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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Shiela Jackson Lee visits Crawford anti-war site' (Jackson Lee is a traitor to America's war dead, vets and non-liberals)

Every year Sheila Jackson Lee, the worthless liberal congresswoman from Houston by way of New York City, visits the Houston VA National Cemetery on Memorial Day to speak on the sacrifices that our military have made in all of our wars including the current war, in which we are fighting against a tough and determined enemy, backed by a cowardly religion and its liberal supporters that wants an end to the US.

Well guess who was the first liberal to break with the other liberal politicians and make the trek to Crawford -- Sheila Jackson Lee. The worthless congresswoman from Houston who can't keep anyone on her staff for more than three months.

The liberal Houston Chronicle in their canabalized AP story "Jackson Lee visits anti-war campers," called for the troops to be brought home, and thus cements herself as 'anti-US' and 'pro Al-Qaeda' (like she wasn't already). Evidently the Chronicle is straped for cash due to low readership and consistently has to rely on the AP which is anti-Bush and anti-war, so they can't afford to write their own worthless tripe for Houston's weak minded people that actually subscribe to the failing liberal rag.

Sheila Jackson Lee visited all of "60" anti-war protesters at two anti-war sites near the President's ranch in Crawford. Of course in the liberal rag, there was barely a mention of "Camp George," which houses supporters of the President. Nor did the worthless Chronicle mention anything of the tens of thousands of "America" and "Bush" supporters in the "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" caravan heading to Crawford from California and other parts of the country for a rally on August 27th.

Incredibly, the worthless Chronicle did allow some good things going on Iraq to stay in the AP story "such as hospitals opening and children attending school," which is rarely reported by liberal outlets.

The Chronicle happily reported the reimergence of the old Vietnam protesting relic folk singer Joan Baez who "spent part of the day talking with families at the closest anti-war camp to the President's ranch, which has been set up on private property up the road from Camp Casey." The Chronicle just also had to mention that liberal actress Margot Kidder of Superman fame also showed up at the anti-war camp, and is just another liberal actor for us not to support.

It's a shame that Jackson Lee has an association with the University of Houston, her husband is Dr. Lee, the Vice Chancellor of the UH System and SA to the Chancellor of the UH System.

Screw the libs!

Sheila is not the only liberal politician that has been to crawford texas.
I know Maxine Waters and several other kook liberals have visited the President's Ranch.

But show me a liberal of stature. You won't find Hillary, Bayh, or any other liberal Presidential contender anywhere near there.

They now it will be a big downer for the next Presidential cycle.
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