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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Military Reenlistments exceed 2005 projections' (Liberal media as usual ignores good news for US)

Fox News and the Powerline Blog and are reporting that Army recruiting and reenlistment numbers are up. But as usual where is the liberal media? They're never to be seen when good news is out there that makes the Bush Administration look good.

Although the Army acknowledges it will miss its recruitment goals for 2005, June brought a rebound and recruitment goals were met or exceeded, despite the
counter-recruiting efforts of the liberals.

Re-enlistment rates are at, near, or over 100% of this years projections. Active duty Army re-enlistments are running at 107%, while the Army Reserve and National Guard are exceeding 100% on their projections.

Don't look now, but I think the liberals are going to need 'counter-reenlistment personnel' to shadow reenlistment NCOs as they go among the Army ranks enlisting soldiers. Opps, I think I may have given the ACLU an idea to sue the military to allow liberals on American military facilities to undermine the security of the United States.

These are odd times. Liberals begged for conflict during the Civil War to free the slaves. By the 1960s, liberals started destroying the memories of their parents gallant service during World War II by rebelling against the call of duty during President Johnson's War in Vietnam.

There was some guilt over Vietnam that brought the reimergence of general military support during Operation Desert Storm. But rest assured that if casualties would have been an issue, the liberals would have turned against the Gulf War as well. America's enemies always maintain that will our military will run if they get high enough casualties.

In Somalia, the number was 18 American dead before liberal president clinton ordered our superior military forces to run from the battlefield like cowards.

Now the next generation of liberals have taken a que from their parents. These liberals who have never suffered once in their lives. These liberals who have not gone one day without air conditioning. These liberals who are incapable of putting themselves in the eyes of an average Iraqi, who is glad to out from under the influence of Saddam Hussein, who wants to be rid of terrorists, yet he looks to the American liberal and sees an Al Qaeda ally in the terrorists cause, just as the Vietnamese saw American liberals of the Vietnam era their allies against the American military.

The liberals efforts to make the military look bad is failing. The efforts of liberals like Cindy Sheehan, who approval numbers by the way are way lower than the Presidents are fueling the efforts of Army recruiter and re-enlistsments NCOs. I continue to pray that Americas young men and women answer the call to defend their country.

The benefits are much better than any counter military recruiter can offer.

Screw the libs!

Its a lie.
Look liberal, I know the reenlistment story probably wouldn't run into the New York Times, but you could bet that if this stuff wasn't true then they would be on the case.
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