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Friday, August 26, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal George Stephanopoulos pressed for Saddam Assassination' (No liberal press objected in '97)

In exposing another example of liberal bias against Conservatives, Newsmax reported on August 24th that good 'ol George Stephanopoulos, former advisor to old cigar sexman Clinton, and ABCs "This Week" host on Sunday, actually wrote an entire column in Newsweek titled "Why We Should Kill Saddam."

Incredibly, the liberal media did not have a cow back then since liberals were in charge, but put Republicans in charge and then some Conservative who shouldn't be talking to the media anyway speaks out about assassination, then the liberal media goes bonkers.

Newsmax's article "Stephanopoulos Urged Foreign Assassination," comes on the heels of the liberal media outrage of Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson, who "prompted a firestorm of media outrage [when] he suggested that the Bush administration should assassinate" the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

Stephanopoulos wrote in 1997, "The gulf-war coalition is teetering and we have not eliminated Saddam's capacity to inflict mass destruction. That's why killing him may be the more sensible - and moral course over the long run."

In 2005, when Robertson said his little tidbit, the same liberal media has a cow. Of course the only difference is that Robertson in on the Conservative side, although I don't really care for anything he has to say. But nonetheless, Robertson does not get a free pass like Stephanopoulos did, and it shows.

The liberals are still under the influence of being in power for so long. They still believe they have a monopoly in all aspects of society, like the media, and politics. I'm happy to report that liberal newspapers, radio, and news programs are dying from financial problems.

Screw the libs!

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