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Saturday, August 06, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XVI

- Liberals that want to legalize marijuana, don't want to legalize illegal immigration.

- Liberal core beliefs should not have to be determined in a three hour closed door secret meeting that cannot be disclosed to the public. Conservatives don't need to close their door or even have a meeting to tell you their core beliefs.

- Liberals are incapable of running positive stories on the US military in Iraq. Instead, the libs eagerly await an increased US body count or await the next message from their mullah leaders hiding like cowards in the mountains.

- If liberals really wanted lower gas prices, they would encourage lower taxes on gas and a single formula for gas. Fat chance.

- The US needs to start using "Hama Rules" when dealing with the terrorists. Conservatives need to deal with liberals the same way.

- If the US or Britian is attacked again, then we need to start bombing Muslim holy sites. Open threats to the terrorists need to be made and dare them to attack.

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