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Monday, August 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Attacks US military straight away' (Gives more power to America's enemies with her defeatist attitude)

In a semester inaugural effort to get UH weak minded students angry at the United States, wanting to hate President Bush, hate Conservatives, and just plain hating anything that is good for America, UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Meyer starts out the fall 2005 semester with an all out attack on the US military and wanting to put doubts in the minds of UH students as to the command ability of our military commanders, but it turns out to be a hit towards the Administration.

In her tripe today, "
War room matters more than bedroom," Meyer makes a good 'ol liberal effort and aids the terrorists in her planned hit-piece of the military (that is truly aimed at Bush) enough to place doubt in the minds of UH's weak minded students. Her tripe was not about the having of affairs, but when Conservative people do it, their values are called into question. Let a liberal do it, and they are lauded for being cool.

All of a sudden
Meyer sends the message that 'marital infidelities matter to liberals when it involves a four-star general in command of US troops and whose decisions are called into question,' but 'let it happen to President Clinton' and his marital infidelity is herald as "what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom." No one questioned Clinton's decisions which involved sending cruise missiles into action just to divert attention from Monica Lewinsky news.

Meyer baits the weak minded reader with tidbits of information that have nothing to do with US Army Gen. Kevin Byrnes by bringing up Abu Ghraib and Club G'itmo (or Guantanamo) for you liberals, which Meyer admits "he wasn't involved in" anyway.

Meyer proudly notes that under Gen. Byrnes enlistments command "enlistment numbers continue to decline and American casualties in Iraq continue to increase." Who cares if the guy slept with a civilian, or he was about to be divorced from his wife, or even that he was relieved of command early. Its only a big deal because we are at war with terrorist, and the liberal media is using every effort to stick it to the President, the US military, and Gen. Byrnes happens to be the flavor of the moment for the liberals.

Meyer has the audacity to compare breaking of marriage vows and the Geneva Convention, which the terrorists do not abide by anyway. Then she goes onto compare Clinton's impeachment based on oral sex to Bush's "recklessly invading a nation on faulty intelligence, an invasion that has lead to the deaths of more 1,800 U.S. soldiers to date." This is absolute bull crap and Meyer goes on to show the defeatists attitude that the liberals are pushing and are playing right into the hands of the terrorists just as they aided the VC during Vietnam.

Lynn Meyer is totally bent when she writes of holding Byrnes "accountable," but then goes off about the "war crimes committed by the military in Iraq."


Have American troops chopped the heads of any terrorist heads
Lynn Meyer? Have American troops car bombed innocent Iraqi civilians killing hundreds of women and children Lynn Meyer?

Where do your loyalities lie
Lynn Meyer? Evidently its with the terrorists, America's enemies, who are now enjoying a second generation of American turncoats whose parents supported the VC during Vietnam.

Meyer continues her bombardment of the UH weak minded student with accusations of the US military over lost records, suspicious deaths, contaminated evidence, and the light punishments of service members convicted. This cannot be happening.

Again I ask, who's side is
Lynn Meyer on?

Meyer finally makes the leap to the Bush Administration late in her waist of trees, thus leaving her fake reason for writing her tripe -- Gen. Byrnes -- long by the wayside. The general was just a pawn to get the readers attention. Meyer just could not start out the fall semester outright attacking the Bush Administration or it would make her look like a mean evil leftist who has no feelings towards a patriotic America. So Byrnes was her fall guy.

Meyer's article reminds me of the American soldier in Iraq that said of the American leftist media, "if they were my only source of news I would think we were losing too." Meyer's tripe was a one-sided affair that was designed to bash the American military, the Bush Presidency, the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Not once did
Meyer mention terrorists or the insurgency in her tripe or any of their evil deeds committed against Americans or Allies and against innocent Iraq women and children. No, in the eye of Lynn Meyer and the liberals the terrorists and the insurgency are to be lauded for their efforts against the US military, just as they were Jane Fonda herself crawling on the top of VC anti-aircraft guns and praising their efforts against US troops during that war.

Lynn Meyer's last plea for the souls of the UH weak minded rested on the statement "rather than focusing on who our leaders do, I urge voters to consider what it is they do when they're in command." Well Meyer, as we have seen with Clinton's when he was in command -- he commanded to those on their knees. President Bush commands men and women who are fighting everyday for the survival of the US, and Clinton can never play a fiddle to that tune.

Of course Conservative Tyler Nelson kicked liberal ass in his piece today on the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, which the mainstream liberal media is not taking seriously because it hurts their own.

Screw the libs!

Oh no, Liberal Hater is back.
Yes, we are back liberal. And liberals like you should cower in fear. Just kidding.

But if liberals write tripe or protest in a way that gives power to Americas enemies, then they will be attacked.
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