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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals not listening to Clinton on investment advice' (No new investment in Boys & Girls Club stealing 'Air America')

Attention liberal investors, if you want to lose money nowadays, liberals are encouraged to invest their buckage in the money starved Air America Radio network, which stars noted liberal radio personalties Al Franken and Jerry Springer, who cater to people who always feel crappy and want to take schadenfreude in people by lowering those people below the libs who are already feel lower that snakesh*t.

Newsmax reported yesterday in their story "Sheldon Drobny: Clinton, Gore Tried to Fund Air America," that even with the help of past successful fundraisers Bill Clinton and Al Gore, their pitches to potential liberal investors to support the "in debt up to its eyeballs" Air America yielded no significant support at all according to its chief Sheldon Drobny.

Air America, which now has 70 stations -- no not in Texas like some Conservative radio hosts -- but 70 stations in the whole nation, and can only manage to muster $250 for a national commercial spot which is a pittance compared to even to independent radio stations in Houston which bring in more revenue that the '10 watt lighter' of Air America.

Air America has been in the red since day-one, but has been heralded by the liberal media as a saviour with their numerous positive news reports on the worthless radio network. However you won't hear anything bad that is affecting Air America, such as their inability to be backed by rich white liberals who do not want to be parted with their money, or the fact that Air America has stolen money ($900,000) from a chapter of the Boys & Girls Club in New York, and is currently being investigated by the NYC Dept of Investigation in a financial scandal of suspicous loans to Air America.

Liberals, especially those in the media have no consequence or else the
Air America scandal would have hit the airwaves by now. Now you know the measure of their resolve.

Screw the libs!

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