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Saturday, August 20, 2005


UHCU Policy Statement: "Some ideas for reducing the price of a gallon of gas"

With the realization that the price of gasoline is forever changed if nothing is done to combat the crisis in the US, a combination of environmental, government, and business officials must come together or the economy will soon begin to tank.

Liberalism has taken a devastating toll on the United States economy, and now it coming home to roost with these insane high gas prices.

The thinking that if an internal combustion engine is started or a tree being chopped down is crazy. The 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo spewed more pollution into the atmosphere than mankind had generated in all of human history, and still we live. Pinatubo's fallout dropped the average temperature of the world by about 0.5 degree, and the world has since cleaned itself.

Liberals get pissed about the chopping down of a few trees, yet we have more trees now than we did 100 years ago. Now if they could spread conservation across the world instead of complaining about this country, then they might be on to something.


There are some good ideas out there about how to solve the crisis -- some mine and some suggested by others. And these ideas needs to be looked at by everyone very seriously, liberals included. The idea that hybrid cars are a saviour is a myth. In addition to the higher cost of hybrids, the hybrid battery replacement of the vehicle can be $4 - $8 thousand dollars and can easily eat into any previous gains that were saved in gas cost.
  1. A commission needs to be set up consisting of environmentalist, government, and business officials. A way must be found to build more refineries that will be more profitable quickly to companies. (Our current refineries are being stretched to their limits, and those refineries are not shutting down for preventitive maintenance as often as they should. Hence, we get multiple BP incidents).
  2. There needs to be one national formula of unleaded gasoline. (Currently there are upwards of 40 formulas scattered around the country, which increases the cost to refiners, and negates any opportunities for Nevada to sell gas to California since Cali has more stringent standards on gas sold in that state).
  3. The federal government needs to suspend some of the taxes that are applied to a gallon of gas, as well as suspend states from taking actions to make up the revenue via increasing taxes on gasoline. (By removing one of the federal taxes on gasoline, drivers can save as much as 18 cents on one gallon of gas. The economy will tank if nothing is done. Yes, the government will be losing some revenue on less gasoline taxes, but those taxes will be made up in other sectors of the economy (entertainment, food service, non-food retail, etc), sectors that will soon suffer if no action is taken).
  4. The federal government needs to issue tax credits for companies to install new refineries as well as do preventitive maintenance (PM). (PMs, or turnarounds used to be common in Texas, in Baytown alone they used to have around twelve turnarounds a year, but now you hardly hear of one).
  5. Alternative methods of power generation that are affordable need to be researched and developed over time and made available at very reasonable prices to the middle and lower classes, but for the time being our current technologies are working.
  6. The government needs to allow further exploration of fossil fuels in all points along the coast, inland, and in Alaska. (Oil exploration technology has advanced so much that the threat to the environment has drastically reduced. In addition to that, the capturing of natural gas that was previously burned off at drilling sites has opened a new market for clean burning fuels that was not previously explored).
  7. Liberals need to be stopped from being the cornerstone of debate on the environment. Liberals can never back their assertions with any science fact. (The Earth cleans herself as we have seen with Mt. Pinatubo, and that was hundreds of years of pollution in one shot. As long as industrial efforts are responsible for pollution are monitored, especially in those countries that are not bound by environmental treaty, (unlike the US which is heavily regulated accounting for much increased cost), we can really come out of this crisis).

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