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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Salinas and Eglin 'No encouragement to help in a time of natural disaster' (Liberalism as usual)

In a time of natural disaster of such huge proportions liberal UH Daily Cougar columnists are continuing to push their liberalism on UHs weak minded students and UHs liberal faithful.

Of course being liberal, these guys probably won't donate to the Red Cross yet advocate the federal government to pay for everything. That's the liberal way.

David Salinas, in his tripe today "Bush fans confuse slogans for facts," he pushes the old "anti-American" argument.

Salinas can quote all the polls he wants, but polls can always be framed to the result you want anyway. They do not convince me nor sane UH students.

Dante Eglin, in his tripe today "Politics shouldn't cloud pill debate," he gets off on the postponement of the Plan B pill. What gets me, is that this is Giugi Carminati's territory since she is UHs top authority on sex, so what the hell is Eglin writing on this subject.

UH needs to be uplifted with positive comments in the wake of Katrina. So far, the continuation of liberalism on the UH Daily Cougar opinion page has shown to cement their true intentions of not taking time to absorb the reality of the current day but to push their own crazy agenda that in the end will fail.

By the way, the ditzy broad Cindy Sheehan blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush.

Screw the libs!

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