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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals vigiling for Cindy Sheehan to-nite' (Memory of Casey already dead in the eyes of the liberals)

MoveOn.org has stooped to another low again in holding a vigil for Cindy Sheehan to-nite in honor of not her son Casey, but for Cindy and her call to bring an end to the war.

If they had a vigil for the memory of Cindy's son, no liberals would show up, but if you hold a vigil paying homage to America's enemies, lots of liberals vow to show up.

Since you can't counter protest each event, what I have been doing is signing up and promising to bring five participants to as many events as I can. The website is not checking the validity of e-mail addresses before its database updates the number of liberals promising to attend, so the liberals will think that a whole more people are coming when they aren't.

So Conservatives sign up at MoveOn.org (don't give real info), and forsake the liberals.

The audacity to say on their website "meanwhile President Bush continues his five-week vacation and pledged Thursday to keep U.S. troops in Iraq meaning more moms will lose a child," shows their complete desperation.

So go ahead liberals, show your solidarity with Al Qaeda to-nite at 7:30. You will further cement your hatred for the United States.

The liberals 'dove' attitude is a great teaching tool for wives not to leave abusive husbands, for children not to fight against child molesters, for Americans winning against an enemy to leave the battlefield. Yes, the liberal doves don't care about security, but rather appeasing and appeasing an enemy that flatly does not care about the well being of American life.

MoveOn.org say their vigils will be "simple and dignified" quite simply because if they say anything stupid it will come off looking like the Wellstone memorial.

I have one question for the liberals -- when does a dove fight?

Screw the libs!

i may be liberal, but you're a loser and probably don't have as pretty a girlfriend or as healthy a sex life. get off from behind your computer and stop complaining about a school newspaper.

don't you have anything better to do? like bomb a clinic or beat up a muslim or read the bible?
Damn. The liberal has an attitude.

And as usual the liberal is ignorant. Doesn't back up anything with fact yet just throws personal attacks.

Don't bother me about girlfriends or sitting behind a computer. At least I can take my girl to Pappas or some other fancy restaurant while you can barely afford Jack-In-The-Box.

This blog takes a few minutes out of my day dove. And I'm tired of liberals thinking that they run the country when they can't win elections, except when they lie to the electorate. Not to mention, I loath liberal profs at UH, as well as their worthless liberal UH DC columnists.

I have a question of you dove. What are you going to do when someone grabs your girlfriend and starts feeling her up in your presence?

The answer is nothing. Because you are a dove, and doves do nothing when they have been offended. Just like 9/11 doesn't phase you as an offense against the US.

As for me, I've put a gun to the heads of guys that have put their hands on my girl a way I didn't like.
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