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Sunday, August 14, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XVII

- Able Danger is a Clinton Administration problem and has nothing to do with the GWB Administration. The 9/11 Report already had its story straight. Clinton did not want to deal with terrorists while dealing with Monica and his own problems he created himself. The story will soon gain steam once Sheehan's momentum slows and the NARAL partial birth abortion of its ad story dies.

- The Al Qaeda training manual is on the Department of Justice website. Liberals are flocking to the site to get a better understanding of America's enemies, or liberals friends.

- Parents who call for the impeachment of President Bush just because their son or daughter died in Iraq never believed in their children's service to their country in the first place.

- The NYC Muslim cabbie who returned the Jewish merchants diamonds valued over $1 million should be commended. Those diamonds could just as easily wound up in the hands of Al Qaeda. Not all Muslim's have devious intentions, just over 95% of them do.

- Congress should push for a single national formula of gasoline. One standard that applies to all states will reduce the cost of gasoline production on our refineries. Have multiple formulas (over 40 nationwide) for each specific state is ludicrous, and needs to be stopped. Also reducing the tax on gasoline might also help in reducing the strain on our pocketbooks.

- The Rolling Stones with their anti-Bush song, have just added themselves to another of the long list of liberal so-called celebrities for Americans not to support by watching their movies or listening to their songs.

- The political correctness of the Clinton Administration landed us in the mess of 9/11. By liberals maintaining a weak appearance before the world, it gave the terrorists hope that they could attack our country and our colors would run.

- Harry Belafonte's labeling Black Conservatives as "Black Tyrants" at a Voting Rights rally in GA is just another sign of liberal desperation and their inability to hold on to their increasingly unstable base.

- "Don't be fooled by the lies of Blair and Bush." - Al Qaeda terrorists (Are the liberals and Al Qaeda get the same talking points from the DNC)

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