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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jim McCormick 'Promised summer series of tripe on stem cell research' (Latest article on food -- not stem cells)

In one of the first liberal columns of this summer we were promised by Daily Cougar opinion columnist Jim McCormick a sizzling summer series of tripe on the biting subject of stem cell research. It was suppose to be a bellwether series aimed at transforming UH weak minded students and keeping them permanently on the liberal side. Thankfully, like most liberal ideas and actions -- it didn't work.

Well following his first worthless piece
McCormick submitted I believe he might have submitted one other item on the biting subject but that was about it. Since then I haven't made a big deal in responding to McCormick's tripe because they've been childish.

Well, I am a man that does what he says and
McCormick quite frankly -- lied to UH readers.

In his tripe yesterday "
Aramark leaves meal plan up in the air," McCormick is more worried about how and when he is going to feed his fat face this upcoming fall semester. McCormick's touching story about the fuses in the residence hall dorm was overwhelming and probably caused a good many liberals on campus to shed a tear or two over his predicament.

I was struck by
McCormick's opening statement of "I hate discussing national politics." Then what the hell is the worthless dude doing writing about stem cell research in the first place. If you have no spine McCormick then don't write your liberal crap.

Concentrate on food worries
McCormick since it seems to suit you. The definitive questions you asked "Will I still be able to get some of the most inventive pasta dishes down at the Satellite? Will Taco Bell finally be edible? What about the Chick-Fil-A? And will I finally be able to get food worth eating at Oberholtzer?" are all sticking points that should have been investigated starting with your first worthless piece of the summer.

McCormick the UH weak minded student will never know and will always be asking "what if."

Screw the libs!

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