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Monday, August 15, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'AP story politicizes Lance Armstrong upcoming visit to Presidential Ranch'

The worthless Houston Chronicle showed their continuing inability to report good news on President Bush, by pulling an AP story off the newswire, "Ride with Lance Armstrong among Bush's biking plans at the ranch," which shows the President in the worst of light even in extending an invitation to ride mountain bikes with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

The liberals have turned a simple idea of 'a Champion riding bikes with a President,' which is equivalent to a White House visit, into another swipe at the President trying to make him look bad in any light.

Armstrong sees the visit to ride bikes at the ranch a "dream scenario," seeing as the President's knees gave out a while back and he turned to riding mountain bikes.

The low point of the AP story came when they had to include John F. Kerry with Armstrong and that he was following in the "car during the final time trial." Of course they had to mention that Armstrong was "opposed to the war in Iraq," but I doubt if Armstrong said those words.

Of course, the mentioning of this gives the impression that 'losers' always ride behind the Champion, while 'winners' ride beside the Champion at the Presidential ranch.


Me and my sources have also determined that Lance Armstrong will be offered the chairmanship of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, which was not mentioned in the APs worthless story. (Be looking on this from Drudge in the days to come).

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