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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hurricane Victims in New Orleans and along Gulf Coast need our prayers and donations

In watching the coverage coming from Louisana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Please pray for the victims and the dead of Hurricane Katrina, especially in New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

All politics aside, Liberal or Conservative, please be ready to donate money and goods to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The American Red Cross is the one and only website that I trust to make a donation too. DO NOT RESPOND TO E-MAILS ASKING FOR DONATIONS. GO DIRECTLY TO THE WEBSITE TO MAKE AN ON-LINE DONATION.

You can mail a donation as well to:

American Red Cross
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, D.C. 20013

(When mailing a check, please indicate your designation on the check's memo line.)

Thankyou for this info.
I put a check for $150 in the mail this afternoon, and I encourage all UH students, faculty, staff and alumni to donate to the Red Cross ASAP.
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