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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'More Blacks abandoning Democratic Party for GOP'

In a post back in late July following my hospitalization, I wrote of "More Blacks voting Republican." My friend Larry X, a black hospital worker, who confided in me that he and his family voted for President Bush and other Republican candidates in the 2004 election, after being disenfranchised by liberal politicians for decades.

Larry X had voted Democrat his whole adult life, and had realized that the Democratic party had doing nothing for him, his family, his extended family or his community, and was fed up with Sheila Jackson Lee and her lack of response to his letters and verbal request.

Larry X, like a growing number of Black Americans are feeling neglected by the liberals, and are turning to the Republican party, and the Republican party is out to get them into the fold. I talked with Larry X about the Democrats as a party of complainers, who have offered no new ideas, and have continued to pooh pooh good Republican ideas just because if those ideas get passed, the Republicans will get credit.

Larry X is not a rich man. He's a janitor. He knows the Sheila Jackson Lee's and other Black leaders main objective is to keep the Black community down, quite simply to keep the Black community dependent on major Black leaders and the Democratic party.

In an August 28th Washington Times story "GOP ratchets up bid to woo blacks," they described how blacks have felt "marginalized," but this time the GOP, headed by chairman Ken Mehlman, is asking for Blacks to give the Republican party another look. President Bush and the GOP are backing at least a dozen or more Black Republicans in 2006, and are asking for more minority to support.

In fact, 2006 is set to be the most diverse Republican ticket ever.

J.C. Watts Jr., chairman of GOPAC, is a Black Republican who I would gladly vote for President. He is from Oklahoma, and envisions a day when "70 to 75 percent of black people [are] voting Republican." The GOP is the original political home of the Black community, and as a Republican, I promise the Black community that embrace the GOP will be much welcomed, and their vote will not be taken advantage of like it has been taken advantage of by the Democrats. The 8% of Blacks that used to vote GOP are up to 13%.

Other things that are driving Blacks from the Democrats are below the belt attacks from Black Democratic activists like Harry Belafonte and Dick Gregory shouting down caucasian Americans as 'whitey' and 'tyrants,' thus giving the impression that Black Democratic activists are allowed to speak out extremely by white liberals in the media who see them only as their children out of control but old enough to vote liberal.

Most certainly if White or even Black Conservatives called Black Democrats the equivalent of 'whitey" or 'tyrants,' the NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, and the gang would be out there crying racism. A 'chicken little' cry that is not getting as much attention as in the past.

The Black community is awakening from their Democratic slumber, and its going to take only about 5 to 10 more percent of Black voters to switch to the GOP before the liberals will be crippled from ever winning the White House again. They need the Presidency to ever get a chance of appointing their lawmakers -- judges.

Blacks who switch to the GOP are called 'sellouts' or 'Uncle Toms' or other childish names that Black liberals use to try and "force" Blacks to stay in the liberal fold.

There is no one in the Republican party than I respect more than Black and minority Republicans, if not just for the crap they have to put with being Republican and being a minority. They are brave people as well as true GOP pioneers and are the true American leaders of tomorrow. Notice liberals I did not say Black because their race will not be an issue.

Screw the libs!

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