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Friday, August 19, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Houston Chronicle undergoing another round of layoffs' (UH Daily Cougar will still not get it; spread more liberalism)

Our friends at Lone Star Times are highlighting the fact that the Houston Chronicle is having another layoff. This time another 7% of Chronicle personnel are leaving adding to the previous 10% that the Chronicle axed last year. Thanks also to Blog Houston which gave LST the tip.

LST noted that "the restructuring will not affect the newsroom and advertising sales staff," which of course means more liberalism coming out of their building. They won't learn till they have to start laying off their valued liberals.

Again, only the contractors will be laid off at the Chronicle, which means blacks and hispanics are going to feel the brunt of the Chronicle's willingness to continue their brand of liberalism thus ignoring the Conservative majority who do not wish to be exposed to the Chronicle's tripe.

I think this is a great lesson for the UH Daily Cougar staff to learn that if you continue to spew your liberalism and expect to make a 'good living' in journalism post graduation -- tough luck. Liberal newspapers are dying.

At last check, the Chronicle lost 4% readership, and I'd bet it continues to drop. And looking at the Daily Cougar racks at the end of the day, they can't even give away a free newspaper its so choked with liberalism.

Screw the libs!

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