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Thursday, August 25, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of teen celibacy' (Continues 'Hate America' Series w/praise for ACLU for suing abstinence program)

If you read the Daily Cougar yesterday you might have thought it a little tame, and well, it was definitely the calm before the storm. Today's attack by Giugi Carminati against keeping young teen girls innocent just plays into her future plans of having a constituency of young unwed mothers who will look to Carminati for the latest handout, just as Sheila Jackson Lee strives to keep her own constituency dependent on her.

As usual, before you begin reading a
Giugi Carminati piece, don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page.

Oh by the way, congratulations go out to
Giugi who is now a first year law student or 1L at the UH Law Center, a fact she bragged about last spring semester. Garbo, the CU's spy in the UH liberal community, reported that Carminati's bragging that her hubby just got into medical school. Can you imagine the day when Carminati beams with pride when her Dr. husband does his first abortion. Hell, she'll probably want to frame the dead fetus and put it on her ACLU wall of pride.

In her first fall assault at educating UH weak minded students this semester to the darkside of liberalism, the malodorous alumnus of the
Honors College and now UH law student, the Archbitchup of the Church of UH liberalism, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist, UH College Democrat officer, and Harris County Young Democrats VP for Membership, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise that government has no place in helping religious organizations who want to keep young girls as innocent as possible by preaching abstinence. But hell, if that girl gets pregnant, liberals will be on the scene providing abortion advice in a second until they get that dead fetus and the money that comes along with it.

Giugi's tripe today "No more bling for Silver Ring Thing," Carminati practices lowering herself to level of a stinking ACLU lawyer, and actually expresses joy at stopping abstinence programs by stretching the church and state argument to the limit. For instance, if Carminati were in charge, and if you were about to enter a government building you would be searched for any religious pariphelia. And if you had so much as a Lord's Prayer imprinted on a wallet sized card -- that card would be confiscated and destroyed if you wanted access to the building.

Carminati baits the UH weak minded student with the Constitutional promise of the seperation of church and state. Of course Carminati neglects to tell you that the Founding Fathers relied heavily on the teachings of the church in their everyday lives and it was very much accepted in government way back when.

Carminati would say, "that was then, this is time to blow that away."

Fast forward to 2002, and "federal funds have been going to a program named
The Silver Ring Thing. This nationwide program performs skits and music at churches, followed by a skit about the risks of STDs and pregnancy." Now, would that piss off Carminati, well, maybe.

The Silver Ring Thing group sells kids silver rings that makes "promise they will not have sex until they replace that one with the gold ring of marriage." Now Carminati is getting pissed, as well as the ACLU.

On top of that, The Silver Ring Thing group received $1.1 million from the feds in 2003. Now Carminati is really pissed.

"You mean to tell me that the federal government is not handing out defective condemns, but instead kids are being taught not to have sex." Where the hell is
Giugi going to get a lot of young unwed mothers? No, liberal action must be taken. Remember always, if Carminati is for it, then its bad for America.

The American Civil Liberties Union of course filed suit in 2003 because the group talked a little religion in addition to their talk on STDs and celibacy. Big woops. But not for
Carminati. If you say "Bless You" when she sneezes -- she twitches.

Carminati is a Scrooge. She actually had the audacity to say "I do not pay my taxes for religious representatives to proselytize." Meaning that she doesn't want to pay some group to convert to others to the groups own religious faith. Hell, I do not pay my taxes for stupid government programs that support gays. I'm surprised that Carminati even pays taxes seeing as she's backrolled from Europe.

Another thing that gored my ox was
Carminati's lie of her top wish to send more "body armor for soldiers in Iraq," which coming from her Al Qaeda loving ass is complete bull crap. Carminati's worthless reasoning that "80 percent" of the teens who vowed not to have sex until marriage would break their vow anyway, shows how Carminati sees society -- just a bunch of kids looking for guidance from the teet of mother liberalism.

Carminati doesn't mind teens learning about HIV, pregnancies, contraception, not to mention the "importance of having sex" which she says is "high" on her list of the disposition of government funds. But Goddamnit if you mention "God" and the feds and try to mix it like peanut butter and chocolate Carminati will go delusional.

Carminati's love for the ACLU sings of her detest for the United States. She reminds me of an Al Qaeda cell in the US that is currently laying low waiting for orders to attack. When has Giugi done anything that actually benefitted the country without aborting anything?

Carminati is a proud member of the ACLU, and when has that organization done anything good for America in the last 30 years. She's actually proud that federal funding for The Silver Ring Thing was stopped, and that Conservatism would have been allowed to spread and "none of this would have come to light if the ACLU had not filed suit against the federal government for the funding of [the] project."

To her stopping funding to
The Silver Ring Thing was like receiving a badge of honor.

CARMINATI, hear me roar!"

Even with the success of the ACLU,
Carminati still worries. "If the religious right gets to say where and how their money cannot be spent, even if they oppose a constitutional right, then I adamantly reserve the right to denounce the use of my tax dollars for the spreading of religion." Uh, her tax dollars. I just keep seeing in my mind her love for Tuscany and using the United States just for sponging up all its natural resources and then abandoning the country for her beloved Europe.

On the other hand,
Carminati would gladly open up federal funding for abortions. She writes so eloquently of womens plight to even get advice on a possible abortion. "It cannot even be talked about if the person uttering the words is receiving government money. A doctor cannot even inform a woman of who could help her, enlighten her or simply talk to her knowledgeably about the subject matter if she happens to be in a federally funded institution."

Now if we can only get
Carminati to write so eloquently about the US and not our enemies -- the ACLU inlcuded.

Screw the libs!

Thanks for choosing a non-flattering photo.
Well, the fat that continues to grow on her face has been moved to her now enlarged ass.
It is nice to put a face to the filth GC is putting forth.
Get used to that face. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
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