of town. Mom may come up in an hour from my Sister's place.

The liberal next door invited some other liberals to come and join him. One guest of the liberal asked me as I was clearing the yard of anything that might be thrown into the air and smash something, "how high do you think the storm surge on the lake will get?" when the hurricane approaches.

As I walked around to pick up another big branch that was on the ground, I then saw it when she closed her truck on her old clunker that polutes the environment, 'Clinton-Gore,' 'Kerry-Edwards,' 'Nick Lampson for Congress,' 'Texas Democrat,' and 'Rescue Texas Without Delay.'

I told the liberal, "expect about an eight foot storm surge," knowing full well that their is no possible storm surge on Lake Conroe. When I walked around to pick up a couple of more things on the ground, I then saw it on her rear view mirror: she's a UH employee.

Before I walked away, I asked her how many hours she had been on the road. She said she was "16 hours coming from Clear Lake to Lake Conroe."

I wanted to tell the liberal that my Father and Brother-in-Law had went to Shore Acres on Galveston Bay from my Brother-in-Law's place in Conroe proper and came back in less than five hours. Traveling on the same path as everyone else is crazy.

As of 4:55PM, there is only one restaurant Taste of China Restaurant was the only one I saw open. Everything else is closed.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Thank God' (President Bush finally blaming Der Schlick Meister for 9/11)

While President Clinton was inviting his sexual weaknesses in his Oval Sex Room he evidently forgot to maintain any fight against terrorism. That fact was presented on its knees today in the NewsMax story "President Bush: Clinton Weakness Led to 9/11,", when President Bush "fired back at ex-president Clinton on Thursday, saying the weak U.S. response to terrorist attacks that took place mostly during the Clinton administration encouraged al Qaida to launch the 9/11 attacks."

President Bush laid out many reasons that gave the terrorists reasons to attack a United States they thought would remain weak under Bush: "the terrorists saw our response to the hostage crisis in Iran, the bombings in the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the first World Trade Center attack, the killing of American soldiers in Somalia, the destruction of two U.S. embassies in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole."

Of course most of those reasons that the President noted happened under the lack of guidance from President Clinton during his "hot oral sex" administration. Evidently Monica consumed most of Clinton's time (or member) when vital decisions regarding response to terrorist concerns were truly needed.

President Clinton is a dove and "the terrorists concluded that we lacked the courage and character to defend ourselves and so they attacked us." Thank you oral sex loving President Clinton.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Campus Closing at Noon

Just got the word as I sit here in AH that the campus will be closing at 12:00 noon. This semester has been crazy. Been trying to get way ahead in the work by starting papers and major assignments early so I can get them finished as soon as possible.
Still the same old liberal crap is being put upon us here in the history department. I'll post more hopefully in the near future.


UH Daily Cougar Cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez 'He could have been perceived as Hispanic ...' (Lame excuse -- fire 'em all)

In another lame attempt to keep their jobs at the UH Daily Cougar, racist Opinion Editor James Davis and racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin today throw at us a hastily put together unheartfelt apology by racist cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez. In addition the editorial cartoon of September 19th has still been shredded like documents in the Clinton White House, and still looks the same as the cartoon of September 16th. Intellectually strong individuals would have left the cartoon up and modified the page to properly apologize for the racially offensive cartoon. But as usual, UH Daily Cougar racist Opinion Editor James Davis and racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin are intellectual cowards.

In his tripe today to the UH Community "Apology from the cartoonist -- regarding the Sept. 19 editorial cartoon" Gonzalez found "it was surprising to find such a strong reaction to my editorial cartoon Monday." Translation -- I got caught!

Arturo's maintains he was not out to "offend any African-Americans," but what really got me was Gonzalez's interpretation that the male "could be have just as easily been perceived as Hispanic, white or any other ethnicity that embraces hip-hop culture." Bull crap.

Gonzalez said the "cartoon was intended to portray an event I personally observed," and I doubt that the person he observed was a white guy portraying a black guy. He says nothing of the nurse who is obviously looks black. My question -- Where is NOW? Is Kathy M. Goodwin still on campus?

I'm not buying it. With all the sensitivity that is suppose to be displayed on a racially sensitive campus like UH, the racist Opinion Editor James Davis and racist Editor in Chief Matt Dulin should have known better. There is no excuse for their conduct, and a simple slap on the wrist will not do.

Again I call for the slate to be cleared in Rm. 151 (fire the editor in chief and opinion editor) and I call for Tyler Nelson to be the next Editor in Chief of the Cougar.

Screw the libs!


UH not saying it -- expecting increased office theft during storm confusion

With everyone busily backing up records and preparing their university offices in anticipation of the worst that Hurricane Rita can throw at the Houston area, university officials are quietly getting an account of all high value equipment that can be lost (or stolen) in all the confusion.
The campus will be closing soon and things will be getting a little hectic. I talked with several members of UHs Emergency Response Group and one said he was expecting the campus to be closed as early as Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Another said Thursday afternoon. So there is still some confusion.

I'm betting that they close the campus by noon on Wednesday.

Since some faculty and staff live in the mandatory evacuation areas, some faculty may need to cancel classes to care for their homes and loved ones. But the lessons of Tropical Storm Allison have been learned and we will get through this in pretty good shape.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


INXS back again -- JD new lead singer

To-Nite on CBS 'JD Fortune' was named the lead singer of my favorite band -- INXS. I look to seeing them on stage again.

When Michael died in 1997, I thought they would be lost forever. I'm hoping that JD will embrace the the memory and passion that Michael encompassed and bring back the old days of INXS.


UH Daily Cougar Op Editor James Davis and Ed in Chief Matt Dulin screw up 'Offend NAACP with racist editorial cartoon' (Both DC editors should resign)

If you haven't got the word, the UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis and Editor in Chief Matt Dulin are editorially a bunch of racist.

First instinct is usually what is printed in the newspaper business, and the
editorial cartoon of September 19th (which looks exactly like the editorial cartoon of September 16th) certainly proved the point that if you are not gay or lesbian 'anything is game' at the UH Daily Cougar. They are now in major damage control alert. September 19ths actual editorial cartoon is shown to the left and depicts an unfair stereotype of a Katrina evacuee at the Hermann Hospital emergency room. Editor in Chief Matt Dulin's "From the Editor in Chief," segment this morning takes blame, but this has gone far enough. It is time to clear the slate at the UH Daily Cougar. Fire 'em all.

UHCU's good friend 'Saved By The Bell' reported that NAACP-UH demands that editors at the UH Daily Cougar start resigning. Saved By The Bell scooped Garbo (whose e-mail came at 5:35 this morning) on this, and Garbo knows a lot on campus.

Saved By The Bell reported the follow NAACP-UHs demands:

  1. Resignation of Matt Dulin.
  2. Resignation of Arturo Gonzalez (cartoonists)
  3. Resignation of Opinion Editor James Davis
  4. A University fee funded periodical from a minority perspective
  5. A formal written apology from the University President, Editor in Chief, Opinion Editor, and the Cartoonist.

Saved By The Bell also reported that the NAACP-UH is organizing, "making flyers, and asking people to call the president, the Cougar, Matt Dulin, James Davis, and they are trying to get people to attend the Student Publication meeting in the UC Satellite on September 29 in the Alison Room at 4 PM."

UHCU will have people there.

The UH Daily Cougar's removing of the evidence from the September 19th Daily Cougar archives is a testament to their low-down dirty campaign to cover their asses and not stand up "like a man" when you do wrong. This is equivalent to shredding documents in the Clinton White House.

UH Daily Cougar Editor in Chief Matt Dulin in an attempt to save himself is fessing up to the incident. How could he have avoided it. Even I saw it on Fox 26 last night, and they got his last name wrong.

Matt Dulin's apology should not be accepted by the Black, White, Asian or Hispanic community on UH or Houston for that fact, and the Staff Editorial today "Cartoon represents one person's viewpoint," tries to brush off the incident solely on Arturo Gonzalez by stating that "an editorial cartoon is like an opinion column -- it represents one person's viewpoint, not those of the staff."

Of course cartoons that are offensive to President Bush or Conservatives are readily submitted and accept by UH liberals, but when liberals are offended every once in a while, well stop the presses.

The shameless attempt for
Editor in Chief Matt Dulin and the UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff to say the editorial cartoons represent one-persons point of view is an easy cope out. They know that pictures speak louder than words, just as they did in the 19th Century when "Boss Tweed" was shown to be a bad guy in a relatively illiterate society and was subsequently thrown out of office.

I am not accepting the apology of the
Editor in Chief Matt Dulin, the UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff, or the cartoonist. That cartoon section for sure represents their thoughts when it doesn't offend liberals. And the whole lot is guilty as if Gonzalez had put the pencil into their hands himself.

UH Daily Cougar readers -- don't let UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis or Editor in Chief Matt Dulin get away with this. Don't let them keep their jobs. If they can get away with this -- they can get away with anything. If they keep their jobs by your grace, think of yourselves as enabling child molesters. Its the same thing. No doubt.

Editor in Chief Matt Dulin does want to hear from you. "I want to hear what you have to say, and so does the UH community. My office is in Room 151, Communication Building; my phone number is (713) 743-5302; my e-mail address is dcougar@mail.uh.edu."

I pray that
Editor in Chief Matt Dulin gets a good reception of resignation request. CLEAR THE SLATE. Tyler Nelson, I think you just got promoted to the new Editor in Chief of the Cougar.

Screw the libs!

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