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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Chris Williams 'Breaking the chains of obedience to the white liberal' (Proud to be a Black Republican)

Not two days ago I posted my second piece on "More Blacks voting Republican," and I was proud to see UH Daily Cougar columnist Chris Williams step up to the plate and publicly annouce the widening of the hole in the dam of not only UH liberalism, but liberalism as a whole. Just because your Black does not mean you have to stand in line like a mind number robot and vote Democrat.

I am proud of
Chris Williams who in his piece today in the Daily Cougar "Black, Democrat no longer synonyms'," stated right off the bat "I thought being a Democrat was something I had to do. Both my parents are Democrats, and they reinforced that belief throughout my entire childhood. I had to think like the group, and any other blacks who didn't were sellouts."

This is exactly what me and
Larry X have been talking about all along. No longer will Chris Williams be subject to the intellectual slavery of the likes of UH's Giugi Carminati or Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Williams "Republican candidates made sense."

Williams Republican "ideals reflected the values I believed in."

So why should
Williams continue to lie to himself and his family on a daily basis -- hence, a Republican was born again, seeing as his ancestors were undoubtedly Republican. And just being Democrat just because your friends, family, or your neighborhood are Democrat is a failed theory.

I loved it when
Williams exposed "the common perception 'I'm black, so I have to vote Democrat,' which he rightly says "is not the case these days." For years, Williams was taught you have to vote Democrat because your Black, and he wasn't alone. Now many young Black Americans are having to unlearn many falsehoods that were put into their young brains.

As I and
Larry X and now Chris Williams have been saying, "more and more young black men and women are beginning to embrace the Republican Party and are becoming less likely to identify themselves as Democrats."

Williams is living in a different time than the older generations of Black Americans that experienced harse times, but even back then Republicans opened their polls to Black Americans way before the Democrats did.

Republicans were the main reason the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts were passed. Democrats overwhelming voted against those acts.

Williams says its time for the Black community to grow up. He quoted a young Black consultant who said "you cannot keep going on this romanticized ideological civil rights agenda and think you can reach out to African-Americans of my generation."

Williams was kind in his piece today. He knows the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party when it comes to race. The liberals go off on any Republican for the slightest infraction against Blacks no matter how long ago or even if family members committed the offense, but when a liberal does it, the liberal media ignores it. Take note:

I never heard of liberals or the liberal media noting any of those Senators for their sins against Black Americans, like they do against Republicans who never voted against Civil Rights or actively took part in activities designed to hurt the Black community like old Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd did in his klan days.

Williams notes poll numbers that gave as much as "18 percent of black voters gave their support to George W. Bush." Which easily doubled "the 8 percent of the black vote the Republican ticket received in 2000."

Williams noted another poll in the falling numbers of Black Americans who identified themselves as Democrat. Three years ago, "63 percent of blacks identified themselves as Democrats" as compared to 2000 when "74 percent [of blacks] said they were Democrats in 2000." That is a substantial number of Black Americans abandoning the liberals.

Williams assertions that the Democrats have lacked new ideas and have not reached out to the Black community is true. Instead they have just taken the Black vote for granted. On top of that, Republican ideas that will benefit the Black community are shouted down by the liberals, which just adds years of more uncertainty in the Black community, designed to keep the Black community down and voting Democrat.

Williams historical knowledge that "blacks have always been conservative" is again correct. Washington, D.C. early in the 20th Century had a very proud and vibrant Black community that even rivaled well established White communities before the federal government got involved and started taking the role of the Black father. Even Houston's Fourth and Fifth Ward's were proud self sustaining communities with Black owned businesses offering services to Blacks equivalent to the White community. These famous areas were destroyed from forced intergration, which if left alone, would have happened naturally occurred over time.

Chris Williams for stepping out and acknowledging Black Republicans.

I hope day that I can note someday soon that I am reporting on the "Dynamic Duo of UH Conservatism --
Chris Williams and Tyler Nelson."

I declare it looks like Jacksonlee has Carminati in the palm of her hand.
Giugi is a virtual little twin to Sheila Jackson-Lee.

They both chew people up and spit them up to get to the top.

They don't care about the welfare of the people.

Hell, Giugi and Jackson-Lee want all the people on welfare just so they can look to them for constant help.
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