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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Please Mr. President - Use Your Executive Powers (We are in serious trouble with Hurricane Katrina)

Please resind (at least temporarily) those crazy environmental state and federal laws that:

President Bush, please consider these suggestions, and the suggestions of other sane people. Not the liberals.

With 250,000 to 300,000 staying behind in New Orleans before Katrina, they could be thousands and thousands dead, up to 75,000 dead. I don't think 300,000 people are walking around New Orleans. Whatever the death toll, I think the 1900 Galveston death toll of 6,000-8,000 just got eclipsed.

The EPA is already taking the lead -- the Administrator is already taking the lead with relaxing volatilty standards, etc. We can only hope that the restrictions are relaxed for a much longer period than till September 15th.

Liberals will be crying "this will hurt the environment," but as I always say.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Salinas and Eglin 'No encouragement to help in a time of natural disaster' (Liberalism as usual)

In a time of natural disaster of such huge proportions liberal UH Daily Cougar columnists are continuing to push their liberalism on UHs weak minded students and UHs liberal faithful.

Of course being liberal, these guys probably won't donate to the Red Cross yet advocate the federal government to pay for everything. That's the liberal way.

David Salinas, in his tripe today "Bush fans confuse slogans for facts," he pushes the old "anti-American" argument.

Salinas can quote all the polls he wants, but polls can always be framed to the result you want anyway. They do not convince me nor sane UH students.

Dante Eglin, in his tripe today "Politics shouldn't cloud pill debate," he gets off on the postponement of the Plan B pill. What gets me, is that this is Giugi Carminati's territory since she is UHs top authority on sex, so what the hell is Eglin writing on this subject.

UH needs to be uplifted with positive comments in the wake of Katrina. So far, the continuation of liberalism on the UH Daily Cougar opinion page has shown to cement their true intentions of not taking time to absorb the reality of the current day but to push their own crazy agenda that in the end will fail.

By the way, the ditzy broad Cindy Sheehan blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush.

Screw the libs!


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal causes unable to gain America hating traction in the media' (Hurricane bringing America together)

Cindy Sheehan where are you? Why are MoveOn.org and other liberal organizations slowly abandoning you. Why are your handlers falling by the wayside Cindy?

Cindy, you are liberal history. You won't be top billing in the liberal media news today, tomorrow, or ever. Another liberal bites the dust.

Na, Na, Na, Na.
Na, Na, Na, Na.
Hey, Hey, Hey.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Chris Williams 'Breaking the chains of obedience to the white liberal' (Proud to be a Black Republican)

Not two days ago I posted my second piece on "More Blacks voting Republican," and I was proud to see UH Daily Cougar columnist Chris Williams step up to the plate and publicly annouce the widening of the hole in the dam of not only UH liberalism, but liberalism as a whole. Just because your Black does not mean you have to stand in line like a mind number robot and vote Democrat.

I am proud of
Chris Williams who in his piece today in the Daily Cougar "Black, Democrat no longer synonyms'," stated right off the bat "I thought being a Democrat was something I had to do. Both my parents are Democrats, and they reinforced that belief throughout my entire childhood. I had to think like the group, and any other blacks who didn't were sellouts."

This is exactly what me and
Larry X have been talking about all along. No longer will Chris Williams be subject to the intellectual slavery of the likes of UH's Giugi Carminati or Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Williams "Republican candidates made sense."

Williams Republican "ideals reflected the values I believed in."

So why should
Williams continue to lie to himself and his family on a daily basis -- hence, a Republican was born again, seeing as his ancestors were undoubtedly Republican. And just being Democrat just because your friends, family, or your neighborhood are Democrat is a failed theory.

I loved it when
Williams exposed "the common perception 'I'm black, so I have to vote Democrat,' which he rightly says "is not the case these days." For years, Williams was taught you have to vote Democrat because your Black, and he wasn't alone. Now many young Black Americans are having to unlearn many falsehoods that were put into their young brains.

As I and
Larry X and now Chris Williams have been saying, "more and more young black men and women are beginning to embrace the Republican Party and are becoming less likely to identify themselves as Democrats."

Williams is living in a different time than the older generations of Black Americans that experienced harse times, but even back then Republicans opened their polls to Black Americans way before the Democrats did.

Republicans were the main reason the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts were passed. Democrats overwhelming voted against those acts.

Williams says its time for the Black community to grow up. He quoted a young Black consultant who said "you cannot keep going on this romanticized ideological civil rights agenda and think you can reach out to African-Americans of my generation."

Williams was kind in his piece today. He knows the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party when it comes to race. The liberals go off on any Republican for the slightest infraction against Blacks no matter how long ago or even if family members committed the offense, but when a liberal does it, the liberal media ignores it. Take note:

I never heard of liberals or the liberal media noting any of those Senators for their sins against Black Americans, like they do against Republicans who never voted against Civil Rights or actively took part in activities designed to hurt the Black community like old Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd did in his klan days.

Williams notes poll numbers that gave as much as "18 percent of black voters gave their support to George W. Bush." Which easily doubled "the 8 percent of the black vote the Republican ticket received in 2000."

Williams noted another poll in the falling numbers of Black Americans who identified themselves as Democrat. Three years ago, "63 percent of blacks identified themselves as Democrats" as compared to 2000 when "74 percent [of blacks] said they were Democrats in 2000." That is a substantial number of Black Americans abandoning the liberals.

Williams assertions that the Democrats have lacked new ideas and have not reached out to the Black community is true. Instead they have just taken the Black vote for granted. On top of that, Republican ideas that will benefit the Black community are shouted down by the liberals, which just adds years of more uncertainty in the Black community, designed to keep the Black community down and voting Democrat.

Williams historical knowledge that "blacks have always been conservative" is again correct. Washington, D.C. early in the 20th Century had a very proud and vibrant Black community that even rivaled well established White communities before the federal government got involved and started taking the role of the Black father. Even Houston's Fourth and Fifth Ward's were proud self sustaining communities with Black owned businesses offering services to Blacks equivalent to the White community. These famous areas were destroyed from forced intergration, which if left alone, would have happened naturally occurred over time.

Chris Williams for stepping out and acknowledging Black Republicans.

I hope day that I can note someday soon that I am reporting on the "Dynamic Duo of UH Conservatism --
Chris Williams and Tyler Nelson."


Hurricane Victims in New Orleans and along Gulf Coast need our prayers and donations

In watching the coverage coming from Louisana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Please pray for the victims and the dead of Hurricane Katrina, especially in New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

All politics aside, Liberal or Conservative, please be ready to donate money and goods to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The American Red Cross is the one and only website that I trust to make a donation too. DO NOT RESPOND TO E-MAILS ASKING FOR DONATIONS. GO DIRECTLY TO THE WEBSITE TO MAKE AN ON-LINE DONATION.

You can mail a donation as well to:

American Red Cross
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, D.C. 20013

(When mailing a check, please indicate your designation on the check's memo line.)

Monday, August 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Tyler Nelson 'Nothing left to be said on crazy Cindy in the ditch'

Today in Tyler Nelson's commentary "Sheehan an ineffective tool for left," Nelson pulls the rug out of every UH Daily Cougar liberal columnist after today who even attempts to write about on liberal Cindy Sheehan and her crazy band of traitors.

Keep up the good work Tyler. Your columns are the only ones worth reading that give the UH weak minded students any hope.


Manufactured liberal media yields a famous 'Da Vinciesk' photo called the "Last Sheehan" reminiscent of LDVs "Last Supper"

This instantly famous photo (left) of Rev. Sharpton (playing Christ) and Cindy Sheehan (as the femine John) taking her place to the right of Jesus, and Evan Bright (doubting Thomas) is tousling Cindy's hair for the best possible manufactured liberal media coverage possible.

The liberals have to continually lower themselves to try and trick sane people into joining their anti-war/Al-Qaeda loving cause. Tough luck liberals -- the American people are much to aware of your tricks, and quite simply -- its not working. I certainly know the liberals in Crawford are pissed at Hurricane Katrina for messing up their media coverage for the weekend, and the "Last Sheehan" photo may not even make the mainstream media.

Incredibly, Jesus was in a hurry to get back to Dallas for his flight, and his driver was arrested for doing 110 in a 65. Thanks to LST and LGF for the information.

August 26, 2005 11:00 PM

The "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" Tour of sane people that support the President and the war is coming to Crawford.

These people do not support al Qaeda, nor do they support people our want our country to fail in this endeavor, just because Bush and the Conservatives are in charge.

Conservatives understand that freedom is not free, and are not using America's low casualty count as a tool against the country. Not when America aborts over 4,000 fetuses a day.

Move America Forward is doing the Lord's work in this rally.

NOTE: To Cindy, please. I beg of you. Organize a bus tour to Washington. Sincerely, UH Liberal Hater

Screw the libs!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'More Blacks abandoning Democratic Party for GOP'

In a post back in late July following my hospitalization, I wrote of "More Blacks voting Republican." My friend Larry X, a black hospital worker, who confided in me that he and his family voted for President Bush and other Republican candidates in the 2004 election, after being disenfranchised by liberal politicians for decades.

Larry X had voted Democrat his whole adult life, and had realized that the Democratic party had doing nothing for him, his family, his extended family or his community, and was fed up with Sheila Jackson Lee and her lack of response to his letters and verbal request.

Larry X, like a growing number of Black Americans are feeling neglected by the liberals, and are turning to the Republican party, and the Republican party is out to get them into the fold. I talked with Larry X about the Democrats as a party of complainers, who have offered no new ideas, and have continued to pooh pooh good Republican ideas just because if those ideas get passed, the Republicans will get credit.

Larry X is not a rich man. He's a janitor. He knows the Sheila Jackson Lee's and other Black leaders main objective is to keep the Black community down, quite simply to keep the Black community dependent on major Black leaders and the Democratic party.

In an August 28th Washington Times story "GOP ratchets up bid to woo blacks," they described how blacks have felt "marginalized," but this time the GOP, headed by chairman Ken Mehlman, is asking for Blacks to give the Republican party another look. President Bush and the GOP are backing at least a dozen or more Black Republicans in 2006, and are asking for more minority to support.

In fact, 2006 is set to be the most diverse Republican ticket ever.

J.C. Watts Jr., chairman of GOPAC, is a Black Republican who I would gladly vote for President. He is from Oklahoma, and envisions a day when "70 to 75 percent of black people [are] voting Republican." The GOP is the original political home of the Black community, and as a Republican, I promise the Black community that embrace the GOP will be much welcomed, and their vote will not be taken advantage of like it has been taken advantage of by the Democrats. The 8% of Blacks that used to vote GOP are up to 13%.

Other things that are driving Blacks from the Democrats are below the belt attacks from Black Democratic activists like Harry Belafonte and Dick Gregory shouting down caucasian Americans as 'whitey' and 'tyrants,' thus giving the impression that Black Democratic activists are allowed to speak out extremely by white liberals in the media who see them only as their children out of control but old enough to vote liberal.

Most certainly if White or even Black Conservatives called Black Democrats the equivalent of 'whitey" or 'tyrants,' the NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, and the gang would be out there crying racism. A 'chicken little' cry that is not getting as much attention as in the past.

The Black community is awakening from their Democratic slumber, and its going to take only about 5 to 10 more percent of Black voters to switch to the GOP before the liberals will be crippled from ever winning the White House again. They need the Presidency to ever get a chance of appointing their lawmakers -- judges.

Blacks who switch to the GOP are called 'sellouts' or 'Uncle Toms' or other childish names that Black liberals use to try and "force" Blacks to stay in the liberal fold.

There is no one in the Republican party than I respect more than Black and minority Republicans, if not just for the crap they have to put with being Republican and being a minority. They are brave people as well as true GOP pioneers and are the true American leaders of tomorrow. Notice liberals I did not say Black because their race will not be an issue.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XIX

- 13 year olds are so mature that liberals say they can make serious decisions about abortion, but those same Sheehanesk liberals say when it comes to joining the military, 18-22 year olds don't know what they are doing.

- There are about 4,010 deaths everyday in American abortion rooms, yet all we hear from the liberals is about the 1,800 Americans who sacrificed their lives for a lie.

- When do liberals sacrifice? All liberals do is take, take, take.

- The do nothing administration of President Clinton brought about the terrorists resolve to strike on 9/11.

- The liberal media jumps on any Conservative whom they feel will hurt the Conservative cause.

- Counter military recruiters do not offer programs with benefits like the US military. They just steal your patriotism and support America's enemies.

- The best re-enlistment tool the military has -- Cindy Sheehan and the liberal left.

- The anti-war movement created by Cindy Sheehan and the liberal media is not spontaneous like it was during Vietnam. Cindy's movement is a fraud, or else we would have hundreds of thousands in Crawford like we did in the '60s.

- Cindy Sheehan is a ditzy broad. Her comments as of late have been looney and have been showing how stupid she really is. The left and Cindy Sheehan herself have embarrassed themselves to point of laughter.

- Liberals never express concerns about the accidental deaths of military members away from Iraq and Afghanistan, which are twice as high as US combat deaths.

- By liberals continuing to attack President Bush on the war, they still have not remembered that "he can't run for office anymore," and the liberals are only hurting themselves to the point of being runover when the '06 elections come a calling.

- Katie Couric earlier this year said oral sex was "demeaning to girls," so now they must have went back to plain old sex. Now 65 girls at Timken High School in Canton, OH, have been confirmed pregnant. Thanks Katie Couric for reversing the Clinton era imposed way that American girls feel about sex. Katie your are undermining the efforts of oral sex and Clinton supporters such as UH's Giugi Carminati.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal George Stephanopoulos pressed for Saddam Assassination' (No liberal press objected in '97)

In exposing another example of liberal bias against Conservatives, Newsmax reported on August 24th that good 'ol George Stephanopoulos, former advisor to old cigar sexman Clinton, and ABCs "This Week" host on Sunday, actually wrote an entire column in Newsweek titled "Why We Should Kill Saddam."

Incredibly, the liberal media did not have a cow back then since liberals were in charge, but put Republicans in charge and then some Conservative who shouldn't be talking to the media anyway speaks out about assassination, then the liberal media goes bonkers.

Newsmax's article "Stephanopoulos Urged Foreign Assassination," comes on the heels of the liberal media outrage of Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson, who "prompted a firestorm of media outrage [when] he suggested that the Bush administration should assassinate" the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

Stephanopoulos wrote in 1997, "The gulf-war coalition is teetering and we have not eliminated Saddam's capacity to inflict mass destruction. That's why killing him may be the more sensible - and moral course over the long run."

In 2005, when Robertson said his little tidbit, the same liberal media has a cow. Of course the only difference is that Robertson in on the Conservative side, although I don't really care for anything he has to say. But nonetheless, Robertson does not get a free pass like Stephanopoulos did, and it shows.

The liberals are still under the influence of being in power for so long. They still believe they have a monopoly in all aspects of society, like the media, and politics. I'm happy to report that liberal newspapers, radio, and news programs are dying from financial problems.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of teen celibacy' (Continues 'Hate America' Series w/praise for ACLU for suing abstinence program)

If you read the Daily Cougar yesterday you might have thought it a little tame, and well, it was definitely the calm before the storm. Today's attack by Giugi Carminati against keeping young teen girls innocent just plays into her future plans of having a constituency of young unwed mothers who will look to Carminati for the latest handout, just as Sheila Jackson Lee strives to keep her own constituency dependent on her.

As usual, before you begin reading a
Giugi Carminati piece, don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page.

Oh by the way, congratulations go out to
Giugi who is now a first year law student or 1L at the UH Law Center, a fact she bragged about last spring semester. Garbo, the CU's spy in the UH liberal community, reported that Carminati's bragging that her hubby just got into medical school. Can you imagine the day when Carminati beams with pride when her Dr. husband does his first abortion. Hell, she'll probably want to frame the dead fetus and put it on her ACLU wall of pride.

In her first fall assault at educating UH weak minded students this semester to the darkside of liberalism, the malodorous alumnus of the
Honors College and now UH law student, the Archbitchup of the Church of UH liberalism, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist, UH College Democrat officer, and Harris County Young Democrats VP for Membership, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise that government has no place in helping religious organizations who want to keep young girls as innocent as possible by preaching abstinence. But hell, if that girl gets pregnant, liberals will be on the scene providing abortion advice in a second until they get that dead fetus and the money that comes along with it.

Giugi's tripe today "No more bling for Silver Ring Thing," Carminati practices lowering herself to level of a stinking ACLU lawyer, and actually expresses joy at stopping abstinence programs by stretching the church and state argument to the limit. For instance, if Carminati were in charge, and if you were about to enter a government building you would be searched for any religious pariphelia. And if you had so much as a Lord's Prayer imprinted on a wallet sized card -- that card would be confiscated and destroyed if you wanted access to the building.

Carminati baits the UH weak minded student with the Constitutional promise of the seperation of church and state. Of course Carminati neglects to tell you that the Founding Fathers relied heavily on the teachings of the church in their everyday lives and it was very much accepted in government way back when.

Carminati would say, "that was then, this is time to blow that away."

Fast forward to 2002, and "federal funds have been going to a program named
The Silver Ring Thing. This nationwide program performs skits and music at churches, followed by a skit about the risks of STDs and pregnancy." Now, would that piss off Carminati, well, maybe.

The Silver Ring Thing group sells kids silver rings that makes "promise they will not have sex until they replace that one with the gold ring of marriage." Now Carminati is getting pissed, as well as the ACLU.

On top of that, The Silver Ring Thing group received $1.1 million from the feds in 2003. Now Carminati is really pissed.

"You mean to tell me that the federal government is not handing out defective condemns, but instead kids are being taught not to have sex." Where the hell is
Giugi going to get a lot of young unwed mothers? No, liberal action must be taken. Remember always, if Carminati is for it, then its bad for America.

The American Civil Liberties Union of course filed suit in 2003 because the group talked a little religion in addition to their talk on STDs and celibacy. Big woops. But not for
Carminati. If you say "Bless You" when she sneezes -- she twitches.

Carminati is a Scrooge. She actually had the audacity to say "I do not pay my taxes for religious representatives to proselytize." Meaning that she doesn't want to pay some group to convert to others to the groups own religious faith. Hell, I do not pay my taxes for stupid government programs that support gays. I'm surprised that Carminati even pays taxes seeing as she's backrolled from Europe.

Another thing that gored my ox was
Carminati's lie of her top wish to send more "body armor for soldiers in Iraq," which coming from her Al Qaeda loving ass is complete bull crap. Carminati's worthless reasoning that "80 percent" of the teens who vowed not to have sex until marriage would break their vow anyway, shows how Carminati sees society -- just a bunch of kids looking for guidance from the teet of mother liberalism.

Carminati doesn't mind teens learning about HIV, pregnancies, contraception, not to mention the "importance of having sex" which she says is "high" on her list of the disposition of government funds. But Goddamnit if you mention "God" and the feds and try to mix it like peanut butter and chocolate Carminati will go delusional.

Carminati's love for the ACLU sings of her detest for the United States. She reminds me of an Al Qaeda cell in the US that is currently laying low waiting for orders to attack. When has Giugi done anything that actually benefitted the country without aborting anything?

Carminati is a proud member of the ACLU, and when has that organization done anything good for America in the last 30 years. She's actually proud that federal funding for The Silver Ring Thing was stopped, and that Conservatism would have been allowed to spread and "none of this would have come to light if the ACLU had not filed suit against the federal government for the funding of [the] project."

To her stopping funding to
The Silver Ring Thing was like receiving a badge of honor.

CARMINATI, hear me roar!"

Even with the success of the ACLU,
Carminati still worries. "If the religious right gets to say where and how their money cannot be spent, even if they oppose a constitutional right, then I adamantly reserve the right to denounce the use of my tax dollars for the spreading of religion." Uh, her tax dollars. I just keep seeing in my mind her love for Tuscany and using the United States just for sponging up all its natural resources and then abandoning the country for her beloved Europe.

On the other hand,
Carminati would gladly open up federal funding for abortions. She writes so eloquently of womens plight to even get advice on a possible abortion. "It cannot even be talked about if the person uttering the words is receiving government money. A doctor cannot even inform a woman of who could help her, enlighten her or simply talk to her knowledgeably about the subject matter if she happens to be in a federally funded institution."

Now if we can only get
Carminati to write so eloquently about the US and not our enemies -- the ACLU inlcuded.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Military Reenlistments exceed 2005 projections' (Liberal media as usual ignores good news for US)

Fox News and the Powerline Blog and are reporting that Army recruiting and reenlistment numbers are up. But as usual where is the liberal media? They're never to be seen when good news is out there that makes the Bush Administration look good.

Although the Army acknowledges it will miss its recruitment goals for 2005, June brought a rebound and recruitment goals were met or exceeded, despite the
counter-recruiting efforts of the liberals.

Re-enlistment rates are at, near, or over 100% of this years projections. Active duty Army re-enlistments are running at 107%, while the Army Reserve and National Guard are exceeding 100% on their projections.

Don't look now, but I think the liberals are going to need 'counter-reenlistment personnel' to shadow reenlistment NCOs as they go among the Army ranks enlisting soldiers. Opps, I think I may have given the ACLU an idea to sue the military to allow liberals on American military facilities to undermine the security of the United States.

These are odd times. Liberals begged for conflict during the Civil War to free the slaves. By the 1960s, liberals started destroying the memories of their parents gallant service during World War II by rebelling against the call of duty during President Johnson's War in Vietnam.

There was some guilt over Vietnam that brought the reimergence of general military support during Operation Desert Storm. But rest assured that if casualties would have been an issue, the liberals would have turned against the Gulf War as well. America's enemies always maintain that will our military will run if they get high enough casualties.

In Somalia, the number was 18 American dead before liberal president clinton ordered our superior military forces to run from the battlefield like cowards.

Now the next generation of liberals have taken a que from their parents. These liberals who have never suffered once in their lives. These liberals who have not gone one day without air conditioning. These liberals who are incapable of putting themselves in the eyes of an average Iraqi, who is glad to out from under the influence of Saddam Hussein, who wants to be rid of terrorists, yet he looks to the American liberal and sees an Al Qaeda ally in the terrorists cause, just as the Vietnamese saw American liberals of the Vietnam era their allies against the American military.

The liberals efforts to make the military look bad is failing. The efforts of liberals like Cindy Sheehan, who approval numbers by the way are way lower than the Presidents are fueling the efforts of Army recruiter and re-enlistsments NCOs. I continue to pray that Americas young men and women answer the call to defend their country.

The benefits are much better than any counter military recruiter can offer.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Shiela Jackson Lee visits Crawford anti-war site' (Jackson Lee is a traitor to America's war dead, vets and non-liberals)

Every year Sheila Jackson Lee, the worthless liberal congresswoman from Houston by way of New York City, visits the Houston VA National Cemetery on Memorial Day to speak on the sacrifices that our military have made in all of our wars including the current war, in which we are fighting against a tough and determined enemy, backed by a cowardly religion and its liberal supporters that wants an end to the US.

Well guess who was the first liberal to break with the other liberal politicians and make the trek to Crawford -- Sheila Jackson Lee. The worthless congresswoman from Houston who can't keep anyone on her staff for more than three months.

The liberal Houston Chronicle in their canabalized AP story "Jackson Lee visits anti-war campers," called for the troops to be brought home, and thus cements herself as 'anti-US' and 'pro Al-Qaeda' (like she wasn't already). Evidently the Chronicle is straped for cash due to low readership and consistently has to rely on the AP which is anti-Bush and anti-war, so they can't afford to write their own worthless tripe for Houston's weak minded people that actually subscribe to the failing liberal rag.

Sheila Jackson Lee visited all of "60" anti-war protesters at two anti-war sites near the President's ranch in Crawford. Of course in the liberal rag, there was barely a mention of "Camp George," which houses supporters of the President. Nor did the worthless Chronicle mention anything of the tens of thousands of "America" and "Bush" supporters in the "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" caravan heading to Crawford from California and other parts of the country for a rally on August 27th.

Incredibly, the worthless Chronicle did allow some good things going on Iraq to stay in the AP story "such as hospitals opening and children attending school," which is rarely reported by liberal outlets.

The Chronicle happily reported the reimergence of the old Vietnam protesting relic folk singer Joan Baez who "spent part of the day talking with families at the closest anti-war camp to the President's ranch, which has been set up on private property up the road from Camp Casey." The Chronicle just also had to mention that liberal actress Margot Kidder of Superman fame also showed up at the anti-war camp, and is just another liberal actor for us not to support.

It's a shame that Jackson Lee has an association with the University of Houston, her husband is Dr. Lee, the Vice Chancellor of the UH System and SA to the Chancellor of the UH System.

Screw the libs!


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals not listening to Clinton on investment advice' (No new investment in Boys & Girls Club stealing 'Air America')

Attention liberal investors, if you want to lose money nowadays, liberals are encouraged to invest their buckage in the money starved Air America Radio network, which stars noted liberal radio personalties Al Franken and Jerry Springer, who cater to people who always feel crappy and want to take schadenfreude in people by lowering those people below the libs who are already feel lower that snakesh*t.

Newsmax reported yesterday in their story "Sheldon Drobny: Clinton, Gore Tried to Fund Air America," that even with the help of past successful fundraisers Bill Clinton and Al Gore, their pitches to potential liberal investors to support the "in debt up to its eyeballs" Air America yielded no significant support at all according to its chief Sheldon Drobny.

Air America, which now has 70 stations -- no not in Texas like some Conservative radio hosts -- but 70 stations in the whole nation, and can only manage to muster $250 for a national commercial spot which is a pittance compared to even to independent radio stations in Houston which bring in more revenue that the '10 watt lighter' of Air America.

Air America has been in the red since day-one, but has been heralded by the liberal media as a saviour with their numerous positive news reports on the worthless radio network. However you won't hear anything bad that is affecting Air America, such as their inability to be backed by rich white liberals who do not want to be parted with their money, or the fact that Air America has stolen money ($900,000) from a chapter of the Boys & Girls Club in New York, and is currently being investigated by the NYC Dept of Investigation in a financial scandal of suspicous loans to Air America.

Liberals, especially those in the media have no consequence or else the
Air America scandal would have hit the airwaves by now. Now you know the measure of their resolve.

Screw the libs!

Monday, August 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Attacks US military straight away' (Gives more power to America's enemies with her defeatist attitude)

In a semester inaugural effort to get UH weak minded students angry at the United States, wanting to hate President Bush, hate Conservatives, and just plain hating anything that is good for America, UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Meyer starts out the fall 2005 semester with an all out attack on the US military and wanting to put doubts in the minds of UH students as to the command ability of our military commanders, but it turns out to be a hit towards the Administration.

In her tripe today, "
War room matters more than bedroom," Meyer makes a good 'ol liberal effort and aids the terrorists in her planned hit-piece of the military (that is truly aimed at Bush) enough to place doubt in the minds of UH's weak minded students. Her tripe was not about the having of affairs, but when Conservative people do it, their values are called into question. Let a liberal do it, and they are lauded for being cool.

All of a sudden
Meyer sends the message that 'marital infidelities matter to liberals when it involves a four-star general in command of US troops and whose decisions are called into question,' but 'let it happen to President Clinton' and his marital infidelity is herald as "what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom." No one questioned Clinton's decisions which involved sending cruise missiles into action just to divert attention from Monica Lewinsky news.

Meyer baits the weak minded reader with tidbits of information that have nothing to do with US Army Gen. Kevin Byrnes by bringing up Abu Ghraib and Club G'itmo (or Guantanamo) for you liberals, which Meyer admits "he wasn't involved in" anyway.

Meyer proudly notes that under Gen. Byrnes enlistments command "enlistment numbers continue to decline and American casualties in Iraq continue to increase." Who cares if the guy slept with a civilian, or he was about to be divorced from his wife, or even that he was relieved of command early. Its only a big deal because we are at war with terrorist, and the liberal media is using every effort to stick it to the President, the US military, and Gen. Byrnes happens to be the flavor of the moment for the liberals.

Meyer has the audacity to compare breaking of marriage vows and the Geneva Convention, which the terrorists do not abide by anyway. Then she goes onto compare Clinton's impeachment based on oral sex to Bush's "recklessly invading a nation on faulty intelligence, an invasion that has lead to the deaths of more 1,800 U.S. soldiers to date." This is absolute bull crap and Meyer goes on to show the defeatists attitude that the liberals are pushing and are playing right into the hands of the terrorists just as they aided the VC during Vietnam.

Lynn Meyer is totally bent when she writes of holding Byrnes "accountable," but then goes off about the "war crimes committed by the military in Iraq."


Have American troops chopped the heads of any terrorist heads
Lynn Meyer? Have American troops car bombed innocent Iraqi civilians killing hundreds of women and children Lynn Meyer?

Where do your loyalities lie
Lynn Meyer? Evidently its with the terrorists, America's enemies, who are now enjoying a second generation of American turncoats whose parents supported the VC during Vietnam.

Meyer continues her bombardment of the UH weak minded student with accusations of the US military over lost records, suspicious deaths, contaminated evidence, and the light punishments of service members convicted. This cannot be happening.

Again I ask, who's side is
Lynn Meyer on?

Meyer finally makes the leap to the Bush Administration late in her waist of trees, thus leaving her fake reason for writing her tripe -- Gen. Byrnes -- long by the wayside. The general was just a pawn to get the readers attention. Meyer just could not start out the fall semester outright attacking the Bush Administration or it would make her look like a mean evil leftist who has no feelings towards a patriotic America. So Byrnes was her fall guy.

Meyer's article reminds me of the American soldier in Iraq that said of the American leftist media, "if they were my only source of news I would think we were losing too." Meyer's tripe was a one-sided affair that was designed to bash the American military, the Bush Presidency, the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Not once did
Meyer mention terrorists or the insurgency in her tripe or any of their evil deeds committed against Americans or Allies and against innocent Iraq women and children. No, in the eye of Lynn Meyer and the liberals the terrorists and the insurgency are to be lauded for their efforts against the US military, just as they were Jane Fonda herself crawling on the top of VC anti-aircraft guns and praising their efforts against US troops during that war.

Lynn Meyer's last plea for the souls of the UH weak minded rested on the statement "rather than focusing on who our leaders do, I urge voters to consider what it is they do when they're in command." Well Meyer, as we have seen with Clinton's when he was in command -- he commanded to those on their knees. President Bush commands men and women who are fighting everyday for the survival of the US, and Clinton can never play a fiddle to that tune.

Of course Conservative Tyler Nelson kicked liberal ass in his piece today on the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, which the mainstream liberal media is not taking seriously because it hurts their own.

Screw the libs!


UH liberalism returns for another semester of hate

UH Conservatives get ready for another semester of UH liberalism. Be strong and respond to the libs with unrefutable facts.

These are exciting times, and we are going to get a lot of tripe from the liberals written on how "bad" Judge Roberts is, or how heroic the cause of those nutbag leftist in Crawford who get all the news coverage even though there is an honorable protest right across from them.

We are going to get continually pounded by the liberals who 'hate' America, and want to see us lose the war on terror. Or by liberals who believe in the downfall of society by exposing our kids to homosexuality and sexual situations at to young an age.

Even with all that the UH Daily Cougar liberals will throw at UH Conservatives and the UH weak minded students this semester. There is still one Tyler Nelson to counter all the liberals on the Cougar. Just like "One Ranger - one riot" its "One UH Conservative - beats all UH liberals."

Screw the libs!


UH liberals: There is a Garbo among you

UH liberals beware. There is a Garbo among you.

The Conservative Underground has happened across a 'spy in self-training' who is masquerading as a liberal but who is really a red-blooded American supporter and Conservative at heart.

Garbo wants to be a long-term undercover operative and what better to get some early training than to pretend to be something that you are truly not while in college -- a liberal.

The Underground came across Garbo through a long story which involves an old war buddy of mine who is now a recruiter with a spy agency that Garbo had contacted. In effect, I'll be Garbo's informal training supervisor at UH and report back to Hanger 10 on Garbo's progress.

Garbo is well respected in the UH liberal community, an insider you might say. Even helps with the ACLU of all things from time to time. Garbo has no intention of maintaining any relationships with any UH liberals following his/her graduation, and the name the liberals think is Garbo's is not real but just a street name.

It's going to be interesting.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


UHCU Policy Statement: "Some ideas for reducing the price of a gallon of gas"

With the realization that the price of gasoline is forever changed if nothing is done to combat the crisis in the US, a combination of environmental, government, and business officials must come together or the economy will soon begin to tank.

Liberalism has taken a devastating toll on the United States economy, and now it coming home to roost with these insane high gas prices.

The thinking that if an internal combustion engine is started or a tree being chopped down is crazy. The 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo spewed more pollution into the atmosphere than mankind had generated in all of human history, and still we live. Pinatubo's fallout dropped the average temperature of the world by about 0.5 degree, and the world has since cleaned itself.

Liberals get pissed about the chopping down of a few trees, yet we have more trees now than we did 100 years ago. Now if they could spread conservation across the world instead of complaining about this country, then they might be on to something.


There are some good ideas out there about how to solve the crisis -- some mine and some suggested by others. And these ideas needs to be looked at by everyone very seriously, liberals included. The idea that hybrid cars are a saviour is a myth. In addition to the higher cost of hybrids, the hybrid battery replacement of the vehicle can be $4 - $8 thousand dollars and can easily eat into any previous gains that were saved in gas cost.
  1. A commission needs to be set up consisting of environmentalist, government, and business officials. A way must be found to build more refineries that will be more profitable quickly to companies. (Our current refineries are being stretched to their limits, and those refineries are not shutting down for preventitive maintenance as often as they should. Hence, we get multiple BP incidents).
  2. There needs to be one national formula of unleaded gasoline. (Currently there are upwards of 40 formulas scattered around the country, which increases the cost to refiners, and negates any opportunities for Nevada to sell gas to California since Cali has more stringent standards on gas sold in that state).
  3. The federal government needs to suspend some of the taxes that are applied to a gallon of gas, as well as suspend states from taking actions to make up the revenue via increasing taxes on gasoline. (By removing one of the federal taxes on gasoline, drivers can save as much as 18 cents on one gallon of gas. The economy will tank if nothing is done. Yes, the government will be losing some revenue on less gasoline taxes, but those taxes will be made up in other sectors of the economy (entertainment, food service, non-food retail, etc), sectors that will soon suffer if no action is taken).
  4. The federal government needs to issue tax credits for companies to install new refineries as well as do preventitive maintenance (PM). (PMs, or turnarounds used to be common in Texas, in Baytown alone they used to have around twelve turnarounds a year, but now you hardly hear of one).
  5. Alternative methods of power generation that are affordable need to be researched and developed over time and made available at very reasonable prices to the middle and lower classes, but for the time being our current technologies are working.
  6. The government needs to allow further exploration of fossil fuels in all points along the coast, inland, and in Alaska. (Oil exploration technology has advanced so much that the threat to the environment has drastically reduced. In addition to that, the capturing of natural gas that was previously burned off at drilling sites has opened a new market for clean burning fuels that was not previously explored).
  7. Liberals need to be stopped from being the cornerstone of debate on the environment. Liberals can never back their assertions with any science fact. (The Earth cleans herself as we have seen with Mt. Pinatubo, and that was hundreds of years of pollution in one shot. As long as industrial efforts are responsible for pollution are monitored, especially in those countries that are not bound by environmental treaty, (unlike the US which is heavily regulated accounting for much increased cost), we can really come out of this crisis).

Friday, August 19, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Houston Chronicle undergoing another round of layoffs' (UH Daily Cougar will still not get it; spread more liberalism)

Our friends at Lone Star Times are highlighting the fact that the Houston Chronicle is having another layoff. This time another 7% of Chronicle personnel are leaving adding to the previous 10% that the Chronicle axed last year. Thanks also to Blog Houston which gave LST the tip.

LST noted that "the restructuring will not affect the newsroom and advertising sales staff," which of course means more liberalism coming out of their building. They won't learn till they have to start laying off their valued liberals.

Again, only the contractors will be laid off at the Chronicle, which means blacks and hispanics are going to feel the brunt of the Chronicle's willingness to continue their brand of liberalism thus ignoring the Conservative majority who do not wish to be exposed to the Chronicle's tripe.

I think this is a great lesson for the UH Daily Cougar staff to learn that if you continue to spew your liberalism and expect to make a 'good living' in journalism post graduation -- tough luck. Liberal newspapers are dying.

At last check, the Chronicle lost 4% readership, and I'd bet it continues to drop. And looking at the Daily Cougar racks at the end of the day, they can't even give away a free newspaper its so choked with liberalism.

Screw the libs!


A Few Random Thoughts - XVIII

- Tavis Smiley's hatred of Conservatives holds the Black community down so they have to rely on him for fresh liberal ideas.

- Liberals that support the destruction of Bush show their true colors, and they will never get voted the majority.

- The news story that says that Bush was not as popular as Reagan or Clinton at this point in his second term is crap. Clinton's 61 percent approval rating was a farce perpetrated by a liberal media, and Reagan was just great.

- The New York Times has admitted supressing "good news" out of Iraq. Ever wonder why we hardly hear news out of Afghanistan. It's all good news!

- Liberals try to convince the weak mided thru their liberal words -- never through liberal actions.

- The liberals used to care about civil rights. Now they just care about destroying America and giving her enemies rights and power.

- Liberals, you want to know how to defeat the terrorists. Support the President just like your grandparents and parents supported Roosevelt in WWII. Try supporting your military for once as well.

- Women who call themselves feminists and are married are not truly feminists.

- The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth told the truth and never got serious mainstream news coverage. Cindy Sheehan tells lies and becomes the media darling of the mainstream media.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal kooks not only in Crawford' (Hollywood and DC elites showing their hatred against American greatest)

In the first part of John McCaslin's Washington Times Inside the Beltway column yesterday "B-grade Gipper," McCaslin exposes the liberal democrat base and their outright joy at seeing the death of a Conservative President -- any Conservative President, in this case Ronald Reagan, who in his last film role in The Killers (1964) in which Reagan's character was killed off.

McCaslin wrote that the incident was "rather bizarre, if not disturbing" since those in attendance were "a prestigious crowd of actors, actresses, writers, reviewers, scholars, researchers and film preservationists -- including "L.A. Confidential" director Curtis Hanson -- that actually erupted in cheers when Mr. Reagan "the actor" was shot and killed."

These "Hollywood and Washington" types have gone ape. The event was held August 4th, and it was quite evident at the beginning of the movie that President Reagan's participation was not appreciated by the mostly leftist crowd, when his name received light applause as opposed to Director Ed Siegel or actor Lee Marvin. The showing of the film was part of a retrospective of Siegel's work.

McCaslin noted that it was an "eerie scene to relive, considering Mr. Reagan, later as president, was shot and nearly killed in 1981 by John Hinckley Jr." The kooks "broke into 'malicious cheers,' [] when Mr. Reagan was threatened at gunpoint and pushed out of a speeding car."

People, Reagan was recently voted "The Greatest American" by Discovery Channel viewers, and to sit here and read these actions done against Reagan is appauling. Can you imagine their hate for President Bush or even Mrs. Bush for that matter.

Its as if those liberal kooks were brownshirt leftist, with a total loyalty to the liberal cause, as if they were SS who had total loyalty to Hitler.

President Reagan did have a few supporters in the crowd, but they were far outnumbered by the liberal majority of attendees who booed him on the roll of opening credits.

The post film autopsy, or a Q&A session with several actors following the showed some support from Clu Gulager who thought that Reagan showed professionalism in his work and he "thought Reagan was great."

Incredibly, the movie was being filmed at the time President Kennedy was killed in Dallas causing film executives at the time and caused them to tone down the violence in the movie. Obviously liberals never learn.


While on the subject of Hollywood -- Conservatives, do not support these liberal actors Richard Dreyfuss, Ed Begley, Jr, Ed Asner, or Josh Lucas. I saw these crackpots on some show prologing the resolve of the terrorists by trying to get our troops pulled out of Iraq.

Screw the libs!

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