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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Again Confused' (Cannot keep on topic)

I've often wondered why UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas writes the way he does about the Bush Administration and those brave men and women stationed overseas in harms way. I guess that since Salinas is tucked away here in the University of Houston "Green Zone" far away from the troubles of a new nation halfway around the world, he can write his crap and have a since of being taken seriously in his own liberal world.

In his tripe today "
Catch phrases can't boost approval," Salinas fights to point out the "politics of bumper sticker catchphrases" and like a kid detective solving a candy crime he notes that the "The War on Terror" has changed its name to "The Global Struggle against Extremism." Damn this guy is good. Next thing you know MLBs Montreal Expos' will change their name to the Washington Nationals and play a bit better.

As if an Al-Qaeda supporter himself,
Salinas happily points out the fumbled "operation in the mountains of Tora Borah," and proudly points out the "breeding ground for terrorists" that Iraq has become.

So what does
Salinas do. Well like any good liberal, he runs to the polls. Salinas tries to put the UH weak minded student in a downer by quoting a Gallup poll which downs the President's approval numbers to something like 44 percent, a figure that Salinas loves for the GOP, and of course probably made up.

Salinas attributes the President's "steady decline" to the so-called "Valerie Plame/Karl Rove scandal, the ongoing war in Iraq, John Bolton's nomination to the United Nations, and the continued rise of gas prices." Wow if we can only get Bush an intern like Monica Lewinsky then we can get him on the inside with democrats."

Salinas is totally looney to think that in Bush's last term "he has not done one positive thing of note and apparently his own party sees this." The kid's sense of disunion is extraordinary and he will embrace anyone who goes against 43, even siding with Senator Frist who recently went against the President on stem cell research.

Of course fetal stem cells have never been proven to be effective in testing, and it doesn't make sense to go into that arena since adult cells are doing the job, but the liberals love of abortion has mandated a big money maker at the expense of American Black fetuses.

Salinas theory that polls do not affect President Bush but go much farther in hurting Republicans is again bunk. Oh know, is "Bush losing some pull over Congress" or worst yet "the American public." Don't believe it.

Salinas actually believes that Hillary is the liberal frontrunner for the 2008 elections. Hillary is a candidate that even her own people call "unelectable" seeing as she has some of the same 'motherly' qualities as Sheila Jackson-Lee. Salinas noting of Hillary moving to the middle on issues shows just how left the democratic party has went, and it is going to take more losses for them to gauge that they are going in the wrong direction.

Liberals have to lie and not show their true colors went it comes to getting their message out. They simply cannot be themselves.

Take the case of liberal Paul Hackett in Ohio running for a vacant congressional seat left by a Republican. His advertisement hides a liberal in a military uniform (sort of like John Kerry Jr) and professes love for Bush, but behind the scenes he loathes Bush as much as Clinton hated the military, and is the classic liberal who has to deceive the voters to get elected.

It's got so bad that Hillary denounced Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which will definitely bite into the gaming vote, and who the hell knew about the porno scenes on the stupid game before Hillary mentioned them. Not even my nephews knew and they play that stupid game.

Salinas plays will Hillary -- "will her first presidential initiative be to make sure Ms. Pacman puts some clothes on and stops eating those little pieces of fruit so provocatively?" She's not likeable, nor motherly, nor is she a woman. David's search for the perfect liberal candidate, a candidate "that won't waste time on irrelevant matters" like Hillary will forever be in vane. It's just like Salinas piece, it started talking about one irrelevant issue and ended with another.

Sometimes I wish they had opinion columnist elections, because the UH student body would have thrown out the lot 'em of UH libs -- all except Tyler Nelson of course.

Screw the libs!

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